Letter(s) from Samuel Martey


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Letter 1

Good evening sweetie,

Thank you for the note and also thank you God taking your time to write to me, I really happy and I will be glad to talk more and get to know each other to see where or what the future hold for us. Take care and hope to hear from you again and get to know each other.


Letter 2

Good morning Jeanne,

How are you doing and how was your night? I hope you had restful night. I am glad to hear from you. Wow you have an interesting job and I am glad to hear that business is picking up for you.

Being 60 is a great birthday party you can have, I am happy for you, I will use to this platform to wish you a happy birthday even is over. Lol.

I will be happy if we take this conversation serious snd get to know each other to see where this will lead us to. Because in life no one can tell or knows how he or she will meet or found his or her special someone, may be this is our way so let us devote time and take this serious, and through our hard working and determination we will successful and get to where we all want in life. Here is few about me.

I am widowed for 3 years now, I have a son who is 12 years old and he is in a boarding school, so I live alone in my own house. I am a Diamond and Gold Broker for 30 year now, I own this business alone and I work alone, business is good for me and do pick up well too. I am 63 years old and I will be 63 years originally on December 27th this year, so my birthday is ahead of me and I will be happy to celebrate with you. I am 6'0 tall. Are you okay with the age gap between us and also about my height? I have 5 cars, I love cars and fast one as well. I have a 2015 Range Rover, 2015 Mercedes Benz S class, Porsche Panamera, Audi and Lamborghini. I will give you one of my car when we meet okay. Lol.

Please here is some few questions.

How long have you been on POF?

Have you had any lucky, talked or met any one on the computer before?

Hope to hear from you and here is a clear pictures of me snd please send me some pictures of you too.


Letter 3

I am glad to hear from you again. Wow you're charming, you're very beautiful and your friend as well. You two are very beautiful, I hope men will be going crazy about you. Lol. Thank you for the picture, I love them.

I am glad to know you don't have problem with the age and also the height, and I don't have problem with it too. I think that match correctly.

Thank you for your concern about my lost, my son is also okay with it, although he was first hurt and felt bad as well me too, but we are okay now because things like this happen and death is part of us, I know she is happy where ever she is because she enjoyed every moment with me and I also make sure I did bring out the best in her with every a little chance or time I have with her, so I know every woman will be lucky to have me in her life, because I will give her every thing she want and make sure I always bring out the best in her because lift is too short.

I am new on POF and I have talked with few people on here and nothing serious so I nearly give up on and was about to cancelled my profile and so lucky I did met you, so I am giving out all of me to this conversation and also devote my time to this and to see where things will lead us to. Because we all have different path of ways to go in founding or meeting our soul-mate. Please feel free and ask me any questions and anything you want to know about me and I will tell you, with that you can get to know me very well and to know if I match you correctly or deserve each other. Below are some few questions for you.

What are you looking for on the computer and on POF ?

Have you ever been hurt before on the computer and on POF by any one?

Where do you live?

Do you live alone?

What is your religion?

Take care and have a nice day and enjoy your Easter Weekends.

Happy Easter,


Letter 4

Hmmm, you have a sad story about your lift and all this men you met never loved you and you were meant to be together, I am so sorry for all that has happened to you in the past, sometimes life does not give you what you want and so you must always be prepare and ready to what ever life gives you, but always remember that you will someday get what you want in life if only you so r give up in and never think about your past. I have had a quite smooth life and also in a relationship, but I have also seen a lot of people going bad things on a relationship so I make sure I learn from them so that I don't that to someone or don't go through either. I am sorry about your kids, but hey in all this God knows what is good for you and what he will let you go through before he will bless you with what you want in life, he is a merciful God, he build your faith and make you strong in life by letting you experience some bad things which will hurt you and make you curse him, but at the end you will be smiling like you have been hurt before and you will forget about your past, I am not a religious person but I believe in God because I was raised a Catholic too, and I know he is the reason for every thing that happen in our lives. I am so sorry about your parents, that split nearly cause you your life, but in all remember it's God who has been good to you and been taking care of you all this while and get you to where ever you're now, he just want you to know that no matter what you go through, the kind of life you're living he still loves you and care for you, you're still part of his plan. So please do not turn your back at God at all okay.

I am so sorry about all that you have face in life, all the men that you have experienced, sometimes we don't wait upon life so we go by making our own choice and our own choice of ways is what hurt, remember it's may ways of choice will be full of sin if God does not help making them. I feel so bad for you and I wish there is something I can do to make you forget about all this. But I know there is reason for our meeting on here and for getting to know each other,something good is about to happen if only we believe in ourselves and in what we have and also grab it and make good use of it, I know we will be smiling someday, You and I don't know why we even met on POF and taking it far to this place and going ahead to tell each other about us. Please is bitter some times and also sweet forever, I will be glad if you will let us listen to each other and have faith in each other and in this conversation I know all things will be alright because every successful things or good thing start with believe and faith, without faith and believing, you can't do anything and also let us take the risk no matter what because good things are very hard to come by. Take care and hope we continue to talk and get to know each other. How were you hurt on the computer and on POF? Take care and enjoy your day.


Letter 5

Thank you, I also join POF to someone to love and get married because being lonely is not good for every normal human being, I think every need love and true one to make your life more happier and long enough to live it, I am glad you're looking for someone to love and marry, I am looking for a friend, a lover and a wife to spend the rest of our life together. Love brings us happiness, love comfort our soul and also unchain our heart from lonely and make us value life more and even wanted to live forever. It's always romantic to have a long day at work or any where and being welcome with an open arms from someone who loves you and love him too, and make your night quite a romantic one, going out and having fun. It's true money can't buy happiness. Because no matter how long you hang around with your friends you will surely split and all of them will go their loves one and you will left alone and get home being imprisoned by loneliness, share your bed a lone, taste your wine alone. I am tired of tasting my wine alone, sharing my bed alone, so I hope I found that special one and I promise to do anything to keep her forever and kiss away all her pains. Hope to hear from you.


Letter 6

Glad to hear from you again, not you didn't sweetie. I had some ups and down too because a time came when I was busy traveling all around and never have time for my wife and my son so they were upset with me, so I have cancelled every thing and be with them, because family first no matter and unluckily never spent much time with her after I decided to live with or have time for her, that was when she passed away and since then I have not loved again or be in a relationship. No I have not had any bad experience because all the women I talked with are looking for one night stand and a lot don't want to talk and get to know each other first for a while to see if we click before meeting, they all go like let us meet, but I think it's not right, because have to talk on the computer and get to know each other and understand our feelings and knows what we feel for each other is mutual before we meet. Because I have known some two couples who just got married about two weeks now, and he said they met on POF and they talked and get to know each other on the computer and also on phone sometimes and make sure what they feel was right before we meet, he also said those who always rush meet are people who you will not end up well, all matters is to be honest and truthful to each other on the computer and be open as well, be faithful and listen to each other and with that you two can meet if you found that special someone, so I am taking his advice.

Jeanne I think this will only go in a way we all want will depend on us. And also let us take our time and get to know each other first on here then later we can decide to meet when all is well and continue from where we end before meeting. Let me know if you feel comfortable to still talk to me.

Where are you originally from?

What are the colors of your eyes?

Do you smoke and do you drink?

Hope to hear from you.


Letter 7

I am glad to hear from you, and I am glad to know you're not in hurry or rush, this is a good for us and this will give us enough time to talk and get to know each other better, to know exactly what we feel for each other or what we feel for each other is right before meet and it will be more of fun and romantic event after we meet because with that we are no strangers to each other. Lol. I am old school too and it's true slow and steady wins the race, those hurry in luff got crush, because good things always comes those who wait and hold on to their faith.

I am British, Australian and Finland that is my mom side and my dad side is Irish, Swiss and German, so I am mixed as well. But I now live here in PA, West Chester, I moved here to the state to be with my wife and unfortunately she has left me alone now. Sometimes your grammar and your intelligence do disappear without knowing the reason, I hope someday you can write your great grammar for me lol. I am okay with the day you write. What matter is for us to get to know each other.

I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, I don't smoke,but I drink socially. I don't do drugs and also I don't have any tattoo as well. I am very down to earth person and easy going as well in life.

I like camping, cooking, Cruise, golf playing , swimming, riding a seadoo, horse back riding. Travel, listen to music and sometimes I play my musicals Instrument, I like Vin Diesel and also Diesel Washington. I John Grisham, and I love his movies like The Client, Theodore Boone and Gray Mountains.

I like my job as well, because I get to meet new people and at first I use to travel a lot to experience new cultures, I will be looking forward for us to travel someday or go on Cruise.

I am preparing Basket of Easter gift to orphans.

Take care and please ask me questions too. Talk to you later.


Letter 8

Good evening, how are you doing and how was your day and your shopping, I am sorry for the late reply, I have been busy taking care of some errands around my house . Did you got what you want from the shopping you went? I wish we are together so that I will hold the basket and follow you with it while you select the items in to it. And then drive you to listen to some beautiful song. I will someday love to ride with you on a horse and also teach you how to play golf, swim together, do a lot of things together, consider that and imagine how beautiful it will be for us to do things together after being a lone. Lol. Take care and hope to hear from you.


Letter 9

Hi Jeanne,

Good evening, how are you doing and how was your day, I hope all was well. I am glad you picked your son and made all this for him, I know he is happy because being loved and around your mom is something nice. You're a great woman and I tip my heart for you.

I feel bad about your sentence by saying being skeptical that all this seems too good to be true, I feel bad now because looks like you doubt me, I like being nice and being sweetie to any one, but I have notice something when ever I try to be sweet and nice to someone they all seem to be doubting and that is what I have been facing with all this women on POF. So how exactly do you want to be, should I be rough, horrible or make you feel uncomfortable. Hmmm my being nice and sweet has always turn up to be bad or doubtful to other and this is a sign that shows things can or could fall apart while talking or getting to know each other and someone could hurt, please if you doubt me now and feel uneasy with me being sweet to you please let us end the conversation, because I am now here to play and don't want a serious conversation where by one will be hurt at the end of it. Because this is who I am and this is how I was created, I think is something God gave me and this how I will always be, nice and sweet because you never knows tomorrow or whom the person is, and also I think being nice and sweet to you will make the conversation so easy and also have a happy conversation and get to know each other very well. So please if you doubt me let me know, because the words Too good to he true are not good words, it's a beginning of collapsing something or end something any time.

I like oldies, POP, R&B, Cool, Country songs, Gospel, Rock and Fashion. I play my own drums and it been a long time since I went to live band music so I don't know if there any new bands. I like Kenny Rogers, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion,Luther Vandross, Lionel Richie,Stevie Wonder. I don't like Bibier too and I like Selena Gomes some how than Bibier. I like 95.7,88.3 and 98.6,93.3, I listen to every nice radio stations. Here is my type of band I like,

Toto Band, they liveCopenhagen
INXS, they live Sydney, Australia.
Eagles of death metals, live In California. And Europe lives in Sweden.

I hope we take this conversation far and I hope you don't doubt me just because I am being nice and sweet to you. I will still love to talk, but let me know if you don't feel comfortable and don't want to this any more I will understand. Good night and talk to you in the morning.


Letter 10

Good morning, how are you doing and how was your night? How come you can't sleep? What is wrong sweetie. Please do not apologise for my being nice and sweet to you, I just don't want you to doubt me because this is who I am and how I am. I wonder why we pray for a true and real person in our lives and when we finally get them or meet then we doubt that and then go fall for the wrong person and get hurt again in life, I have no intention to hurt you, lie to you and come in to your life and make you regret, I am looking for someone to commit my life to her, I know good things are very hard to come by and also I know that true love are not easy to found, you sometimes fall in love with the wrong people and being hurt several times before you will found that true love, so I am being honest, open, loyal and faithful to you and also being nice and sweet to you so that you will enjoy your conversation with me, I know this once you have had this doubt about me it will then been in your mind no matter what, it won't be easy for you forget about that doubt you have about me. I will still keep my figure cross and hope to see where things will lead us to. Hope to hear from you and have a great day. Happy Easter Sunday.


Letter 11

Good to hear from you, I am glad to hear from you and thank you for the compliment also I am sorry you couldn't sleep well with your son, I guess that place looks new to him that is why he is scared, but I hope she is okay now. I wish I am there with you I would have cook for you and after that take you out and have fun with your son. Take care and have a good morning and lovely Easter Sunday. So what will you be doing after visiting your family? I will be glad if we could schedule time to meet on the computer to chat and I hope that will help us and ask instant questions and also receive instant answer which will lake the conversation more easier and simple for us. Take care and talk to you soon.



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