Letter(s) from Spencer Martin


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Letter 1

Hi hun!
Good morning hun,hope you had a good rest love...Ph baby you the only woman in my life and I can't have any other woman with you,,,,,,,The way i feel about you seems as if we have met in our childhood years, where we said our first hello, share our little dreams and fantasies, that forever it will be me and you.... Yet my heart could never forget the feelings we have had since we first met cos i know that our roads will cross someday to fulfill our promise of love with all sincerity... Fate led me to you and i have found the home i have lost a decade ago, for years, deep in my heart i know my home is within you....

I always think of me laying down beside that sexy body of yours with hands gently caressing mine, the intensity you bring to my eyes burns me alive....
You are my life, my love and my one special treat, you are now part of me, as my only love, my number 1 and for you to never shed a tear nor to weep... You are my everything, whose simplicity never leaves my eyes... The laughs and smiles you so kindly present now in return, i love you babe, i need you and my love for you is so true, you are the one for me hun.



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