Letter(s) from Allen Mark


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Letter 1

Hello Marion,
Yes I do like pets and would like to own them when I am settled down hopefully with my God ordained soulmate... Please let me know if you get this so I can write more.


Letter 2

Hello Marion,

I am glad at the opportunity to communicate and thanks for writing... However in the mean time, let me tell you about me, I am French, was born in Marseille... moved into the states 36 years ago and I've fully resided in the states since then, 6'0ft tall, widowed about 8 yrs now, I've got a son who's presently in college.. I love him to death. Its difficult to see him leave for college... I own my consulting business now that I'm retired and I am into real estate investment but I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering before obtaining my real estate license for over 30 years. I am an extremely physical person who is content with life yet who has come to realize the importance of a true life partner. I have always taken pride in the fact that I can do anything I put my mind to, but hey, let's face facts...what makes everything better (no, not A1 Steak Sauce or a Ritz)...having an important someone with whom you can share anything and everything.

In case you haven't noticed, I have been getting a lot of messages on Match which seems potentially overwhelming considering the fact that I hate distraction when I meet a potential suitor.. So I wrote to you providing my email address with the faith you're gonna write me, I decided to call for my membership cancellation cause I am having a feeling this whole online dating isn't for me. I am a one woman kinda man and I except my partner to posses same characteristic... I have been alone a long time cause I chose to concentrate on my career.

I would like to know somethings about you if you wouldn't mind...What made you join the dating scene? Do you have more photos you'll like to share??
What actually are you looking for in a man? Do you live alone? Tell me more about what you do...

I am looking for someone who knows doing things together, no matter what it is, can be more fun and more special than anything... be it mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, going for a drive... anything... anything done together... I think it is silly to say you go do the lawn work while i do the laundry... why not do the lawn work together... and then deal with the laundry together, i am looking for a honest, caring,and loving woman with a good heart...looking for my best friend...someone that is willing to help pull the wagon and not just sit on the wagon eating bon bons while i do the pulling...lol, .... want someone who will connect with me a level that i haven't known before someone who will connect with me heart and soul.

Looking for someone that would distract me when am not at home. Someone i would be rushing home to meet,someone who knows how to have fun, is willing to try new things, enjoys life, has a sense of humor. I want someone honest, easy going, trustworthy and who can communicate. Also, very affectionate and gets that the little things count and you have to put work into a relationship. Someone who likes who I am as a person, and I like them...we join each others company. You know when you can be in a room full of people, but it feels like you are the only two people in the room. The chemistry is right on.

I'd like a well balanced woman who is decisive, positive, responsible, at the same time compassionate, warm, and understanding. Someone who I can feel great about supporting emotionally. I hope I'm answering your questions somewhat about what I'm looking for in my soulmate.

Someone Who truly wants to try on "new shoes" for the rest of time...Wouldn't it be much more comfortable having a reliable and comfortable pair of slippers (accompanied by the desire to go barefoot)?

Are you this woman I’ve always desired?


Letter 3

Good Morning Marion,

Thanks for the substantial response... Yes I have dual citizenship but unfortunately I have never heard from anyone in France for more than 20 years now.. So by deduction I do not have a family there.... You sound like an interesting and a sincere woman who knows what she is looking for in Life and Partner... I love the way you talk about yourself, children and hobbies in a comprehensive manner, you're truly adorable.... I recently moved here 2 months ago and I'm enjoying it as I have a home at Clarence Ave, Bronx and also own another one (which I both rented out) in Beverly Hills. I am still undecided on a permanent place to retire given the fact that I haven't found my other half.. When I find her, we both decide on where we intend to live for the rest of our lives... It doesn't really matter where, what matters is our formidable union and togetherness.

I retired about a year ago, I was on holiday with Mason in Australia and New Zealand in December for one month, when Mason returned to school.. I have been too bored and this made me go out of retirement to take an offer to oversee the flooring, plumbing and furniture installation and fitting for a new Hotel in Portugal. I have just one more week to finish off now and I will be home next week... I would like you to look into your schedule and see if we can meet for dinner or a drink the weekend coming up after this one?

It's hard to be alone... I believe its high time I look for a loving, caring, honest, sincere, passionate and affectionate woman who wouldn't hurt my feelings and emotion which i have for her. ... I am open-minded, honest and independent and am looking for someone with similar qualities. which i am having a feeling we can work it out just fine together... I didn't have time to search for my special woman while I was still working full time cause I believe it will be unfair on my part when I have to travel back and forth in the name of work and leave my woman sleeping alone without me for a long time... I wish I have a big family but all I have is Mason, he attends Stanford University and will be graduating this year.

I have a couple of questions.. What is your favorite flavor - chocolate or vanilla? What is your favorite sport? What kinda car you drive? What is your favorite color? Do you like Listening to Music? What is your favorite type of music? Do you dance? Who is your favorite musician? What is your favorite cocktail? If you had the choice between a play or a movie which one? What kind of Movie do you like? Who is your favorite Artist? Do you like public affections? Like hugging, holding hands etc in public? Do you Like Traveling?? Where is the Favorite place you ve visited or would love to visit? Hope I haven't over-questioned you? I feel like knowing everything.

I am looking for a woman to spend the rest of my life with woman of my dream and long term relationship that might turn into marriage, however...If you aint intending to get married, its not a deal breaker... I am not looking for a "one night stand" or to develop a "harem". I am an honest, faithful and loving person who is not looking to take advantage of you. I would like if you're a kinda person that hangs in through "thick and thin", that would really made me smile...One of the best thing I ever heard from a woman is "I am a lover, not a fighter. I talk things out with my partner and never go to bed angry" Omg! A woman with such character has immaculately polished her man and the relationship with blessing and fulfillment .. What more can a man ask for?? If this is the woman you are, then I think I will fit in perfectly into your life and vice versa

My family is important to me, if we accept eachother which I'm optimistic we will, we will be one big happy family..I want to find a soul mate. I feel I am a good mate.. I like to do special things for that person. Cook a special meal you like, call you when you're not home and let know how much i do care about you.

I'm new to this online stuff... What else will you like to know about me ask me and i will sincerely tell you..

I believe with all i have said about myself can give you knowledge about whom you are writing to.

Looking forward to hear from you soon...



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