Romance Scammer Frank Edwards


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Name: Frank Edwards


Also known as: unknown


Variants of name: Franc, Franck, Franka, Frankie, Franky, Frankyy





Location(s): Accra (Ghana)


Address: unknown


Phone: unknown


Email: unknown


Is registered on: Meet Me


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on October, 14, 2015)

He has a very convincing story about being divorce of 2 yrs. and has 10 yr. son and is in the Army in Africa and he is getting out in Jan and will be home. He tells you he loves you about 2 days into the conversations. That he never have found anyone like you. He pulls you in with all the right words for a lonely female about love and marriage. He says things like "You are his heart and soul" or if he lost you, he would die or "You are his forever", all the things you want to hear also sends a lot of cute little saying. He talks to you about 2 to 3 weeks then an emergency arises and he needs money desperately. The address to send the money is Nigeria. This guy doesn't have broken English or any type of the language problem to send up a red flag so please beware. He is smoother than most scammers.

Leslie (USA)