Letter(s) from Richard Yearwood


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Letter 1

Hey Doris

It took a while to think of what to say because you took my breath away,I truly admire your beautiful picture, i cant get my eyes off it, thanks so much for your delightful note,i appreciate the mature mind. Just thought i could share more about myself with you ,My late father was into brokering large inventories such as auto parts,furniture, clothing, heavy equipment, tires,properties While my mum was a registered Nurse there in New York,..i lost my parent in an Auto Crash 11 yrs ago,I love and miss them so much cos they thought me the way of God,..they were Christians We are two from my parents,i have an elder sister that relocated to Cleveland,Ohio with her family shes a Lecturer in one of the colleges there in Cleveland .we are not really close as we never grew up together but we all talk over the phone to check on one another,.. I'm practically born and raised in Paris France where my parents live while they were both young before they relocated back to New Jersey,i had my college degree there in Paris, I would appreciate if you could share some more pics with me.

I'm Originally an Italian man ( father half Italian and half Jamaican while my mum from Hudson NY)I am a non smoker . I don't use drugs, prescription or otherwise. and I don't snore when I sleep..I may roll around a little and talk some but I don't snore(smile). I have manners. I know when to say "please" and "thank you". I am kind to animals. I would rather feed them than harm them. I am not jealous or controlling and no anger issues...

I am looking for a long term relationship with someone I love and trust and want to spend the rest of my life with. What about you? I'm drama free and I hate mind games, so you don't have to worry about that. I also live alone. I'm straight too. v. I also love the outdoors, but I rarely go fishing. I do love to go camping and swimming. We could rent jet skis and have fun and go swimming on the beach. ..Open-mouth smile

Letter 2

Hey Doris,

Thanks for your delightful note,, In the book of Numbers is a prayer that God told Aaron to pray through Moses. It is considered a very powerful prayer. I prayed this for you today."May The Lord bless you and keep you. May The Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. May The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.for I believe GOD compass has lead me to one of his most precious treasure..I do not promise things i'm not sure i can deliver on, I promise to treat you right and i will always appreciate and respect you..I just want to take it a step at a time so we can learn more about each, I would appreciate if you could give me a place in your heart so we can concentrate on each other I like to focus on a woman at a time. I'm a one woman man...

Letter 3

Good Morning Doris,

I had a good night rest and i trust you did too, To God be the glory for giving us the wonderful gift of love to share. Before I met you, the loneliness was like a big, dark hole where my heart is. Your present has filled that void in a way I could never have imagined. Thank you.I am thinking of you and sending loving thoughts and prayers your way.

Doris, Whats your birthday date,mine is July 3rd, whats your favorite co lour,mine is Blue also whats your favorite meal,as for me i love homemade breakfast biscuits and gravy, eggs, pancakes with strawberry syrup, and a side of grits i have a strong feelings that the Lord has truly brought us together cos have never tried this before and i got so attracted by your profile..Also i will need you to pray over this at your end

Regards your questions , I have being a widower for 5 years since i lost my late wife, I have never dated with anyone since then. I've being waiting on to the Lord for the right woman.. Yes i have a son his 20 years old his studying an engineering course in New Jersey..Regards my job I'm into Installation and maintenance of telecommunication Mass,

I like the outdoor,camping, fishing,movies, parks,candlelight dinner like to cuddle, take a nice romantic walk by the beach side holding hands and laughing with my partner, I'm a very romantic man, I like to spoil my partner with all kind of wonderful things..Feel free to ask whatever you want to know more about me

Letter 4

Honey, Mere words cannot express what I feel in my heart for you. You have totally swept me off my feet.I love you so much and soon I will be able to spoil you with backrubs, pancakes and all kinds of wonderful things

Letter 5

Honey, I want to look into your eyes and I see the whole world and the person I want to be with forever. Thanks for your love and support. I trust you with all that I AM. Honey

Here is the Info you need to transfer the delivery cost via MoneyGram.

Name; Timothy I. Amani
Address; 811 Linden Ave
City. Elizabeth. New Jersey
zipe code. 07202
Amount. $1,123.00
Amount in words; One thousand one hundred and twenty three dollars.

Letter 6

Honey, I do not promise things I'm not sure i can deliver on, I make this promise to you Honey,..I will never ever hurt you in anyway I will always respect you and treat you right cos you are the wonderful woman that has truly brought joy and happiness to my heart again,..You filled me with lots of Love again.. Honey Kindly please don't doubt my love for you . Action speaks louder than words...Kindly give me a chance to prove my love for you...i know i can always count on you. Please dont tell your sisters and friends about this so they won't think less of me when i arrive at you soon.

Letter 7

Honey, Please let no worry about the funds anymore,..I will try and handle it I already told my agent regards flying directly to you soon as i get done with my presentation in California. Please dont hurt my feelings for you,..My love for you is so deep. I will discuss regards the fund with you anymore Honey...all i need is you honey...

Letter 8

Honey. I really don't want anything to come between us cause i have a strong feelings for you and its long i got this kind of feelings. Kindly give me a chance to make it a reality with you my love ..I want to look straight in your eyes honey

Letter 9

Honey, Don't worry regards the funds. I love and treasure you with all that I AM You are my everything Honey

Letter 10

Honey, I just got a call from my Pastor in California regards our relationship together. He said he tried talking to you on phone but Unfortunately you hang up on him....Please i do not need any money from you anymore ..All i need is your love and affection you already shown to me ..Honey, We must always love and allow our Heavenly father to remain first in our lives. With great faith and hope anything that may be thrown our way we can handle and conqueror, as long as our relationship is grounded in the LORD and His word.. For no weapon formed against us shall prosper for he that is in us is greater then he that is in the world


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