Letter(s) from Tony Lopez


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Letter 1

Thank you for your wonderful profile..well i like what you are looking for...I went through your profile to and you sound very interesting with charming picture.....it will be my pleasure to stay in touch with such a wonderful woman like you...looking forward to hear from you ...Tony

Letter 2

My work as a General Army Commander always keeps me busy,am currently deployed in Syria ..been here for 4 years now....

Letter 3

You know ,with my work i cant always been on here ...if you can give me your number then i can send you a text and we can chat there and get to know more about each other well

Letter 4

will be coming on retirement in 2 months time. I have been here for 4 years and that is one main reason why i joined the POF dating website even though its not safe out here to be using the internet and everything i still had a thought about dating since for a long time now i never went on a date and am about to go on retirement and want to have that special woman in my life, so that when i come back on retirement i can be with her till the end of the world.


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