Letter(s) from David Orton


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Letter 1

well i lost my lovely wife in a plane crush but i have a son that is 10 years old yea a son plane crash yea
yea he doesn't lives with me
he is now in school because am a busy man
he is in boarding now because he loves playing football soccer he is in an academy
yea i supply heavy machine to gold mining companies
and again into Real_Estate Developmnt that my work
so tell me were are you from? ok that great do you kids?? ok anyway that sounds so how long have you been up here
give me yahoo or Skype ok
spark.douglas.....this is my skype name
and for the yahoo id ....realman.truelove@yahoo.com
are you there????

Letter 2

I am a loving, friendly, hardworking, loyal, honest, kind, caring, charming, adventurous, humble, social, creative, respectful, God fearing, decent, funny and fun guy to be with. i always listen and share my views and point with my partner. i love to dance, play musical instruments, try new things and enjoy life for as much as i can. i love helping the less privilege. i love children and i cater for people a lot..i am considerate, i enjoy communication, laughter, and I do not smoke, use drugs, drink alcohol occasionally, or use profanity. I am about compromise when necessary, and like to talk through disagreements. I am healthy, fit, and very very energetic. I enjoy swimming, weight training, roller skating, and various aerobic exercises to stay fit.


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