Romance Scammer James Martinez


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Name: James Martinez


Also known as: Samuel Collison


Variants of name: Jamie, Sammuel





Location(s): Accra (Ghana)


Also is from: Denver, Colorado (USA)


Address: 25 Abossey Okai Ave., Accra, Ghana, 00233


Phone: 4029484136




Is registered on: Match


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on December, 21, 2017)

I met James Martinez online at James Martinez made the initial contact with me he sent me a wink and a text that said hello. We text a couple of days on this site when he said that he was cancelling his membership that his daughter Jasmine got for him because it was to confusing and to many women was responding. He stated at that time that he lived in Denver Colorado. I thought this strange since I live in a different state. I thought it strange also when he was in a different country that he would ask me for money. Although I found the events strange as to why he wanted money I thought them plausible. He wanted money for food, place to stay, to come back home. I have tried to help him several times. It was not until the last couple of times that I started to get suspect him as a scammer and I finally looked on this site and found his other aliases. The person I sent the money to was a person named Samuel Collison. I cannot recall the number of times or the amounts that I have sent him. The final outcome is that I realized he was just using me for money and broke all contact.

Mary (USA)