Romance Scammer Joseph Adam


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Name: Joseph Adam


Also known as: unknown


Variants of name: Josephe





Location(s): Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Lagos (Nigeria)


Also is from: UK


Address: unknown


Phone: 4915735988003




Is registered on: Tinder


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on January, 28, 2016)

Met him on tinder in dec 2015. he claimed to be an archaeologist, diving searching in the ocean near Denmark. Found 5 golden medallions, went to US , sold them to a client for a millions. During these 3-4 weeks he was calling me via viber. He has very strong British ascent. Said that his soul made from high school died several years before and I changed his life, send a lot of love letters. On 21.1 16 promised to arrive to Singapore from NY, Gave me flight number, I went to airport to meet him. Waited for 2 hours. he didn't arrived. Next day he called (saying from Malaysia but the number was 22222-Africa) saying that he was caring $3,5mill cach, didn't declare it to the Singapore , money was confiscated and he had to pay penalty $50000. He asked for support. I said I already heard such fairy tails. He hang the phone.

Alexandra (Singapore)

Report N2 (added on February, 4, 2016)

We met on Tinder and he claimed to be an archeologist. He was out on the sea a lot and promised to keep in touch as much as possible. We emailed, text and talked over Viber for about 6 weeks start to finish. He had pictures and a FB account to back him up. He said that he was diving for artifacts and found medallions that he had to then take to Japan to sell, and then he would be counting down the days to see me. He wrote over the top love letters and told me how much he was in love with me.

Lindsey (USA)