Letter(s) from Collins Koen


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Letter 1

What I'm about to say to you is important for both of us. Knowing and realizing that there is still a lot to unfold, I'm willing to go forward if you are. Something shifted in me today, not sure what or why, but it did. I'm Surrendering my HEART to you. I'm going to trust, that what is happening between us, is of GOD. I'm going to try to put all my fears aside and go with what my heart has been telling me. I take your Heart in my Hands with all the gentleness, kindness and love that I can possibly hold in my Soul I ask you to do the same.
Please text me as soon as you can.

Letter 2

Okay i'm going to answer all your questions. My fb profile is empty because my old account was hacked and you're free to do a background check on me, i have no problem with that. Collins Koen is my real name.
I'm going to call you on video when i'm back from work
What do you say about it?

Letter 3

My wife died 3 years ago and she got involve in car accident. She died on her birthday.
I'm a civil engineer by profession, i have told you all this before
I remember that i told you about me on Fb
Was the accident in Michigan? Civil engineer by profession could mean that is what you normally do but not doing now. Please bear with me. I know this feels like the inquisition.

Letter 4

Honey, the good news is this, the contract i bid for in East Africa, Kenya for some couple of months has just been approved, they want me really badly . I have decided to take the job in Kenya because the period at which the job will be done is very short compare to the job in Asia and besides, my proceeds from this contract will be enough for me to start a good business and settle down with you my love and i also told you about the duration for this contract and it's going to be five week and after the contract ends i'm coming straight to you my love.. I'm very happy that you're with me, if not you i don't think i would have gotten this contract by now, your love keep opening my way. I love you for Life.

Letter 5

Hello love, i have something important to tell you, i just came back from Ministry of Works Dpt today, i didn't planned to go there today but i did, i actually went there to request for some construction laborers that i'm going to use to work on the construction site from start to finish, it's really going to help me over here and also makes everything fast and easy for me. Everything i need to do to make this project be the best is already planned, i just have to execute my plans and that is what i am doing now. I was charged $550 per 1 laborer and 15 of them will cost $8,250 and he conclusion is that i pay advance of the money charged which is $4,125 and the laborer will be available on Tuesday. My cheque is still on hold and the money on it is budgeted for something very important. I thought i could be able to sort out other expenses with my credit card and i cannot be able to take money out of my account until i come back to the United State and sort it out with my bank. Honey please lend me this money and i promise to pay back as quick as i can. This is the problem i just encounter and needs to be sorted out, I hope this message finds you well. Love you always.


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