Letter(s) from Ramesh Namasivayam


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Letter 1

Hello Diane

Your anticipation is highly acknowledged!. Im glad to present you this and looking forward to a happy ending ever after with you on this claim. Well, the development for Ricky's Estate claim is quite a fascinating one, His father, long time ago was my very good friend since college years and he had an offshore bank account, properties, and company license stowed away in specific security company and had been utilized to grow by investing on one of the world's leading US Stock markets. Its volume had appreciated, increased in volume since the last five (5)years, more-so its lawful at this stage to disclose the total worthbut definitely will open up as we proceed.

As the case maybe, I'd contemplated over times on the issue summoning you over here for court appearance, but it will slow and roll back hands of time, because at this point it's long overdue and there shouldn't be delay due to circumstances tied around it, and we are so behind time for this claim, Its been counting down since the ''due date (12|02|2016)'', we have to make haste to complete this in due time to avoid Estate confiscation/seizure

Here are things i think you should know Diane, Rickys father died of an INTESTATE WILL (No Will written) that's why you can fit in, but the most Important thing is i needs your full support by making you as the APPOINTED BENEFICIARY as stipulated so everything can fall in place . . I need know if you are ready to do this before igniting the process and along the line you and I will reach agreement about the share over $14.5m, If yes Let's get the Ball rolling there's not much time on our side.

Below are the details required of you for proceeding. I'll then forward your data to the court as it solemnized under the Special ( Estate Act, 1954) to get the Affidavit form and Accreditation from the Supreme High court.

Please read, understand and fill where necessary and send back to me, So I can get the Affidavit form from the High Court of Law for procedure.

Full Name:
Complete mailing Address: ( No P.O BOX Pls)
Any Form Of these Identity (State ID, Passport or Drivers license ):
Mob. Tel #:
Home ph #

Anticipating your swift response.


Letter 2

Hello Diane,

Im trusting you over thrusting this estate claim and administration into your care and hoping you won't disappoint on this, I just need you be honest while I strive for success over transfer of estate in your name, else it will be confiscated and seized by the law, which in turn a waste to my late client

Pls see enclose attachments for proof over professionalism, My Testimonial, Certification, DL and VIN to my Vehicle... is that all okay.. took Me time to get these across and pls make this Confidential..

Just about getting behind the wheel again, I'll text more when I can, hoping to read back from you soon.


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