Romance Scammer Arnold Jens


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Name: Arnold Jens


Also known as: Mark Gusseenhein, Mark Smith, Dereck, Michael Wright, Bryan Rollins, Asuai Williams, Ibrahim Yakubu Khanoba, Stephen Abiedun Estimane, Eduard Mike, Michael Wrighy


Variants of name: Derek, Edouard, Iburahim, Marc, Marck, Markie, Markk, Mechael, Michale, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mihael, Mike, Miky, Mykmael, Simth, Stepehen, Stephane, Stephene





Location(s): Abuja (Nigeria); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Lagos (Nigeria)


Also is from: Germany; Houston Texas (USA)


Address: 27 Thompson Avenue, Falomo Ikoyi, 101233, Lagos, Nigeria
34 New Lagos road, Off Lekki, 10510, Lagos, Nigeria
Plot 5A, Samora Michael Street, Off Kwame Nkurumah, Asokoro 900231, Abuja, Nigeria


Phone: 2348155684060




Is registered on: Face Book, Skype


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on May, 23, 2016)

Widow with 2 daughters... German, lived in Texas.. Went to Kuala Lumpur almost 3 years ago for a great job opportunity...could finish the deal, lost everything but because he owed the money for the company got stuck over there...asked money first to try to finish the deal, then for room a board for him and the daughters... When couldn't get more money started Ask for Apple cards( small amounts)... Almost 3 months ago asked me to send money that a friend was lending to him, so I found out thra the friend was another woman that he was scamming... In the total we found it 3 other ones that he used different names pictures...

Mary (USA)

Report N2 (added on May, 30, 2016)

This jerk is smooth. He strung me along for 2 years before asking for money. If I couldn't send money, he would get angry.

Darcy (USA)