Letter(s) from Sutton Noose


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Letter 1

Hey Cutie, thanks for the pictures, i wish you were not married, you have such a cute smile, you make butterflies run in my tummy. . Anyway here are my pictures i hope you like them, i hope i am not too ugly for you.

Letter 2

Hi Esmeralda, I don't know what to say, but i think if we keep communicating i will fall helplessly in love with you and you're married, already ive started thinking about you, i don't know what to do.

Letter 3

Attention Madam,

Kindly find the attached file of the calling card information you requested for and get back to us.


Sgt. Patricia Claverie (Sales)
U.S Military Care.

Letter 4

Goodday Madam,

The receipt of your email was received and well noted, you are meant to purchase the Military Easy Flex Card rated for: $220.00. you are required to make the payment via our monetary agent in the neighbouring country through western union.

Below is the department in charge of sales and remittance of cards:
Payment details:
Western Union.

Sender: Your name
Reciever: Mr. Patrick Daniel
Destination: St. Michael Boulevard, Cotonou Port Novo.
City: Cotonou.
Country: Benin Republic.
Zipcode: 00229
Test Question: Purpose of funds
Answer: Communication.
You're sending the money to a neighbouring country because of the crisis going on here.
Make the transfer from any Grocery store or shopping mall close to you,
You are also meant to get the Mtcn and a scan copy of the receipt that will be given to you by the western union agent where you made the transfer from.

Sgt. Patricia Claverie (Sales)
US Military care.


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