Letter(s) from Sergiu Cretu


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Letter 1

Hey my man, wanted to ask u something. I'm at the gym, a friend of mine wants to sell his bike, i know it, he bought it last year. Now he wants to sell it to get a moto cross bike, so he offered to sell it to me with a discount. He wants 650 euros for it, he bought it last year for 5200 ron, which is 1160 euros. The problem is that i only have 100 euros, my payment is processed on 25-26 each month. So wanted to ask u if u think u can help me out with 550 euros until 25 june when im paid. I dont want to miss this offer

Letter 2

I have some problems now... Had an accident. Destroyed back tire on bicycle and also scratched a car. Was my fault and now i have to pay for it, problem is that i dont have this money. Total repay cost 375 euros for bike and car scratch. Problem is that i have to pay today for car otherwise driver will go to police and declare accident. He has 24 hours after accident to declar it or repair it. I should meet driver if car tonight at 9 after he finish work to pay for repairing car, u think u can help me with 375 euros until tonight at 9 pm? I can repay u at end of month when i get paid

Letter 3

I got a call yday from bank. They hold my funds- my monthly pay and ask me to show them source of incomes for that cash. Since now i never had problems like that, they told me its not they who asks questions, its the government and all the cash will be hold until i show why its for.... Ive talked with a friend of mine and he told me to go to a lawyer for help, i have a meeting tomorrow with lawyer. Hope ill sort it out as i really need those funds/ have to pay rent, utilities- gas electricity etc and have no cash at the moment

Letter 4

Im fucked. They checked all my incomes from 2,5 years since i have my site. I havent paid any taxes for that and now they ask me to pay everything, telling me i wont pay fees if i pay everything now. Problem is that i dont have those money. Its 16% from my earnings from my last 2,5 years. Rent day is wednesday and i have no cash. Im fucked

Letter 5

Problem is that i have not paid 16% of my incomes for the last 2,5 years and now they put me to pay it. There is no other way to avoid it. They also told me that they can calculate penalities which will be a huge amount, but if i pay it once, they will be ok with. Now i have to figure it out for solution. My only problem is that i have to pay wednesday rent and utilities otherwise ill sleep on streets

Letter 6

They release all, problem is that i dont have enough savings to pay for all. Ill find for solitution even i pay them monthly, my only problem now is that i have cash blocked and cant pay for rent utilities and all shit. If i dont pay all at once they will add 5,5 penalities each month. My priority now is to solve my rent till wednesday

Letter 7

This is how it works here. They have no brain. If i dont pay in 30 days at government they will access all my funds and ill still be in debt plus penalties. Savings and all my accounts are blocked due to government request and it will be unblocked only after debt is paid. Only government can request at bank to unblock. Now major problem is rent and utilities 500 euros total. After that i can focus on other things. Have 30 days to figure out. But rent is tomorrow

Letter 8

My man, i didnt wanted to ask u this, but right now ur my only man who can help. I dont have any cash for at least a week now. I need to buy some food, gym membership is expired, no supps and i need to do empowerment at notary. U think u can help me with about 150 euro for all until tuesday or wednesday when ill sell the car?

Letter 9

Hey my man, how is ur day? Ive done all the pappers yday and also the empowerment on my name and i went to the dealer after. The best price one dealer gave me was also low, but after i sell car i have to add 832 euros and ill pay all my debts at tax department. It was still unbelievable so i called them and they explained me about depreciation about what they have to do to sell car etc and why the price is low. So right now i have 2 options: sell car to that dealer and add 832 euro and pay taxes or wait to sell car on my own, but last option takes time. Last option is better because if i sell on my own i dont have to add any cash for tax department. But its not easy. Selling car at dealer its easy process, they will process my money in max 24 hours. And then i can pay taxes. Taxes are paid in same day and they release my funds with proof of payment. Then i can access my funds

Letter 10

I havent talked to her about how much ahe can help. If u send all 1700 i need ill return the whole amount. I have receipts for all uve sent. On bank account for 4000 euros its 16 euro tax. I would rather pay u extra 10 euros for fees then ask mom to help me with 200 300 euros and show her how mich i have to pay, explain for what and all details. Better for her to not know much. Only that i have to be somewhere on my bday and solve it. So if u can do 1700 ill resent everything back on bank account. Let me know on here if u can do tmw whole amoint so i start early my chat at dealer and solve it

Letter 11

Oh no.. I need it by tmw. Maybe u can do aomething online? I have no money left
15/8/17, 13:09 - Sergiu : Ankle is better but i still cant do some moves until its fully recovered.. Right now my problem is that i do not have cash to pay for food, supps, gym etc, have nothing until they release my funds in less then 3 months. Ive talked with verotel and they said they cant send to someone else unless i set up new account. I pay every year for their services, 500 mastercard and 800 visa 1300 total per year. So they said if i set up new account and pay 1300 euros i can use other info of my sister and they will send it. I did not wanted to ask u for help again, but if u can send 1300 euros ill be able to pay it back in 2 weeks when will be next payment and will have money for my expenses

Letter 12

U know im not opening myself usually to guy i met online, but with u i shared about my family, me, how much i earn, my dream, my problems, my needs. I did that because i considered u a friend and sometimes u show me with ur action that its hard or impossible to be a friend with someone u meet online, or open up urself to that person. I never asked u pics of u, where u work, sallary etc i respected u, but i always told u all uve asked me. Yes, u were next to me, yes u helped me out a lot, but i gave u proofs to trust me, i showed u that im a man of my world. Again, ive considered u a friend. A guy with who i can talk and share my thoughts, ideas, dreams even problems. I asked u for 480 euros, we both know this money i do not in months but in days, problem is that i cannot access them, so when ive told u about contest i really thought u will be happy for me, supporting and telling me yes, ull be good, go ahead. Knowing ur going to get ur cash back and will also get my forever gratitude for being next to me. How do u think i bhought my car? Slowly, withouy help, day by day, i can do lots of things and realize them slowly, but whats most important is when u need a bit of help, support or a word of encourage that person that claims he is a friend and want do more can show u that... U really broke my heart. If u think that 480 euros is more important than a dream and instead helping a "friend" knowing 100% ull get this money back


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