Letter(s) from Jack Weinstein


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Letter 1

Dear Linda,

I have visited so many nation at peace movement when I was a colonel commander during Operation Joint Guardian in Kosovo. In May 2003, I was the senior controller, and Chief, Information Operations Division and the spokesman for the U.S. Air Force Central Command in Qatar and South Africa, both Libya, would have the world during the operation Enduring Freedom. During the US-led war against Iraq in the first months of 2005, I discussed the daily press conferences for the command, and was widely referred to as the face of the U.S. military.

I attached to you someone of my pictures that I have here..

I will stop here as I ain't got a lot to say.



Letter 2

Dear Linda,

From the very first moment we meet I knew that we were destined to be together as good friend. It has been so long since a woman has captured my attention so fully or made my heart beat the way it did that cool day.the thoughts of you fills me with joy,I have no doubt you are the woman Heaven has made especially for me.

Thank you for sharing your friendship. No matter how slowly or at what distance our friendship develops, Each day that passes makes our friendship grow stronger. Our desires will continue to stretch across any distance, over every mountain and ocean between us. Nothing can stand between us, and nothing will stop me from meeting you.

You are my best friend and nothing can ever keep us from our destiny. I miss you more every day. I am here with open arms where you will some day finally arrive, I care so much and i want you to know you have my heart and friendship, please keep it safe for me OK.

Dearest, I attach to you here all the document that contains the trunk Box, so you have to download it all and kindly go through each of them very well so that you can understand it, and please make sure you keep it very safe .I have informed the United Nation delivery company that you will contact them as quickly as possible for them to deliver the trunk box to you over there, so what you have to do now is to contact the delivery company and forward to them all the document you have here as you are contacting them and let them know that you are the one to receive your friend trunk box.

Here is there information below for you to use contact them :



With Care


Letter 3

Dear Linda

I just wanted to do something simple to say I still like you and to put that smile I like so much back on your face. Ever since you have entered my life, I've been flying on Cloud 9 and I have not come down yet.

I tell you this everyday, but you are the most beautiful person I know, inside and out and I see that more clearly with each passing day. I like everything about you, You do make me so happy, the happiest I've ever been. You give me the most amazing feelings inside, the feeling of a good friendship can brings.

I still don't know what I did to be so lucky to have you as a friend, I am so thankful though. In this short time that we've been together as a friend, I like you Linda, with all my heart and always and forever!

But I am really sorry to say this and I want to tell you that you think very low by saying that you know that am not who I said , anyway you think so low and there's no way I can be wasting on my time talking with you if am not Gen.Jack Weinstein...and you don't have to feel any compassionate for me because God almighty know that am here for real not to deceive you or hurt you but is your decision and your wrong so it makes me I feel bad and my boys is saying that I feel so aggressive. you think so low Linda.

And I know is just because I told you that if they ask you to pay any money on the box before there delivery that you should pay it to them that is why you now turn your back against me and quickly consider that am not Gen. Jack, If they told me before it happens I can never believe that someone like you who I TRUSTED so much with everything i am can do this to me.

With Care,


Letter 4

Dear Linda,

Every day with you is magical, every moment spent with you is so precious and am liking you more and more every day. I know you know that I like you, and I believe in our friendship, and the power it possesses to bring us together and makes us happy ever after. Your smile and laughter brings me joy and strength every day, to keep up with all the good and bad situations I become a part of. Your support for everything I do means the world to me.

My life will be completely empty without you, because you are the reason and the meaning for everything. My heart is melting whenever you say “you like me, and it is almost like you are with me, looking deeply in my eyes and hugging me.I miss you with every breath I take, my only wish is to hold your hand and make you happy. Our friendship is stronger than any obstacle that comes in our path, and it will overcome any temptation and any negativity because our friendship is true one…

I am writing in these simple words, wishing you good night, and wishing that you dream our dream and wishing that our dream becomes true. Good night to the sweetest angel of all angels, I like you, and I will always .

Forever yours.

Gen Jack.

Letter 5

Attention: Madam,

I wish to let you know that we received your email and the content is well understood, be inform that you can scan your driving license or your old international passport since you don't have an updated one and send it with all the listed information here.

Do reconfirm the listed below:

(1.)…FULL NAME ………………………………
(2.)…FULL ADDRESS ……………………………
(3)…OCCUPATION. ……………………………

Scan a copy of your driving license or the old international passport and send through e-mail, so that we can proceed to delivery your parcel to you.

Expecting your urgent response.

Best Regards

Dr.Raymond N.Williams
United Nations Envoy,
Ring Road East (near Police HQ),
P.O.Box 98,UK
TEL: +447452016102
TEL: +441865920234

Letter 6

Beginning of our friendship,Neglect is something i have never done before honey,the secretary to General United Nations, just told me that they want every consignment box out from where i kept my box that they have brought in a new government and they are also renovating all over the place, so right now i really depend on you to see through this transfer of my military trunk box to you over there in Canada..
Secrets are things you should be able to share with an intimate due to trust and confident i have in you. Helping me out by receiving this my military trunk box and showing your care is what i know you are capable of...

During my earlier tour in Iraq,I was the commander of the all Infantry Division Team based in Tikrit.My high point was the capturing of one of the high terrorist member by forces under My command,two years after I and my troops founds Gold in 10 containers known to be Gold, we found in his castle.
So Me and other generals declare it to there government and the government decided to give us 4 of the boxes which we shared the Gold among ourselves, my share was 150 kilos of Gold but it was difficult for me to fly out with this gold as of that moment while am still on mission...

And i am not looking for outside support , Since you are my best friend it 150 kilos of gold, i would share it 80/20 percent when you receive the box and you would help me to invest too because i would love to build and orphanage home for the less privilege and also open a gold shop too...

I will forward the paper works about the gold and also the deposit slip to you in your email...
When i forward it to you honey i will let you know how you can contact the UN delivery company and tell them that i ordered you to contact them so that they will dispatch the trunk box to you over there in Canada, but that should be when i forward the paper to you honey ..

And why i am worried is that you know the worth and they want me to get the box out from there,and they said is very urgent because they are renovating all over there places as new government has taking over after losing there president....


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