Letter(s) from Brian Johnson


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Letter 1

Hi i'm Allen your profile seems interesting and your pic is lovely. how are you doing

what's your name. I'm Allen

are yiu on yahoo messenger

okay did you not go work today have you been working today? how was it

where do you work

what happened you retired

do you have kids

i have a son of 5yr how can i get to be close to you more but first what's your name i'm Allen

i believe age is just a number is the haert and feeling that is important are you single

OK we can be friends and chat if you not okay with the age

yah but i will be traveling soon to work but i'm still going to be here

my kid is with my mom I'm into servicing of oil well heads i got a call from my clients that i should come to complete the i had with them last month

but when i get there i will give you a call if you don't mind so we can talk on not only chatting


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