Letter(s) from Neilan Vittore


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Letter 1

My lovely wife Pat,
I have just had a good nap today and got myself physically and mentally ready for tomorrow,then thinking about you after i woke up,our love,future plans and aspirations,i couldn't help it completing the poem i have been putting down for you since few days now to further express my happiness in knowing you and planning about a great future with you.I told you that you will be getting such poetic words from me from time to time as our love and affections for each other blossoms,i have been putting this down since few days now as i told you and was able to get it the way i want it today,it exactly tells about me me and you,let me know if this will increase your happiness today,i love you so much Pat.

A chance of meeting by a Higher Power called Love.
Two strangers become friends,
Both feeling like they've known
each other forever.
An attraction so strong,
And a feeling so deep,
neither one could ignore.
Separated by distance,
but brought together by fate,
and everyday feeling deeper for each other.
A feeling that is true, strong, and gentle.
That only happens
once in a life time.
That's what I see.
Whenever, wherever
That's how we'll be.
Together, forever.
That's Roy and Pat.

I hope you will like the poem as you said you like the first one,this is one thing i like doing whenever am inspired,so it will keep coming as you keep loving and inspiring me,it explains more what i feel for you which comes from my innermost heart,thanks so much for the ones you do send to me,you really make me so happy with them as i love the words so much,you are just my dream woman come alive and i will love and cherish you forever.I will be going for a walk and then have dinner from there after sending you this email,i hope to speak with you later tonight in my time here,i will be expecting your call as that makes me more happy.I want to also express my joy in seeing those lovely and sexy pictures you sent to me,i think seeing them has increased my love and the level at which am missing you here,am really hoping to look at and kiss that your pretty face and body within the next few days,am very very grateful to God for giving you to me as a wife and i promise you from the deepest part of my heart that i will do anything to make you happy forever,i know you will do your best for me too.

As you already know,i will be going to the Malaysia board of internal revenue tomorrow for the registration of the contract payment claims and duty stamp clearance,after concluding there,i will move straight to Petronas office for the signing of the payment release order and then collect the payment in either bank cheque or certified bank draft as i told you,once i conclude with the collection of the payment,i will inform you so you can send me your bank account details for the transfer of some funds there as i told you.Once am done with funds issue,i will then go to the travel agency to book my ticket to Rio de Janeiro as we agreed,i will send you my flight itinerary once i get it ok,i really can't wait to be with you there within the week.We will start making plans for our wedding once i come there so that we can start enjoying the pleasures of our marriage in a Godly way,you know marriage is sweeter when it is done officially with Gods consent and love,i will be getting the ring i sent you as your engagement ring,it's so beautiful and i know you will love it,i have my plans of what to do with it once i arrive and meet you in Rio airport.I will stop here for now as the email is getting too long,i hope to speak with you later,hugs and deep kisses.

Your Husband,

Letter 2

My lovely wife,
Are you having your lunch now or still on the way? enjoy your lunch ok,we will be having it together very very soon,i really cannot wait to be with you there within the next few days,you are my best gift from God and i will love and cherish you forever.Attached are two pictures for you and i hope you will like them as i am not a picture person,but will love to take many with you when i come there,hugs and deep kisses.

Your Husband,


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