Letter(s) from Scott Berlinger


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Letter 1

Hi. I've been on my own for 6 years, and I think it's time to find a special person.
Friends are great, and I welcome friendships and think it's key to that special one. I am 61 I'm 6'1 tall,I enjoy family life and look forward to sharing a special bond with someone again. I don't take anything for granted and cherish time spent and a life created together, with all my heart. I am sincere, loyal, and do my part without question. I would be willing to explore possibilities if the right person cross my part and the chemistry is visible.. An attractive woman would be great,but I am less concerned about facial looks or if you wear make up,but to me She needs to be able to fit in all kinds of social activities,love dressing up even to the smallest occasions,I am not the type of man that loves heavy make up,just a simple eye liner and amazing powder.
I live alone,I love skiing,camping,I lot's okay if you are a jean girl I don't want to change you in any any way,I have never smoked but I drink socially,I am a retired colonel in the Army,I have 2 sons and 5 grandchildren,I love the unique and best things of life,and yes music,I love music its one of the most beautiful things especially country music...
well I will be glad if you can send me a message,trust me I do not bite,all messages will be replied to and I will tell you nicely if you are or not the woman for me..

Fun fuels the soul.


Letter 2

Hello there, I must admit you have an amazing smile, went through your profile and I see we do have a lot on common, I’ll love to be your partner in crime and see where this goes, you never know...I could be your happily ever after..I love country music

Letter 3

I’m retired, mom is from here, came here to look after her, she’s 91...how long have you been on here and what puts a smile on your face ?

Letter 4

Seeing people around me happy makes me happy, what’s your best mode of communication? I have a lot to tell you about me

Letter 5

Hello Good morning beauty, thank you for sharing your e-mail with me,

I want to believe that Rumi quote, and that something will help us recognize each other,I'm serious about wanting to start my next great relationship with a good woman, a woman who honors and respects men, a woman who wants to be appreciated, valued, and trusted. You are probably not an average woman. Something about you is unique, whether it be about your work life or your personal journey.

I don't want either of us to settle for anything less than powerful chemistry and compatibility.
In a relationship I value honesty, humor, play, mutual support and respect, self-awareness, maintaining individuality, and the desire for time together.I'm into personal growth and development for myself and in my work as a colonel in the Army. I love working with people and supporting their personal and professional growth. I find owning my own business both terrifying and exhilarating at times. And then in between it's just work.

I love movies, comedy, theatre, and live sports. I love to travel and see how people live in other places(been to 33 countries) I appreciate most genres of music. I can't even imagine life without it. I take good care of myself, keeping my life force flowing with walking, skiing and other types of exercise. I'm a dog lover ; one 5 year old male and a 6 month old female. They're really growing on me and each other.I treasure my relationships with my sons and my grand children. I am blessed with good friends in many areas of the world.

I've been single for a long time. I think it was good for me for a while and now I think it would be healthier for me to have someone to bump up against, in every sense. I am good at expressing my feelings and hope you are too. I hope to find a good match, where we both feel a lot of ease but authentic and strong enough to work through conflict that might arise. I'm very warm and affectionate once I get comfortable.

hope to hear from you soon


Letter 6

do tell me about you and we take it from there

Letter 7

well I told you a few in my first e-mail, I can't list all the countries I've been posted to as they are a lot, I joined the military because I loved the uniform, family is in the states, mom lives 3 about 2 hours from me

Letter 8

TWO mutual feelings . . . Dear

You have a particular grace and calm that I adore. You have a level of sophistication that so fitting with your beauty. I could digress and say that you have the ability to give magnificent gentle kisses, I am a huge traveler as I told you in my first message I have traveled far and near.

I have been exposed to different cultures and believes,I own my construction company which I inherited from my father, will tell you more about it as time goes by,Each and every single day we walk around and you pray To find the one that will love us,It could be the one you push and shove Whether it be the person down the street Or someone you have yet to meet Remember love comes in many different things Not just money, cars, or diamond rings
Don't just look for beauty and fame Look for one in which you could feel no pain Love is a mysterious wonder So you have to pick, hunt, choose, and plunder If you ever find the one for you Hold them and everyday say I love you For love can always come and go But if true it will stay through highs and lows If you haven't found your true love Keep looking for signs from above They will come one day Until then we can only pray, I don’t really want much from you but Be my best friend and let me be yours. Hold me, fix me shine some light upon the darkness that has fallen on my heart and bring me back to life.Save me, protect me Pick me up if I should fall, Be there for me, and know that always I am here for you.
Love me in spite of my many faults and remember to look at my heart- a heart that truly loves you;is not completely whole without you.
I need your heart to feel the same. Show me your fears, your secrets and pain-
I want to feel what you feel. I want to hold you in my arms as much as I want to be held.
I'm asking you to let me love you as deeply as I need to be loved- These are things I need from you.
I was in married for 28 years lived a life I loved and then my ex insisted we get a divorce because the spark was gone.we decided to remain friends for the kids,she's married,built a new home so I decided to move on,I don't want to bore you with this e-mail but I will love for us to have a normal communication and a reasonable conversation to see if there is Chemistry, I am a man that loves giving my woman flowers almost everyday,at least one rose , I love kissing in public and taking romantic walks,I love holding hands and cuddles,cooking for my woman and putting a smile on her face...I have a South African boerboel and a German Shepherd named Larry and Rex, I play the guitar in Churcvh and I also do Karaoke at the Local bar, just in case you were wondering I don't go to bars to meet women, I just want a long lasting relationship filled with love,trust and understanding and as I always say if it doesn't make you happy it's not worth it

I hope I didn't bore you I am a better person when talking face to face,please do attach your number, will love to tell you more


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