Letter(s) from Carr Pearson


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Letter 1

How nice..I am happy to get an email from you. Being in a conversation with a lady like you is something I look forward to because of how exciting it feels. How about we write about ourselves the best we can to each other in an email, after getting to know a bit about each other then we can exchange cell numbers to put a voice to it. I think this will be interesting, what do you think about this gradual resonable steps? Another thing I should let you know is that I am a one woman man and expect the same from my partner.

I'll send you something at the close of day that details my thoughts about how the universe conspires to give us our heart desires and another chance in life and know that there is a reason for everything. I believe me writing you has its exciting feeling but I am yet to find out. I hope you have an awesome one. Smile and looking forward to your next email.

Letter 2

Good Morning Lori,
How are you and hope you had a good night rest? Sorry I'm just getting to respond to your email, got back home late last night as i had an appointment to catch with a client. I must say I am excited to be in contact with you and glad i can make you chuckle and blush, i'm looking forward to all the goodness this communication has to offer and where it leads us.

I feel good about this communication and expect it to go in a subtle manner just like two adults. It feels like the first few hours in new city; you don't know what lies out there, what experiences, encounters, friendships and love await you, but you know it will be different and fun and that in itself is OK. You might have felt a bit of formal tone to my mails, that's because for the longest time, work has formed a huge part of my day-to-day activity. It wasn't always like this until my last heartbreak.

I will like to know you. Right now, you are like a dish on my tongue, that quite agrees with my plate but I want to have you deeper, in my throat, in my system. I hope you understand my food imagery...LOL . The meaning or idea is I like what I see and I want to probe deeper or know more about you because I know I will know things that will make us closer and pursue this. For a start, tell me about your previous relationship. You should know this about me, I was a married man in my early forties, it was a heady period in my career where I was grappling with a lot. She was someone I met in my previous line of work through a friend, she was always there and one thing led to another. It lasted for 3 years and we parted quite amicably. I found out later she died of cancer after she settled with someone now in Canada with an adopted kid, last we spoke before she lost her life to cancer. We had our disagreements but she thought i deserved someone better. I have not been married or had any serious relationship since then. Things became hectic when I found out she slept with my best friend, it really broke my heart and respected both of them as family . I lost my parents before my break up. I was the only child born to a German Dad and Mom and thats how my name originated, they lived in England.

I must admit, I have not been looking for anyone since then. I usually approach with caution when making decisions in moments of emotional break down or vulnerability because I don't want to experience another dissolution of a relationship. In this time I have been alone, I have learnt a lot and made decisions about the next time I venture into any relationship. I think relationships are not perfect in anyway but have to work around it to make it good, bearable or worth living, like there is no factory made person waiting for you who fits into your life like a glove. No. What you have are 2 people who are willing to venture or do life together amicably and keep making little changes at each turn you get to that is compromise. What matters most than all is that they take each other's happiness seriously and try to keep it that way each day that passes. That is why I'm here typing to you about myself.

I love talking about every topic, how I'm feeling at each moment and what my partner feels because most times, that's all that is needed especially now we feel we need someone in our lives.

My insight of what a perfect relationship are two people ready to work out differences, help each other, communicate properly with good understanding. They provide a breathing room for love to exist and grow. I am a serious lover.
I traveled a lot in the past and thanks to work and leisure. It is the only way I can fill the alone moments but I dont do that anymore. I dont travel much now because it feels lonely and no fun traveling alone, it is nice when it is done with a partner.

Sharing and caring are good attributes in a mate and any relationship, someone to sit and drink tea or coffee with on fine mornings while having easy conversations; Someone I can talk to about my day and whenever I'm on the road; Someone I take on trips with me

I will like to hear from you please. Do you think we have similar motivations or looking for what I am looking for? What work for you? When was your last date ? Are you ready to have someone in your life ? Are you open to travel. Hope to hear from you and have a lovely one filled with smiles.

Letter 3

Good Morning Lori,
How are you and hope you had a lovely night rest? It is always refreshing to get an email from you. Thank you for writing me about yourself. I am sorry about what happened in the past and strongly believe everything happens for a reason.
I am happy that we are writing each other now and willing to see where it takes us to and I promise to be honest with you no matter what. I am also glad that we are in a place where we don't want to play games.
I am just ready to fall in love again and be loved. I am at that place where it's not about the physical stuff.
I am a loyal person and I like animals and you're right, they can't respond no matter how hard you try to make them fill up that emptiness. I love pasta Bolognese and know how to make it very well. I make other things as well. wine is a drink I love and adore champagne and don't drink much because i have a light head for alcohol. I do not drink beer. Talking about colors, my favorite color is blue. I love dogs, cats and horses. The beach is one of my favorite spot. I am attracted to positive people and love people that love to laugh. My favorite holiday is Christmas and before we know it, it's Christmas already. I attend the Catholic Church but not all the time. I love long, slow, deep, wet kisses and chocolate . ;-) . I also love a cookout or any outdoor entertainment.
I moved to Colorado as its gots lots of potential clients to boost my business credibility and expand my network, most of all to settle down and start a love life afresh. I enjoy 80s music. I like genesis, Cyndi Lauper, Kate bush, Tina turner and I like Cold Play too. This is one of my favorites;


Tell me about your friends. Do you have friends, what do you guys like to do for fun? What has been your most precious moment thus far? Tell me something special you will like to share with a lover.
I will like to hear your voice. Let me have your cell number please, in other to put a voice to this and anticipate our meeting. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Letter 4

Hello Beautiful Lori,
I am sorry I am writing you now, I have been so busy with work and meetings. The fact you know what you want in a relationship makes it convincing enough to pursue. I believe we have same thing in common or in a similar place thats why we met.
Asked for your mobile contact number for the second time and dont understand why you choose to ignore.
I have noticed, everyone's various definition of love or how love , marriage, a relationship differs. I can say everyone wants to be in love but it's differs from the perspective we see it. Hope you're having a great day.

What is love to you?

Smile :-)


Letter 5

Hi Lori
I thought I'd give you a clearer picture about my job and my gemstones business; My job mainly takes me to major cities in the states a few times annually. I have to go out of state for conferences in different,cities worldwide. The growth in business has been smoothly progressing since I got to this region and I love my job working as a Financial Consultant and a gemstones merchant. Basically I've been working myself up to 13 clients for my gemstones business which is the most I have done at one time, having the need to create a larger portfolio of clients which will enable me to branch out from using my current gemstone supplier which happens to be a third party. In order to meet directly with the major suppliers, I have to have met a minimum quantity to make an order. For this to happen, I have to increase my current client data base. So far, it has been so good. I should be able to meet the target of purchasing directly from the supplier soon. The advantage is that I am sure I am getting exactly what I pay for, there is a slight difference between the precious stones and semi precious, sometimes third party distributors tend to do a mixture and you never can tell. If I were to have direct contact with the supplier, I will be rest assured that what I'm paying for is what I ordered. Second reason is, I tend to maximise my profit no matter what I have to do to get the stones, for instance taking out a loan at the bank and paying back with interest will not shorten my profit margin, I still make a reasonable amount than if I were to stick to the third party. I work only based on pre orders from Gold Nuggets,Diamond stones,Beryl,Jasper and Yellow gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires for my clients, so I don't just have gemstones lying around.


Letter 6

Hi Lori
Writing this from the airport, I trust you had a lovely nights rest. I have been up and about and I am just watching to get on the plane . To be honest women like you are always hard to find in the world, now that I have found you, I will make sure I do everything in my power to meet up with you and to make sure we can connect with each other. For me it is going to be a dream come true when I meet you in person, and there is something else I need the most; I need a relationship that will last for just 100,000,000 years. I think it could last up to that year? because living day to day by experience is the way to go.
I have been cheated on, used, taken for granted and broken. Therefore, as I am Human, I will not want you to feel or experience that ever or being alone. There is this saying I Love so much,The Journey of 2000 miles begins with just one step so; I will like us to start by expressing ourselves more freely.
You're such a wonderful lady when I think how lucky I am to have met you.
I listened to a song and it just told me more about what I want and who I am you should listen to it too its by Adele - One and Only
Tell me all you know about yourself Lori, tell me things that make you happy,the things you can do for Love, what Kind of sacrifices you can make for your relationship to move forward, to grow in love, peace and happiness. I am a man of my words, and my word is my bond.

Although I can't promise you the world, I can't promise you the sky I can't promise we won't fight,Or that I'll never cry. But I promise you my heart and that I'll give my all. I'll be there when you need me and lift you when you fall. No matter what happens, I promise to always care for you, wherever you are I will always be there. Through good times and bad, happy and sad, I will always be true....I'm a kind of man that can go any where on earth to achieve my goal. You have a beautiful personality and good moral values.

I only make promises I can keep and I don't when I know I am not certain. But here I want to promise you this...I WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN,BREAK YOUR HEART,MAKE YOU SAD,CRY,REGRET,SUFFER....but sometimes partners and couples argue over things, I think that's normal, but to make you feel ABANDONED, I will never ever do that{DON'T SAY EVER WHEN IT'S NOT OVER}but I am going to say that{EVER}because I am sure of myself and I know that for sure,that I will always treat you right, because I AM REALLY INTO YOU and really care about you a lot!!!

I can't wait to be with you

Letter 7

My insight of what a perfect relationship are two people ready to work out differences, help each other, communicate properly with good understanding. They provide a breathing room for love to exist and grow. I am a serious lover.

I traveled a lot in the past and thanks to work and leisure. It is the only way I can fill the alone moments but I dont do that anymore. I dont travel much now because it feels lonely and no fun traveling alone, it is nice when it is done with a partner.

Sharing and caring are good attributes in a mate and any relationship, someone to sit and drink tea or coffee with on fine mornings while having easy conversations; Someone I can talk to about my day and whenever I'm on the road; Someone I take on trips with me

I will like to hear from you please. Do you think we have similar motivations or looking for what I am looking for? What work for you? When was your last date ? Are you ready to have someone in your life ? Are you open to travel. Hope to hear from you and have a lovely one filled with smiles.


Letter 8

Lori, it's so wonderful waking up to your text messages. I got back a bit late yesterday Tuesday from the market. I just went window shopping I will be heading out to make purchases today I'll probably send you pictures of them. But I guess we need to figure out the time difference, I'm still a bit out of it time wise to be honest. Just my thoughts as I write; despite the fact that we've known each other for not so long, I'm under the impression that we've know each other for ages, that's how much in common we have. Our friendship is still at the beginning, we don?t know what the future holds, but the truth is I like you a lot! This admiration, though not worth much in itself, is to me a big reason for hope of living a new and happy phase of my life. I?m expressing all my enthusiasm here, you have been gentle and wonderful so far. I feel like that emptiness I was feeling was replaced by your presence, and for that I?m thankful. I believe the personality and soul is what makes a person, it really is not dependent on the physical appearance alone its just the icing on the cake. I want to devote myself to you; I want to see you happy all the time.I feel our lives already walk side by side and I can only imagine good things happening in them.. I'm sorry to hear about your mom I know what that could feel like but I'm sure she's resting in a better place now. Another thing is
... I don't like skiing as well you can't imagine how big the grin on my face was when I read that!

My dream vacation destination? Italy - Amalfi coast or Adriatic coast and of course Hawaii

What kind of movies do you enjoy? Love stories, suspense, drama.. It's take me a while to get into slapstick style comedies.. I may see Snowden this weekend. I nearly saw "A light between oceans" last week because the cast looks amazing. But then the story is so sad I decided not to.

Most embarrassing moment? Well I'm sure I have lots of these but all I can think of... I had an ex-girlfriend (we dated for 5 years in the past) and her lover over for drinks in 2015. They had just moved back to Colorado and wanted to see my place in Denver. I was making drinks and turned to grab more ice out of the freezer and my pants caught the cabinet handle and my pants ripped exposing my underwear.....lol

Dream date? Dinner, wine, nice weather, relaxed standing close feeling someone's energy..... This would not be a first date or probably a second date as I get a little nervous. I live by myself close to Lincoln Park feel free to stalk me when I'm home. I am very passionate about people I care about, like I said I am a hopeless romantic.. What I look for in a partner is commitment, loyalty, trust and a good sense of humour which you have

Well I will end here for now, I hope I can catch you on the phone before I head out

Letter 9

I hope you had a lovely Monday? It's Tuesday morning here, what time is it now by the way? you were in my thoughts as I dosed off to sleep and to be very honest I have enjoyed each moment of getting to know you more as each day unfolds. I'll be heading to the market once I finish this and get breakfast.
My mom had a gemstone store, as she grew older I had to go on her shopping trips for her, I continued as a legacy and its lucrative. I usually meet with my clients after work and at weekends basically to take their orders. I work on gemstones only 3 times a year which is why I kept my other job.

I'm not possessive, controlling or needy. But I always try and make the person I'm with feel secure. I also appreciate ground rules: understanding and respect are key. I want a confident woman like you, that wants to find true friendship and love. I am one mans woman, I wont have it any other way. Kissing is a big turn on.. I don't need a perfect body or anything specific other than a connection and love for someone I trust.

I have been told I am good with my hands so I think I would be able to brush a ladies hair or paint her nails...LOL. I am a hopeless romantic and I enjoy the four seasons and wish winter could be shorter..LOL I love summer and the beach. I am friendly, outgoing, personable, witty, I love to bowl, golf, camp, attend flea markets, zoos, gardening, dancing, parks, and enjoy the outdoors and like doing just about anything as long as you have someone to enjoy things with, did I leave out cooking? I also love to cook and would like to learn how to bake. Enjoying a meaningful conversation in addition to plain old good fun which we have been having. I'm basically a very positive person who also loves humor; and would like someone with an adventurous spirit and a positive attitude who can see the funny side of life, a confident lady not afraid to express herself in a diplomatic way

The truth is we know what we want, but how do we know if that is what we need?:) No idea here, just wondering.....
Beginning to think the chances of finding the right person makes the odds of winning the lottery seem like a dead cert. I am not claiming to be your Mr Right (but I could be), all I know is I am someone's Mr Right. I don't know if you are her, but really like our correspondence so far you arouse my curiosity. For me I believe that personal qualities are more important than physical and material possessions I don't do superficial. Being selfless; I feel great happiness when I'm able help someone or make other people around me happy. When I smile its not only on my face, but from my heart.. I do believe chivalry is not dead.

I was wondering if you might answer some everyday questions?
What's your favorite childhood memory?
Dream vacation destination?
What kind of movies do you enjoy?
Most embarrassing moment?

I look forward to being with you

Letter 10

Hi sweetheart, I hope you had a pleasant day? I'll answers your questions first honey i covered some of your questions in my previous letters. I decided I will finish this when I returned from shopping today. Text me when you wake

Favorite music or song? No hard rock or metal.. Pandora Stations I listened to this week: Sara Bareilles, Sara Vaughn, Broadway, Josh Groban, NPR radio
Do you like card or board game? Monopoly, bingo!
Do you play chess? I do play chess but I'm a bit rusty
Coffee or tea? Both coffee mornings
Do you have any hobbies? Love to cook, I love to read
What helps you to relax? Sometimes cleaning, a glass of wine at times it depends, talking to you I noticed that since we started speaking
Boxers, tighty whites, boxer briefs or commando ( )? Boxer briefs or commando
What is your favorite meal to cook? Lasagna, stake, I like to grill too but want to learn how to bake.
Do you have a bucket list? Yes I do but no fun kicking it alone

Lori, know that there is nothing better than waking up with you in mind, even after having spent the night thinking and dreaming about you. When I think or dream about you the best thoughts just come to my mind. How can love, such an "abstract" thing, take up so much of my thoughts, being as rational as I am? What makes it such a strong feeling? And why this constant need to see you, to be with you? Am I going crazy? I think I am...
And if so, going crazy over someone as special as you are is a sign of good taste, to say the least, for there must only be a few number of people in the world with so many special characteristics as you have. You have charm, elegance and are always beautiful and radiant.


check that out honey
You make me look at the future with the certainty that happiness is possible and that we should not be nervous or fear any obstacles. Because we will always find a way out of any difficulties if we keep our hearts filled with this greater feeling called love, a love that means solidarity, companionship and faith in life. You convince me of that. That and a lot more, because there's nothing better in the world than to feel loved and wanted.... You came into my life like an angel, at a time when all I was praying for was to get rid of the ghost of an unsolved passion. But my prayers brought me something far better than I had asked for, for not only they cast away from my memory that shadow that made me alone, but they also put you in my path, bringing back all the joy that I'd begun to think was lost forever.

Since I got back so early this came to mind;

From whence doth come this glittering surge
This anticipation, this choice expectancy,
This clarion call,
This next exquisite moment when
Your sonorous voice will bathe me
Like a gentle ocean surge
And tug me forward,
Ever forward,
Its warm embrace so gentle,
Yet so strong?

It comes from you.
You, whose image glows like golden embers,
Your dulcet tones that soothe my mind
As if it were a high hung cradle
Gently swaying to some unnamed, silent song.
You, who guides me like a frightened child,
Lost amongst the jungle tendrils
Of some strange, forbidden world,
Safely to a place of rest,
A peaceful haven bathed in light so warm
That neither fear nor pain dares venture in.

They come from you.


What lies ahead?
What meandering path will lead us on
To pleasures
Unfolding, exotic flower like,
Revealing its inner beauty
Only when the times are right?
Will you be there
To light the way and hold my trembling hand
With tender, reassuring calmness?

Will you be there?
Yours Carr.


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