Romance Scammer George Peterson


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Name: George Peterson


Also known as: unknown


Variants of name: Georges





Location(s): Lagos (Nigeria)


Also is from: Ottawa, Ontario (USA)


Address: unknown


Phone: 13252703472




Is registered on: Plenty of Fish


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on June, 29, 2016)

He approached me on the dating site with very Godly messages claiming he was widowed with one daughter. He came on strong with the love and marriage and taking me off the dating site and sending constant emails. He didn't really answer any of my questions or relate to anything I said. His emails were a bit over the top for someone who had never met me!!! I asked him if he had a Facebook page and he didn't seem very happy about that and wasn't happy about chatting on messenger. He became rather intense and upset if I didn't answer all the time where as I was struggling to find him interesting lol. I really couldn't see why a Canadian man would chat to an Australian woman to look for marriage but I'm to polite to tell him to go away. He professes how much he loves his daughter and how she means the world to him but tells me she lives in London with her grandmother which just didn't add up to me as a mother! I tell him I have no intention of ever leaving Australia as I will never leave my family when he asks me where I want to live in the world. Next thing he tells me he is going to make arrangements to come here to see me and it sort of freaked me out as I had no feelings for this man what so ever so I politely told him not to waste his time.

Helen (Australia)