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Letter 1

My dad is a Bulgarian while my mom is of Italian origin.They met in Bulgaria got married and gave birth to me....when my dad was transferred.....We moved from Bulgaria to the UK.We came back to Bulgaria when my dad retired from his work and decided to go into private business...Dad used to work with an oil producing firm.

I was in Bulgaria almost all my life.. I am a widower and I have one beautiful daughter called Nancy.... Nancy is 20,. She is studying Medical Doctor at the University of Cambridge in the UK...

I am a doctor, from Los Angeles and currently working with the UN security here in Syria at the Yousef al-Azma military hospital in Damascus for peacekeeping and conflict resolution, Orthopedics Surgeon by profession. types of Orthopedics. Back pain, including spine surgery.Foot and ankle conditions, including ankle replacement. Hand and wrist conditions, such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Hip problems, including hip replacement and hip revision surgery.

I am a man with a joyful character, independent, optimistic, respectful, sensual and attractive. I like going to beaches, camping, watching movies, dinners, going to the cinemas and listening to all kind of good music, like classic, rock, country, jazz,soul, R&B and a little bit of rap. My favorite sports are Football, basketball, soccer, tennis and golf.

My last relationship was really horrible after the death of my wife......My last ex was a Drug addict, she cheated on me and since I caught her,I vowed not to be with her.. She really hurt my feelings because I was really honest and faithful to her. Now so much cautious looking for my soul-mate. Someone to love and will love me back same way without any hindrance of any kind..I like kids and kids are special from God!.I have a very warm heart and am interested in a quality relationship. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh and smile. I like going to nice restaurants or just staying at home for a romantic candle light dinner. I'm looking forward to spending time with someone special. I am a spiritual person and believe all things happen for a reason. I love the outdoors and I love to travel and visit different locations. Like the Carri-bean and Las Vegas. I am a very affectionate person and my perfect match would also have to be affectionate. I'm a romantic at heart and would love to express that to someone special. I'm honest, caring and thoughtful person, who likes to have fun and enjoy what life has to offer.

My ideal match is an attractive woman who takes care of herself physically, spiritually and emotionally. One who has a good sense of humor and likes to laugh and have fun. She is comfortable going out or staying at home. She is a woman who is affectionate, caring, romantic and sensitive. A woman who enjoys life and realizes that life has so much to offer. I also like a woman who is motivated and has future goals for herself. I'm in search of a woman who is not into head games and who is looking for a serious committed relationship, who believes honesty and communication are important in a relationship. My perfect match should love life as much as I do.I need a special woman who will love me for me and always be there for me and someone who will love me for the rest of my life because I hate divorce.

I will really love to know more about you my dear..can you tell me more about yourself,what you are looking for and where you live?

Best Regards,

Letter 2

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for writing back to me and telling me more about yourself..I really appreciate all you said about yourself and I bet you really know what you are seeking for..could I be all this lucky?lol.

I am sorry to hear that both your husband die within month of one another. I know how bad and devastated you surely must feel about their death, accept my condolence, you have been through lots in your past relationship life. You also met someone else through work that you helped in raising his son but things didn't finally work out between you both. I am sorry to read it hurt so much, you mean you have been single for the past 15 years, that's a very long time to be single. Change is a constant things in human life, i have also been through lots in my past relationship life just like i wrote you in my previous email. I am a good and hard working man and i hope i would be able to put a smile on your face again!

I am new to this online stuff and was talked into this by a friend of mine...he is happily married now I just hope I find this same thing on here ..I believe everyone has his/her right partner,Perhaps we haven't met our right partner yet..Who knows!!Well I would love to get to know you better because you sound like a woman with a kind heart that I would love to spend my entire life with and that is exactly what I am looking for on here.

I love my job so much cos it has made me travel round lots. I have been working with the UN for 20 years. Thanks for being so opened about telling me everything that i need to know about you and i am sorry to hear you do not have a kids, if things works out perfectly between us Nancy would be so happy to have you as step mom, she want me to find a special woman and be loved again, she often said that i am a good man that i need to find myself a special woman and spend the rest of my life with her. I love the Jewish people and also had done business with them in the past, they are a very good people and sure the Jewish heritages describe you as well! I have been to Israel and Canada before as well

Regarding my picture where i was wearing the lab coat with Dr Kaiser. I was in Evansville, Indiana to carry out a surgery on a client, he invited me for the long surgery and that was a picture after the successful surgery, sure you could see the smile on our face, yes i used the coat lab in his hospital. I live in the Downtown, Los Angeles. Sure i will be returning part time and would surely settle down permanently after my retirement, even though i still do not know how life after retirement is going to be for me. What i mean about that is i am the type of a man that is often used to working everyday and do not know how life when i would not have to wake up on time and get ready for work going to be with me. How did i got involved working with the UN. My late dad used to worked with the UNICEF

My dad worked with The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund to provide emergency food and healthcare to children in countries that had been devastated by World War II. My dad was involved in lots of voluntary work, he love helping people lots special children that are devastated from a war zone and deprive of their education, i took from my dad heart cos i love helping people lots. I love putting smile on people faces specially the less privileged one. I was on volunteered self missionary trip to Haiti after the earthquake and lots more. Yes we are on different time schedule I enjoyed reading your message and also writing you. I would love to have a serious relationship with you that would last forever. I am the type of man that always love to put a smile on my woman face and I am assuring you that if things work out well between us you are not going to ever regret taking chance with me. I want you to send me more of your pictures

I Must confess that you're a very honest woman and I also enjoyed reading your email and would Love to get to know you better if permitted.I'm a very caring, sensitive man who likes anything outdoors and indoors such as hiking, swimming, scuba diving..etc.I also love cuddling on the Couch watching Romantic Movies but now I don't enjoy doing it alone because I feel there's something missing in my Life which is true Love.I really Hope I can find what I've been Looking for in you.

I'll be so Happy to hear from you as soon as possible, until then take Good care of yourself.


Letter 3

Elaine,How are yo doing?Thanks so much for telling me more about yourself......You sound so fun and it would be nice to get to share thoughts together with you. Though I know sometimes it difficult to find the special one but I think I have found one and just need patient and honesty to go through our introduction, that special one is you and I would like us to give it a little time to grow. I believe any thing good should be given a little time and don't want to rush into this because it might get us to where we don't want to be. So far I like what I read about you and I feel so much connection between us believe we could make this work when we go about it the right way. I would love us to communicate a little more via email and then when the time is right we could fix a date to meet in person. I hope you understand this procedure and don't feel disappointed in me. I am a very careful man and I would love you to be careful also so that we don't get the wrong signal..LOL

Yes I understand that you are not happy about how your life turned out but you do not need to regret it cos God already understand the temptation we all are going to go through on this wicked world and I am glad you are a fighter who never give up and let your past situation weigh you down cos for me my past life belong to the past I would never let it come between my future. I also understand that you have loved well even though they were short times and what I understand about your message after reading the whole message which I enjoyed reading so much. You are a good woman I also understand that you are a lovely and a caring woman who need to be loved back in return. I think you have been keeping yourself for me and if things work out perfectly between us I would love you to show me all the love and caring on this earth cos I am going to love you so much in return and treat you like the queen you are in return! Thanks for the compliment regarding my dad, he was such a good and a caring man! One of the best man I have ever came in encountered with in these wicked world and I am glad he was my dad, if I had the opportunity of coming to these wicked world again I would definitely want him to be my dad again, he lived a very fulfilled life, he thought me lots on how to respect every human being on this earth, he told me never to look down on anyone no matter the condition and thought me to be a giver, my dad was a blessing to lots of people that known him and that has worked with him I hope you understand what I meant being a blessing to people life, he was blessed and didn't kept the blessing alone to himself, he share the blessing to everyone that had the opportunity of having encountered with him and even to those who does not know him in any way cos he was involved in lots of charity organization, giving to the motherless baby home and that's the kind of a life that I am living. I followed his foot step and people often applaud him for being a good man and a blessing to their life I love it each time that I am able to put a smile on people face.

I am so happy to read you are ready to jumped into a 24/7 relationship with me but I feel sad when you also said or with someone else. You will never regret ever having encountered with me so I want you to erase the ideology of you having a relationship with someone else I want you to accord everything to me. I expect fidelity too in my relationship life, like I told you before that I am living a fulfill life and following my late dad footstep and I have no reason never to be faithful to my woman, when we are together Nancy is going to tell you how lovely I treat my late wife when she was alive I am a one woman man and I also expect my woman to be same. I am the kind of a man that respect every religious so I do not have a problem you being Khalil Gibran believer, what matter to me is the heart and something in my heart keep telling me that I have found everything that I am looking for in a woman in you! I am glad to read you love traveling, after my retirement we are going to travel to lots of places you have never been to before, like I told you before that I have traveled round lots and almost traveled to all the country on this earth I have been to more than 31 countries and also planning to do more traveling after my retirement, maybe join the record breaker that has traveled to the whole 195 countries on this earth and I hope you are ready to do that with me soon!

Yes you are right that I do not know much about you but my enthusiasm about us being a perfect match surprise you. I am the kind of a man that follow my instinct and something keep telling me that things are going to work out perfectly between us but I am not going to rush into conclusion yet just like I wrote earlier I am going to give it a little time cos time they say is the best healer. Nancy will be so glad and happy to meet a great woman like you cos I almost got emotional reading you treat a grown up children like adult, she has turn to be a mature lady and she told me that she will be so happy for me to find my perfect woman that I deserve to me happy and be loved again I understand that you cannot take her late mom position in her life but she need a good woman she's going to call mom to be with her dad

You are right about for us to have a future, we would need to meet each others in person and share experience, go to shopping together, cook together,ngo to movie together and do lots of things together. I am so happy and fill with joy that I am having encountered with you at the right time, why I said that is because my job has kept me away from social activities for a very long time that was why I could not go into any relationship I love my job so much and it also an honor to me to serve our great nation. Why i said happy is because I am going to retired soon I am waiting for my retirement letter to be approved by the UN even thou I have already gotten a clue that the UN are already recruiting experienced Surgeon to replace me, they will be going for a camp training with the combat before being deployed here to relieve me of my duty then I will be home to spend time with you and also travel to London to see Nancy cos I cannot wait to see her I miss her so much and glad she is doing fantastic well in her education, she also want to follow my step and be one of the best Surgeon in the world. Yes I love trying new things and I cannot wait to try a new things with you soon I am not going to attend to patient after my retirement I have worked so hard and need time to enjoy my life as well. I am licensed in London, Bulgarian and New York due to my excellent result and my experienced in the field I have served London, Bulgarian and New York before joining the UN that made me travel round the world. The Bulgarian government need my service so much but I am glad I was able to trained great Surgeon while I was there, working has been everything to me and this is time for me to have my social life

I am sorry to read your disappointment about your bathroom sink and I am glad the plumber came around and got it fixed for you, what's the name of your cat? I love animals but work has not give me the privileged to own one yet maybe I will get to get one after my retirement. I am sorry you have had Crohn's disease for 40 years and glad it was well manage I am a doctor and I understand what you are talking about. I it is also refer ileitis. Crohn's disease can sometimes cause life-threatening complications, it can also cause abdominal pain, diarrhoea, weight loss, anaemia and fatigue. Some people may be symptom-free most of their lives, while others can have severe chronic symptoms that never go away. Crohn's disease cannot be cured. Medications such as steroids and immunosuppressants are used to slow the progression of disease. If these aren't effective, a patient may require surgery. Additionally, patients with Crohn's disease may need to receive regular screening for colorectal cancer due to increased risk. As a Surgeon I just want to share more light about the IBD cos I have manage a patient with IBD.

Elaine,You are a great woman and I think we could make a perfect match and possible if this is what I think it is, then you have the best man in this world all to your self. Its an assurance, do let me know if you think the pace its too slow for you. Been thinking of what else to say but am speechless as am just sitting here thinking of how happy we could possible be if this is what i think it is. I enjoy reading your email so much and want you to know that I look forward waiting to read your email soon.
Elaine, can you please send me some pictures of you?I'll send mine to you too....Do have a splendid Thursday cos it already 7:39AM here in Damascus Syrian now I need to get ready for the day now.

Letter 4

Hi Elaine,

You are the second woman I wrote on OKC but you are the only one that I have been writing for some days now and how about you, how many men are you writing on OKC? Interesting to read you are an interesting, engaging and a caring person, time is going to be the great healer between us and see if we are compatible for each others. I am happy when you said you are interested in getting to know me like wise me too I am interested to know everything about you. I promised to take things slow with you and take thing a step at a time with one another, for sure I would want you to stop meeting anyone and devote all your attention and energy into building something relationship with me, you are right that we are not there yet! Thanks for briefing me about your old friend who is a widower just like me I understand that it wasn't easy for you to say a big no to him but you just proved to me that you are not a cheap woman I am very optimistic that you know what you want and would always settle for the best, we both do not know what the nature got in place for us! Do you believe in destiny?

Please do not find my expectation uncomfortable for you I am just a human and only expressed myself but I just learn that I need to be patient and take things slow with you like I said earlier, thanks very much concerning your compliment about me and how I treated my late wife I am sure by the time you are going to have a one on one encountered with Nancy, shes's going to tell you more and how we had a perfect home, please do not find it offensive as if I am portraying myself to be a perfect man cos I am no perfect in any way I am just a simple man who made mistake and each time I review my past I sometimes cried about my past mistakes. Nancy will be so happy to have you as friend and also a confidential friend she can express something she might not want to talk about with me, sure you understand what I am talking about! You do not understand why I own a home in Downtown, Los Angeles, now let make myself clear to you, it was my late wife wishes that I bought her a house in Los Angeles cos she love Los Angeles lots even while I was working in New York she comes to Los Angeles every weekend to have a complete weekend that was why I bought the house in Los Angeles for her before her death in the E 1st St. That's abode for me when am in the state and for the honor of my late wife too, thou I am planning on buying more houses after my retirement, current no one is living in my late house wife. I only employed a gardener to take care of the house

I also own a house in London, have you been to London before? If you haven't it a very beautiful place that I would recommend for you to visit some day soon I only wanted to know if you live alone that was all, no other motive. Interesting to read you have 3 cats I love animals so much and just like I told you on my previous email that my job does not permit me to owe one yet but I would surely do that when am retired. Your cat has a beautiful names Ethel, Myrtle and Muffet! I would love to have my own cat soon and maybe you could give me a beautiful name when I got it. I also love a dog as well but I would prefer to owe a cat first. I can't wait to visit London and see Nancy when am back but I would have to be in New York first I would have to report to the UN office in New York and get my retirement benefit then I will come to Los Angeles to meet you in person before departing to London to be with Nancy and also see some of my old folks. I can't wait to hear your voice and I surely know it going to be a beautiful voice and I hope you don't take my words offensive! I can't wait to have a dinner with you I am a good cook and Nancy refer me as chef I hope I would be able to cook for you some day soon I also enjoyed taking a walk and can't wait to take a walk with you

Your today activities sound like it going to be fun for you after your lecture I miss going to concept and want you to know that it been long time I have dance or be in a gardening of having fun, it been work for me all through that's why I am profoundly waiting to be retired soon. You just put a smile on my face after reading you will be singing on Sunday. I never know you sing as well and I would love to watch you sing one day.I am writing you on my short break and need to resumed back to work I will be thinking of more questions to ask you on my next email and also be waiting to hear from you. Have a nice day and stay blessed!

Best regards

Letter 5

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for the beautiful email, you always put a smile to my face each time that I read your email, you are a woman whom is filled with confident and share your mind no matter what I can't help it but to give you applaud for your courageous. I am sorry to sound as if I am worrying you regarding Nancy wanting me to be happy with my right woman and I promised never to bring Nancy issue up again in our conversation cos I hate worrying my woman, you are actually right about your brother children who are best with your sister-in-law companionship I believe that a female children interact with their mom freely than their dad, the male counterpart are more free with their dad, it varies I surely know that their are something my daughter would not want to share with me but she would definitely share it with a woman I wish your sister-in-law all the best in her relationship life as well. My late wife was extrovert, we were a very good friend but the angry part of her is horror I hope you understand what I am talking about! I don't like her getting angry cos she was the type that get to damage things when she got so much upset I did manage her anger very well and I also got her a good psycho-therapeutic that did a fantastic job. She told me her love for California precisely Los Angeles. Like I told you on my previous email that she spent most of her weekend in Los Angeles and I sometimes spend some weekend in Los Angeles when I am on break from work I was also in Los Angeles last here and here is a attached picture of me and friend in Los Angeles. It was my late wife choice I bought the house for her when we were having a walk on South Grand Avenue. I bought her the house and we spent most of her weekend there but I least it out after her death so that it can be well manager, the house is in South Grand Avenue and 11th Street. I also own a house in Viewmont Dr. I invest in the real estate business massively and want you to know that I owe a home in most states in the United State and outside the state as well, she spent time at the Music Center cos she love life band I do not get to follow her often cos of my work, I lost my wife in 2002 and it was after the death of my wife that I met the drug addict girlfriend I am surely ready for a new relationship and ready to be loved back again. Interesting to hear that you spent only few days in London in the 1970's I think you should go back to London again, you are going to love your trip to London again and if things definitely work out perfectly between us I would love to take you on a trip to London after my retirement. I have also been to Mexico, Costa Rica and most of the South American countries before. You mean you had no design of becoming a landlord, hmm, you sound familiar like a colleague I work with by in Ukraine when we went on UN missionary trip, he was from Scotland and also said he had no design of becoming a landlord that he just want to live a simple life and be happy with his love ones.I am happy to read the music concert was exceptional I surely do not need anyone to tell me you had fun and a great time there, I know you are a good singer and can't wait to watch you perform at an even some day soon, am sure you have sang with lots of good song writer and a composer! Thanks for stating it clearly that you are not writing with me exclusively and you do not want nor expect same in return, your stands is well understood but I am the kind of man who does not know how to carry out a multi relationship/conversation at a time I spent hours writing you and I am sure you do not expect me to spent hours writing other women cos that's not the reason I am here. I am a very busy man but I manage to write you on my break, this alone should let you know that I value and respect our friendship and don't know how to do multi task writing, like I told you before that I am a one woman man and if things definitely work out perfectly between us, you would never regret meeting me and ever taking a chances with me I am going to see how it goes between us first before writing or meeting any other woman, yes you are right that both of us can consider where we are when we are together in person, just that I am a optimistic man and the kind of a man that often think positive. I told you on my last email that I am going to think of more questions for you and here are my questions for you and here are my questions for you

On a road trip, do you always drive or do you share the driving?

Would you be intimidated by a man who makes more $$ than you?

When you think back on your childhood, tell me something you remember about your father that warms your heart.
Is there a past experience that has negatively affected the way you view men as a whole?

Are you more of a "country lady" or a "big city woman"?

Is there a particular fragrance that reminds you of some locale every time you smell it?

Letter 6

Hi Elaine,

You are welcome, my traveling with the UN is not a pleasure and leisure trip, it a work trip, reading your answer to my questions made me smile and I want you to know that I am not that kind of a man that would intimidate my woman or control her cos of money, after reading your answer to my questions I think I also have to contribute my point regarding the subject and here are my answer to same questions

1. On a road trip, do you always drive or do you share the driving? I drive and also love to share driving with my friend or my woman but If It Is you and I.... I would leave you to drive and just keep my face up looking at your beautiful face...lol... I am just trying to be funny I would just sit cool and watch you drive

2. Would you be Intimidated by a woman who makes more $$ than you? Never! I can never be Intimidated. I hope you remember that destiny can never change I would be happy for my woman If she make more money than me

3. When you think back on your childhood, tell me something you remember about your father that warms your hear? Hmmm I could vividly remember when I was young. my dad took me to the royal house In Bulgaria to meet the king In his kingdom. He was a very close friend to the king and he told me that I am Wesley junior that he want me to know the king and want me to hold our family title when he Is gone and I was very shocked. It was just like a fun that day but now It hurt that he Is gone becos he was a very lovely father. I am the head of my family now

4. Is there a past experience that has negatively affected the way you view women as a whole? Hmmm... this Is a very technical question! Honestly my late wife was a very good woman and I can say with experience that she was the best woman on earth but It was so sad that death took her away from me and after her lost I have encountered some worst relationship that almost want to affect the way that I view women but I release that everyone cannot be good In this world. I encounter with a woman that was drug addict I didn't know at first that she Is Into drugs. She was not a Christian and I want to change her and win her soul to God and she was staying with me. She knew that I travel much and I was on a trip to China and I told her that I was going to spend some time on my trip but to my greatest surprise I got the materials on time and I didn't want to call her that I am coming home. I was having It In my mind that I want to give her a surprise visit and when I got home I saw her sleeping on the bed naked with some white powder all over her body. She was weak and could not move again I was very disappointed and It took her the whole day before she could get herself back. She was shocked when she wake up and saw me I didn't want that to cause problem between us and I told her that she don't need that kind of life that she was living I try all my effort to change her but It didn't work out and I have no choice than to quite the relationship and after then I told myself that I am not going to try the bar and scene dating anymore. I don't have any negative view In women cos I know that there are still good women out there

5. Are you more of a "country gent" or a "big city guy"? I grew up in a big city In Bulgaria I am a city man

6. Is there a particular fragrance that reminds you of some locale every time you smell It? Hmmm... I am a big fans of fragrance cos I love smiling good and each time that I put on L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake., Black Code – by Giorgio Armani... It remind when I went to Australia for a Surgeon conference and there was a woman at the hotel that the meeting was taking place. My dressing was suite and I also put on Black Code perfume on me and when I pass her she call me and say HI to me and the next thing she told me was that she love how I smile. so each time that I put on Black Code on me It remind me when I went to Australia. I love smelling good lots and I also love Acqua di Gio -By Giorgio Armani.

I have a good friend who's a real estate agent back in the 80's. He made me understand that real estate business is going to be a very lucrative business in future time that was why we both sign a partnership deal and venture into real estate, properties business don't devalue and yes I am in competition with Mr Donald J Trump. My partner manage our properties and I am going to take my role after my retirement.I will try and multi task to write other women since that is what you want me to do, I understand what you meant why you want me to also try someone else while we still keep in contact to see if we are compatible for one another. I just want you to know that I enjoyed reading your email so much and I love everything that I have read and known about you so far, It weekend again, do you got any plan for the weekend?

Letter 7: May 22
At this point, I found him overbearing and suggested that he should take a break from corresponding. He was not pleased.

Hi Elaine,

You mean completely break? It like you are just here to read email and have fun! What about me, it sound like you do not have a feeling if you think I could seat 3 to 4 hours or more of my time writing me, why give me email address at first if you think you are not ready for a serious relationship and why were you at OKC? So many questions on my mind that need answer, you don't toy with people heart and waste their previous time, a matured woman like you could just be up to read and write email without emotion or feelings attached? I thought head games are for adult at the age of 20 years of age not people at the age of 40 years plus and I am sure you had your fun?


Letter 7

Hi Elaine,

I am sorry for not getting back to you on time I just returned from a trip to Aleppo, we just got back to the base in Damascus. I thought you were offended when I said I am going to buy you your dream car as a gift from my heart in future maybe on your next birthday or before then but I am happy to hear that if things work out perfectly between us that you are going to any gift from me! My trip to Aleppo was not a very good one, our convoy was attacked by the Islamic terrorist called ISIS but glad that the attacked was reply by our brave veterans, their was a bomb exposure outside the military base we went in Aleppo and lots of good civilian was hurt, this is my doctor colleague carrying victim of the attack while ambulance also arrived at the scene to take them to our base hospital in Aleppo. I did carry out series of surgical operation and I cried lots seeing kids being hurt and half of their body damage!

I am very used with the Jewish people, they are such a honest and caring people and I have done some quite business in the past with the Jewish community. I am sorry to hear the death of your late dad, he died young at the age of 47 years and may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace, sad to hear that your dad also left your mom with lots of debt that made her go back to work after the death of your dad shortly before her death in 1977, such a long time! Upon the death of your brother as well who died in 2011. Thanks for sharing your family history with me I understand that your family had gone through lots in the past just as my family as well cos I don't think their is ever a nation without history! Interesting to hear that from your mom side her parent generations love to live close to each others just a few blocks away from each others just like the Bulgaria people as well, the Bulgaria people love living close to each others, it a culture in Bulgaria to love one another. After the World War II Bulgaria was affected badly after the war just like the Jewish people which call for unity among the Bulgarian around the world to stay together.

On 8 September Soviet occupational forces cross the Bulgarian-Romanian border and on the eve of 9 September garrison detachments, led by Zveno officers, overthrow the government after taking strategic points in Sofia and arresting government ministers. A new government of the Fatherland Front was appointed on 9 September with Kimon Georgiev as prime minister. War was declared on Germany and its allies at once and the weak divisions sent by the Axis Powers to invade Bulgaria were easily driven back. In Macedonia, the Bulgarian troops, surrounded by German forces, and betrayed by high-ranking military commanders, fought their way back to the old borders of Bulgaria. My late father told me lots about the war and suffering of the Sofia during the war

As a consequence of World War II, the Soviet Union invaded Bulgaria and a Communist regime was installed with Georgi Dimitrov at the helm. The monarchy was abolished and the Tsar sent into exile.The Paris Peace Treaties of 1947 confirmed the incorporation of Southern Dobruja into Bulgaria during the War, thus making Bulgaria the only German ally that increased its pre-war territory. The occupied parts of the Aegean region and Vardar Macedonia remaining within the borders of Bulgaria were returned, with 150,000 Bulgarians being expelled from Western Thrace.

You are from a very large families and that impress me lots cos I am also from a royal families back in Bulgaria surely you should understand how long a royal families should be! We have lots gardening and weekend dinner from home to home cos we did live close to each others then, my late dad got a work after the World War II to work with the UNICEF as UNICEF personal doctor cos he used to work with the Red Cross back then and after his UNICEF job we started moving round from country to countries, we spent time in Belgium, Netherlander, Germany and more before he passes away so traveling as been part of me before working under UN has a senior Orthopedic Surgeon. I love my job so much cos it has made me travel round the world and I have been to more than 31 countries working under the UN. UN has given me the platform to see the suffering children are going round the world I have witnessed and seen leaders killing it people and the actualization of Islamic State it was firstly political motivated to divert the attention of the Western World! Their number one object is propaganda!!

I live to continue the good legacy laid by my late dad, he was my role model and he will continue to be my role model for life, what a good man! So I live to carry on his good name and legacy and thanks for the compliment about me taken off from where my late dad left and I am sure that my daughter is going to take up the legacy when I am gone as well! OMG! Did you just said you have been without a male companion since 2000? That is a very long time, do you mean you have not been touched or kiss since 2000? I have been alone and never been intimate with any woman since the past 10 years of my life. I just want to be discipline myself for my right woman I am not the kind of a man that involve in a night stand! I think we got that in common also and hopefully things are going to be perfect between us.

Nancy is still in the state, she's in Mississippi. I still want her to recuperate and get herself together from the terror attacked, moreover they are on break in her school, she finished writing her exams few days before the terror attack and she and her boyfriend were celebrating a successful examination before the terrorist attack them but she is going to go back to school by the end of June. Yes our face to face meeting is going to be by July. I am going to be in London by the middle of July and would spend a week and some days with her to also see old folks and enjoy the atmosphere in London before coming back to the state to meet you and see how things are going to work out between us when we are together, that's going to be towards the ending of July! I can't wait to revel my freedom and sleep like a baby after my retirement when I will not have to bother about waking up on time and going to work, when I will not have to think about the number of Monday appointment with client and so on!!

Thanks for your understanding about the SKYPE things. Yes I can't wait to look into your beautiful face while SKYPE talk with you and I am glad you understand that their are laws and procedure so vital and classified information don't get to leak out! I enjoy reading your email so much too and can't wait to SKYPE with you when I get to London and also meet you in person when we are together so I would not be worried about writing you a long email. Yes I agree with you that it take time for one to adapt to live outside work and I am surely going to get acquaint with life without work

Interesting you want to know about the plan I have for my forth coming birthday, like I told you before that day is going to be a special day in my life cos I also want to mark it with my 33 years plus working with the UN and traveling to more than 31 countries and being alive, it a things of joy that lots of old friends and colleague need to come and celebrate that beautiful day with me. I will be expecting more than 300 guest from all part of the countries and also the Antonio Guterres the UN secretary general is going to be a special guest on that special day. I have a good working relationship with the former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, he is also going to be present on that day and others great dignities from all works of life. I am going to employ the service of one of the best event planner to plan for that special day for me. I am going to give you more info about that as we progress! Yes I am going to get more involve in a faith group, like I told you before that I was born and grew up from a Roman Catholic family and I am a strong Catholic who love going to church every Sunday. I am going to get involved in more church activities after my retirement

Yes Elaine. You talked much about yourself made me like you so much and also made me to talk more about myself too and I can see that it your professional to talk about yourself more. I like it when you are nervous so that you can talk more about yourself, you are going to have a lovely sense of humor and I want you to know that you have not gone off the highway at all. I am not sure that couples in an arranged marriage would ever find love, it a contract marriage and they get more irritated to themselves as the time close by. I understand what you are talking about when you talked about your expectation from our friendship I have a high and deep voice and I hope you are going to like it and how about you? I am not scared anymore cos I know that we are going to be a very good couple to each others. I have not had a mustache before, do you love men with mustache? I love shaving my beard often and I hope you are cool with that? You do not need to apologize for taking much of my work time to write you and I want you to know that it worth spending time to write you

I love cat and want you to know that I will be looking forward to finally have the chance to own pet after my retirement! I am sorry that Ramon brother hurt his thumb with hammer and I hope he is getting better now? I sincere sympathy to him and want you to extend my greetings to everyone that's assisting you in beautifying your beautiful garden. I feel so privileged and impressed to hear that you are thinking about me I do think about you lots, hoping and praying we would turn out to be the best couple to each others so our effort for writing each others a long email will not be wasted one and that we grown in wisdom and grace!! I don't only read your email at night I read them during the day and read them over and over again when I am not busy. I hope you did had a great day and want you to know that I am thinking about you lots!

I look forward to hear from you soon

Letter 8

Hi Elaine,

I appreciate that I have a beautiful and a special woman like you concerned about me, you never offended me and nothing happened to me but we were rather on a rescue operation at least 50 people have been killed in two strong explosions that ripped through the Syrian capital, Damascus, in the deadliest attack on the capital. I cried upon seeing children being killed while some sustain a serious injuries and finally found themselves being disabled with half bodies, lots of patient was brought to our base where I performed a series of surgery operations. I asked myself why can't rapture just happen and end the human race cos these wicked world is filled with evil people and a leaders who derived joy killing it own people! pervert pedophilia!! You don't need to be embarrassed to say you got so sad, scared and worried about me I would feel same for you too if it happen work carry you to a war zone. Thanks you so much for your concerns, it shows that we are progressing and I hope the nature got the place things in place waiting for both of us to explore together I hope the chemistry between us is going to multiply beyond our expectation?

My replacement are going to arrived next month I have already been brief about that and can't wait to receive them, they are in training with the UN and will finally be deployed here next month. Did I already explained to you why my name was changed to English name? I thought I already explained to you and should in case I didn't give you explanation about that, my dad is from a royal house in Bulgaria until his death he had a serious dispute land properties fight with his brother who conspired to killed him and also hurt every of my dad kids but when my dad brought us to London he had to changed my name for safety purpose! My birthday is going to take place in New York and sure the party is taking place in my NYC home and having you on my party is going to be a special day in my life I am going to make a formal introduction and show you to my 300 guess and I hope you are not going to be too shy that day to dance with me in front of my guess!! We just got an emergency and I need to pause here for now I am going to resume and finish my reply to you later, how about us start texting each others via phone text message like we started earlier after my reply? I think we will get closer to each other much via text message than via long email, what do you think about that?


Letter 9

Hi Elaine,

You are welcome. I can see the frustration on your writing about your network provider service, what kind of network provider do you use cos you sound like you are not pleased by their service at all! Interesting you have interest in political matter I knew it that President Donald J Trump was going to fire James Comey, he certainly have skeleton in his cupboard and surely do not want James Comey to investigate him that was why he set up a certain meeting with James Comey seeking is loyalty while James Comey promised him honesty but he was not satisfied with that and was not comfortable with James Comey position as the FBI director that was why he was fired, everything that happened regarding James Comey being fired was all a political move.

Wow! good to hear that you had excitement and fun yesterday for your HOA Board meeting I am also glad that the fire incident was put under control in less than hour. Yes I understand what you are talking about regarding you resigning, having something to rely on after retirement is a best way of ending career in a positive direction. I don't have a Maserati nor Lamborghini I only owe a Ferari, Telsa, Benz and more I love Lamborghini too and I am planning on buying one after my retirement! Porsche Boxster is a very beautiful car. The Porsche Boxster and Cayman are both mid-engined two-seater sport compact cars built by Porsche. The Boxster, a 2-door, 2-seater roadster, it going to look beautiful on you and if things surely work out perfectly between us when we are together I could surprise you with a Porsche Boxer as a special gift for your birthday!

Yes I am surely having a special planned for my retirement and I am also planning on throwing a lavish party for my retirement, invite old folks and colleague cos 30 years plus in the medical field is a dream accomplished for me! I am talking to stay in the US till I am back, she just finished her exams and they are on a short mid term break I want her to relax in the state for sometime so that she can get over the terror attack that almost took the life of her boyfriend cos I could imagine what she's currently going through!! But if she insist she want to go back to London then I have no choice than to let her go back then I will join her there after my retirement before I finally get back to the state with you. I am very anxious to see her cos she mean the whole world to me and she's why I am working so hard for to give the best in this life, thanks for including my daughter name and others victim that are also affected by the terror attacked, it going to go a long way to help the affected victim that are critically laying on the hospital bed just because of the stupid of some terrorist who said they are doing it for their Allah.

Oh my God. I never knew yesterday was your birthday and you never bothered to informed me ahead about your birthday I am not happy about that! I would have sent you a special birthday gift to celebrate your birthday for you, happy belated birthday for you I hope it was fun and a memorable one for you? It like you are not celebrating your birthday in a big way and decide to have it on a low key! Yes I am a Bulgaria and we celebrate life lots I celebrate my birthday in a big way and want you to watch out for my forth coming birthday, my day is 18th of September! I am glad that you are a big fan of a garden and I want you to know that we got that in common I love beautiful garden so much. I will be waiting for the photo of your beautiful gardens!! I enjoyed reading your email so much and I love writing you as well. I love everything I have read and known about you so far, it give me a true definition of the kind of a woman you are and I want you to know that you are everything that I seek for in a woman, thou I am not jumping into conclusion yet but I just have to share my heart with you!

You are very right that prayers can't hurt and I appreciate your prayer for Nancy and the others victim that was affected by the terror attack, prayer surely do work and it the easy way we can communicate with our God one on one and I am glad that it works for you after your surgery and made you had a quick recovery. I am happy that we could work over our difference when we had our first fight and settled it diplomatic like an adult! Did you get the wall of your garden rebuilt? Thanks for the beautiful pictures of your garden, it a very beautiful one and want you to know that I am already in love with your garden. You spent a very long hours in the garden weeding and mulching and I wish I was there with you to help you out! It almost weekend and I hope you did had a great day yesterday? My day was a very good one, thou it was a busy and a long hours at work for me, we had some emergency today and I was in the surgery room for a long hours but glad me and my team and able to carry out a successful surgery on the injured Syrian Soldier. The war here is turning to something else and I don't even know what this present generation is turning to, no peace in the world anymore. People are no long their brother keepers! Strange things happening everyday while children are also being brain washed to put on suicide bet and other explosive object to walk into a crowed and detonated the bomb for the sake of their selfish Allah.

I want you to take care of yourself

Letter 10

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for the beautiful song by Holly Near. It a very inspiring song with lots of meaning and he is so right about what he said. One should only be afraid of what you do in the name of God, not being afraid of Yahweh or Allah, Temple and so on! I understand that the Jewish and the Jehovah Witness people don't celebrate birthday so I am not surprised if you never give me a clue about your birthday before the actual day, yes I don't that the Jewish don't like to get a gift on their birthday that you people see your birthday as a normal day in your life, no problem about that and I am offense about that cos it your way of life, being born and grew up in a Roman Catholic home I was thought how a birthday should be a special day in my life and celebrate it in a big way, that's why I always celebrate my birthday and my daughter birthday, it a culture in my family! I would understand and should never feel bad if you decide not to receive a gift from me in general cos I would never do anything to make you uncomfortable and I would never try to change you from whom you are and thanks for reminding me about your type of a person again so I do not start thinking I am going to surprise you with your choice of car I think you are going to be much comfortable when you buy the car for yourself but not as a gift. I am glad I am learning fast about your kind of person so I do not get to embarrassed you or myself by buying you a special gifts

Good for you that you will be going on a trip to SF area for your reunion on August 26th I am sure it going to be a fun and a special day for you and your folks you have seen for sometime. Yes you are right that by that time both of us are going to know if their is going to be You and I or not! I really have not start planning for my birthday yet cos I got lots in my head right now and lot of work to take care off I will start planning for my birthday after I might go and spent sometimes with my daughter in London then when I finally settle back in the state, then I will start planning for the big day I surely know it going to be a great day cos it going to be avenue for me to see old folks from all part of the world and spent time and the special day with them so if their is still you and I by then it will surely be special day, it depend on what the nature want between us, let us keep pushing on till we meet in person and decide if we are compact-able for each others or not. It be a long time for me as well to be intimate with a woman after my break up with the lady I was dating then that was into drugs. You are right that as an adult we one does not need to jump or rush into a new relationship, we have to let it come and happen naturally! I do surely understand everything you are talking about. My break up with my ex that was into drug was 6 years plus now since then I have never be into any relationship I have been alone for 6 years plus and how about you? when was your last dry spell with your ex? I surely do agreed that we still need to go to a movie, museum and dinner together to truly discover if we are meant for each others!

I want my last partner to be my best friend and everything that is why I have wait for this long after my split with my ex girlfriend that was into drugs and I am also glad that you have been keeping yourself safe for your right man I just wish for the best and hope I can be the lucky man! Yes my return to the state is going to be excitement one for me cos I would not bother on waking up very early in the morning rushing down to work or giving patient appointment or would not have to bothered about having to carry out surgery on a client, it going to be a different world for me so that is more reason why I am planning to mark my birthday in a big way! I understand what you say about you might not be what I expect and if I might not be what you expect too but we could become friends when we meet each others and I am not up to your expectation. I would be glad if you would be magnanimous enough to look me in the eye and tell me that I am not up to your expectation then we could be good friend! I think you are going to like me lots when we meet each others in person cos I am a fun man and I think I could be your Dr right! I must commend Ramon, his son and cousin most especially you for the beautiful job you did in your garden I am number one fan of your garden. I will also be waiting to see the photo a young woman and her aunt who are in love with your gardening took took of covered in a dirt I surely know that you were on duty to take care of the garden and want you to know that I can't wait to see the picture!!

I would love to SKYPE with you but I am in a military camp and we are restricted from social media and other form of communication, we only get to talk to our families member on Sunday and given a limited time, you are going to see lots of veterans on the queue waiting to talk to their families. I could manage to call you on Sunday and we have to set up a time that will be OK for you cos of the time different between us, what do you think about that?

Take care of yourself


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