Romance Scammer Herbert Talley


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Name: Herbert Talley


Also known as: unknown





Location(s): Cape Town (South Africa); Lagos (Nigeria)


Also is from: Orange Park, Florida, USA; Colorado, USA; Tamarac, Florida, USA; Dallas, Texas, USA


Address: Picon 6020 NW 64th Avenue, apt. 109, Tamarack, Florida 33319, USA
3807 Kiest valley, Dallas, Texas, USA


Phone: 7203581281




Is registered on: Oasis, Tagged


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on January, 9, 2018)

I met Herbert on Oasis. We immediately went to texting and gmail addresses to communicate. Started loving me immediately and started making plans for our new life with daughter Anabelle after he finished his work in Colorado. His daughter is staying at thr Nanny's apartment in Tamarack Florida during Christmas break. She attends boarding school abroad. The nannys address is signs Picon 6020 NW 64th Avenue Tamarack Florida 33319. Her dad asked me to send 500.00 and an iTunes gift card to the above address. I told him I couldn't do it but he was ok with it. He was asking what bank I used but I didn't do that either. I made one up. He then asked me to pick up some money for him that a friend of his was going to send him to pay for some equipment in east Africa. I never did pick up any money as I knew he was a scammer. Then I blocked him.

Laura (USA)

Report N2 (added on February, 13, 2018)

Contacted me on tagged we talked for a couple of weeks said he was in love with me and wanted a big family. Wanted birthday presents and tan a I phone 8 for his job that he just got in Africa cause they lost everything at the airport than had a lady call said my husband ordered me some clothes. Said he forgot to pay before he left and wanted me to pay for it to an address in Dallas which was I looked up and it was a house for sale. He wanted me to send money to Lydia Hernandez at 3807 kiest valley in Dallas Walmart to Walmart for 825 dollars.
He had called me and told me he had got a job in south Africa for 10 million Americans dollars and it was all because I brought him good luck. He was taking his daughter Annabelle.
Payment info..Name,,,Lydia Hernandez
City,,,,,,,Dallas Texas
Address :3807 kiest valley

Dianna (USA)