Romance Scammer Oliver Caras


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Name: Oliver Caras


Also known as: Paul Petersen, Erik Richte, Kirk Gaulke


Variants of name: Paull, Pual





Location(s): Camps Bay (South Africa); Cape Town (South Africa)


Also is from: Greece; California (USA)


Address: unknown


Phone: 27717577002




Is registered on: Singles Over 60, Whats App


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on December, 15, 2017)

This man, divorced, kids grown up in USA studying, Greek from USA, California in SA 2 months. Got a project to introduce robot mining to Anglo American Platinum. I did not meet him as shortly after starting to chat to me, he had to leave for JHB to meet and decide on the mine. Then he went to Mpumalanga, got the mine there as it was the best deal. AA and him 60/40 split. So he had to go to the USA to get the samples to his partner there and get funding from the partners. We still chatted and he declared so much love etc, but wanted to make me a partner and his wife here in SA. He sent me numerous photos, and then told me they had approved $1,5 mil. He told me the next day that he had to open a bank account as he did not have one in SA yet. I told him to let them pay into his USD account. No, because the ex will want payment etc... so I started to get suspicious. Next he tells me that they want him to open a bank account with www.diamondprivateb,com I said he should do it, where are they? he said they were in New Jersey and he would open account with them. So the next msg I get is that they approved another $500k and he opened the account. sent me proof of $2 mil in this bank. Then he starts to tell me that he went to get a transfer access code and personal access code, but that the bank is asking him for money to get his personal codes. Well, of course then he said that he used all his money and that he is broke. So I knew, that he was going to ask me for money to help him. I started telling him that I don't believe him and that he should send me a picture of himself holding his passport, then I will believe him. So he got very upset with me and said that I can't give him conditions, who do I think I am. I said to him your future partner, lover etc.? then he said, did I ask you for money, and I said no, but I have been played by guys like him and I will never fall for it. Then he said shut your trap. I then blocked him

Sue (South Africa)