Letter(s) from Lucas Peter


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Letter 1

Greetings Madam,

We write you this now, because we cannot continue with our journey to deliver the box to you. We are writing to make it clear to you that we are in Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey at the moment, but will not be able to continue the journey to deliver box to you in connection with the problem I'm facing now with the Turkish Airport customs.
The box arrived in Turkey this morning and on the departure to your country this very morning, Our diplomat had problems with customs officials in the country, because of your luggage, Turkish Customs officials asked us about the custom documents ,which is not with me, It happens that this is a newly promulgated law in Turkey and therefore, they want to seize your luggage and they said that I had to open the box, but your Husband (Dr. Lukas Peter) the depositor of the box warned us that we should not allow anybody or any authority under any circumstances, never to open the box, if not your Husband based on security considerations.
We have tried all possibilities to let them see reason with us but they insisted that the fee of ?15,500 euros must be given to them for the CUSTOM CLEARANCE DUTY TASK CERTIFICATE that covers your Luggage or they perform a 100 % inspection on the luggage. The box is no longer under our custody. So you are advised to contact us back on how to pay the fee to them so that shipment to you will commence at once.
Yours Faithfully,
Door2Door Management.

Letter 2

Dear Gabi,

Greetings from Door2Door Courier & Vault Services. We want to notify you that your parcel is now in the custody of the Directorate-General of Customs and Indirect Taxes in SCHENGEN AREA (FRANCE) task-force border protection, while our agent arrival in France this morning on their transit cargo to Switzerland, The Task-force detected our agent for undeclared documents that covers freight arrives in any SCHENGEN AREA, You were charged to pay the sum ?161,000 (One hundred sixty-one thousands Euro) for (SCSM) requirements clearance levy for your parcel to be able to reach any SCHENGEN countries, because none of the departure countries of your consignment related to the Directorate-General of Customs and Indirect Taxes in SCHENGEN AREA. So that this parcel can be able to deliver peacefully in Switzerland without no deal or query with those paper they required for, meanwhile those papers cover the parcel in any SCHENGEN AREA.
We hereby inform you that you have less than 4 days to pay this fee or your parcel will be confiscated by the Directorate-General of Customs and Indirect Taxes in SCHENGEN AREA (FRANCE) task-force because the parcel is no longer in our hands.
NOTE: Kindly check your attachment for your letters from task-force.

Thank you for choosing Door2Door.!!!

Yours Faithfully,
Door2Door Management.

Letter 3

Dear Madam,

We noticed that you have not been able to comply with the management of this noble company DOOR2DOOR COURIER AND VAULT SERVICE, after our last conversation you had with us, including our agent whose currently in France, where your parcel is presently and the sender of this parcel, write to us and plead on how to rectify these circumstances, He stated, the content of this parcel and such object likely put you in a mess if the authority manages to break or burst the box, and they will eventually come for your arrest for you to give them a full account on about this content, we advised you to contact us as soon as you can, but if you manage to Ignore, the Authority might do otherwise.
We respect and value the interest of our client that way for security reasons we don't allow external officials break into our client parcel we are highly sorry for the inconvenience, please we need you to work hand in hand with us so this parcel can be delivered to your doorstep as this delivery process have taken so long we assured you that the company is willing to assist financially to make sure your parcels leave FRANCE in good condition SAVE AND SEALED...


Yours Faithfully,

Letter 4

good evening my love, what is going on? how come i can't write you, You remove me? what is wrong with you baby, You want to lose your money you have already paid, i don't understand you anymore, what is wrong my love??


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