Romance Scammer Calvert Luciano


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Name: Calvert Luciano


Also known as: unknown





Location(s): Accra (Ghana)


Also is from: San Fransisco, California, USA; Barcelona, Spain; Somalia; Syria


Address: unknown


Phone: 5185465689




Is registered on: Face Book, Google Hangouts, Whats App


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on February, 27, 2018)

He met me on facebook and then we chat on whatsup, even made video chat "he claim he works at united nations" as orthopedic sergiun and with orphanes. now he is at Somalia few month and before he was at siria, his parentes are died in a car accident and he was the onky survival at age of 8.
he had awife who killed in afhganistan "she was areporter" 4 years ago. and he has ason 15 years old that needs amom, and he asked me to write him emails because he is in military school in Ghana, when I started to write to his son, he needed money. so he asked me to send him true western union, 1200 euro...

Rita (Israel)