Romance Scammer Jude Zevadero


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Name: Jude Zevadero


Also known as: Louis


Variants of name: Lois, Luis





Location(s): Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


Also is from: Burswood, Perth (Australia)


Address: unknown


Phone: 0414680855




Is registered on: Linked In, Oasis, Viber


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on June, 23, 2016)

Contacted me via Oasis Dating Site. Said was in NZ on holidays. After a couple of days suggested we change contact to email & Viber as he had to go to Iran on business. Travelling via Malaysia first to visit parents. I checked him out found nothing on ASIC or Facebook. Found him on LinkedIn - Zevado Oil & Gas so thought he was legit. Said I thought he maybe a scammer & immediately he said lets Skype so you can see my face. Same face as photos on Skype however words did not seem to match mouth & suddenly screen froze. Told me when staying in hotels in Iran the government did not like guests using Skype. I researched that & found that it maybe correct sometimes. Lots of chat messages on Viber & phone calls. Emails as me lots of info about his business & costs of oil barrels as he was purchasing oil in Iran & end buyer was Croatia. I checked prices of oil & was not the same as what he was telling me. Then came the full on email how much he loved me etc etc. Then next phone call about how suddenly it was costing him a lot more for loading fees etc than he had budgeted. Phone calls about how he was so in love with me, another full on email & then the subtle request for needing help to finance the extra costs. He had raised some of it....but could not raise all of it. And then I received flowers, wine, teddy bear plus another full on email. I cut & past some of the phases into your website & wow of course it came up as scam.... Thank god I was so suspicious all along. So sad though as very convincing & would certainly get a lot of ladies involved in giving money. Hope you can stop this rotten person.... I can also supply you with photos that he sent me of himself......

Joyce (Australia)

Report N2 (added on June, 23, 2016)

Met on Oasis, in NZ on holiday. Suddenly had to go to Eastonia for business. Visited parents in Malaysia on his way.

Jennifer (Australia)