Letter(s) from Frank Brown


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Letter 1

Hello Flo ,

How are you ? thank you for your wonderful email and for the compliments, you write so well and i enjoy reading from you, you are the only lady i am communicating with and i believe that we will get on well,i like all you said about yourself and admire the simple life that you are living .

I am not always chanced to be online though to my commitments here but i will always try be best to keep the process of knowing each other going for i deservedly need a true friend to spark up the love i got in my heart to share and your beauty and charm is hitting the spot .I am new on the internet dating but i know with honesty from both side true love will be achieved.

More about me , i come from a small but respected family , both my parents are late , my father was a USA diplomat and my mother was from Spain and worked as a Nurse before marriage . I have only a sister , she is married to a Brazilian, blessed with two lovely daughters and live in Brazil . I spent my early in South Africa ,where my father served for many years , returned to the states when i was 16 years and i joined the Army 2 years later .

I have been married to the military for over 30 years and it was a beautiful relationship in spite of the danger .i commit myself to whatever i get into and chose to chose to marry only after retirement as i want to be a man in the house , to love ,care and share the sweetness of being in love and romance .

Do you have yahoo or msn messenger ? i am not a good writer and better if we can interactively chat .How challenging is job ? wish you a wonderful day . write me soon and please include some pictures .




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