Romance Scammer Joshua George Morris


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Name: Joshua George Morris


Also known as: Carl Woolston


Variants of name: Carle, Georges, Josh, Joshuah, Joshy, Josua, Moris





Location(s): Accra (Ghana)


Also is from: Dayton, Ohio, USA; California, USA; Syria; North Korea


Address: unknown


Phone: 447031942667




Is registered on: Google Hangouts


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on March, 2, 2018)

I have been talking to Josh Morris since August. He is from Dayton, Ohio. His father died when he was 5. His Mom took him back to Germany where she was from and he grew up in Sttuggart, Germany. He speaks Dutch & broken English. He is in the US Army intelligence department 82nd Airborne Division, been in the army for 12 yrs, divorced 12 yrs, two kids, Mary 12 & Michael 5, that are in Germany with his mom and nanny. Mom has a brain tumor She needs brain surgery. He is an only child,before army, he worked in construction.He divorced because he found his wife cheating. He has custody of his kids. the Ex wife left. She has no contact with their kids. She has remarried and has two other children now. He stays in contact with his kids via email with the caretaker/nanny. In Aug., He was in Syria. Now he is in North Korea. He contacted me thru fb messenger. Soon, He asked me to go to hangouts.We got very close after 3 mos. Then he did ask for money.Stated he ran out of money & needed more for personal spending to buy things life food, beer, go out to eat. I have sent about $800. That includes a fee for a parcel that was supposed to be delivered in December. which I never rec'd. I have sent money grams to Hawaii, California, Alabama, Florida. Went on leave in Nov. Was supposed to come visit. From Syria there were no military flights to the states allowed at that time. He went to Guam closest he could get to the states. He went back to duty early to do a special secret mission in North Korea. Once it is complete he says he is coming here. He wants to move where I am with his kids. He loves me & wants to make a life with me. I do have pictures of him. He did have a fb acct. which is no longer active. I have 3 pictures he actually sent to me. I have been told that he is a scammer. He meets most all of the signs. I did do google reverse image searches on all the pics I have and as well as Tineye & Yandex. No results are ever found. I run the pictures weekly thru the searches. I look at all the scammer sites for him. I have not been able to locate him on any of the scammer sites. I truly believe he is a scammer. I have not sent any more $ to him since before Christmas. He is fine with that. We have still been talking almost everyday still.

Kel (USA)