Romance Scammer Colin Jones


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Name: Colin Jones


Also known as: Mark Miller, Marcus


Variants of name: Coline, Collin, Colline, Marc, Marck, Markie, Markk





Location(s): Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Lagos (Nigeria)


Also is from: Kansas City (USA); Los Angeles, California (USA)


Address: unknown


Phone: 18168824659




Is registered on: Face Book, Viet Dating


Media files: unknown


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Report N1 (added on January, 5, 2016)

He began with compliments. The first few weeks I answered only some time, mostly out of curiosity. He made a long presentasion, as divorced, hardworking ingeneer. No family except for one daughter. Alone. Later he started sending music, lots of compliments and he 'fell in love with me'. I explained that I have an active life, I do not think you can fall in love over the internet. Asked if he wants to use Skype, but he did not. He wanted us to talk via Whatsapp, which we did. I was suspicious early on, but remained out of curiosity. So he told me he had a big contract coming in Malaysia, it would provide $ 1.2 million. He wanted to marry me after working in Malaysia and put money on my business. He went to Malaysia, sent pictures when he signed a contract. But then came the 'but'. He needed money, $ 8,000 for a document that would give permission for the contract. His credit cards had gone out, he had no internetbankin, but wanted meto send money. This was just before Christmas. I refused, saying it was impossible that he could not access his money in the United States via the Internet. He became more aggressive and assertive, but still there were many 'baby', 'dear and' honney 'in the messages. He wanted email copies of his passport as evidence, which I agreed. I saw right away that the passport was false. Right after that I continued to refuse to send money, he ended our relationship with 'that fate did not want us to be together because I refused him money.

Ingela (Sweden)

Report N2 (added on June, 15, 2016)

He became familiar with me on vietdating site in the middle of April-16 we contacted by via e-mail and via phone, I have suggested to him that we can communicate by via webcam to know each other, but he always find the ways to denied. A half month period after that he said he fall in loved with me and he want to spent the rest of his life with me. After that he told me he would go to work in South Africa about two weeks. While he was working in Africa we are still in regular contact. Suddenly on June-01-2016 he told me that he had been robbed of all his money, credit cards and ID. He can't return to US without his ID, and he asked me if I could help him $5000 because his financial down, he needed more money to working for working permit. I doubt about his acting, so I said I had no money and from which he is no longer keep in touch with me no more!
I attached some pictures of his, was e-mail to me but I think he stole those pictures of a certain victim and not his true pictures. I also discovered that he had used a different account named is marcusdmark101 48 years old on vietdating.

Mary (Canada)