Romance Scammer Kurt MYller


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Name: Kurt MYller


Also known as: Collins Esezobar, Collins Esezobor


Variants of name: Collines





Location(s): Johannesburg (South Africa)


Also is from: Germany; UK; Greece


Address: 102 Mark Haley close, Johanessburg, South Africa


Phone: 00447053822062




Is registered on: Badoo


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on August, 20, 2015)

Met on Badoo, Engineer working for a company in the UK. Lived in Germany but could not write a word German like me ? Than he was in the UK, than in Greece but when i asked his adress he suddenly was is South Africa. I asked him is this a scam but he told me no way and than the scam began lol. He had a 13 year old daughter Alice who was very sick in a hospital in Germany where his sister lives and needed an operation very urgent but the doc would not operate before he paid 15.000 euro.(not possible) He told me he paid the doc already 10.000 euro and asked me to pay the other 5.000 euro.He never gave me his account number. It had to be payed trough Western Union to a mr Collins Esezobor 102 Mark Haley close Johanessburg. I told him there was no western Union near my place so he gave me an other account nr to pay to mr V.P. Umeh acct nr 1066666121 branche code NEDSZAJJ adress Cencurion Smart Shopping Center. I knew this was a scam and he began to push me very hard to pay so I told him i would pay the doc directly like he did so it could go faster and he gave me after long hesitation the name of the clinic (clinic Erler in NYrnberg) doc Susan Ursula and her mobile phone number so i could pay the next day. Now i know docs in Germany never give their mobile phones so i called the clinic directly and guess what, no doc with that name and no patient with that name so i wrote him that by mail and his last answer was ; you greedy ass lol so i blocked him everywhere but he is a very good scammer.

Kitty (Germany)