Letter(s) from Charles Bradford


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Letter 1

Look Andrea ,

I am busy working ok , you can move on with your life and be with your kids, i checked with pigbusters and my email address is not in their list so i don't know what you are talking about.....i don't need anything from you i got someone to buy me all the stuff i need...if you have your own demons deal with them , i am focusing on my work , i will think about relationship later when i return home....

Cheers and hello to Vanessa...God bless her


Letter 2

honey this is false, i am busy working when i try to login my email address it doesn't work so what are you talking about....this is very wrong....i am busy working that's why i haven't bothered you...i don't like what you are doing...

Letter 3

Hello Andrea,

YOu are so beautiful and i cant stop thinking about how picture perfect you are..You look like someone i have met in my dreams before...lol...You are also the most beautiful woman i have come across on this dating site....Thanks for sending me your private mail i feel very lucky...I cant wait to read your abridged life story...I dont have any kids ,i hope yours is doing ok by now..I would love to meet you soon my dear...I thik we do have a lot in common and deserve the chance to be together against all odds...I live in Napean south of Ottawa city, I am a Geologist and have started investing in precious minerals...Hope hear back from you soon...



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