Letter(s) from James Abrams


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Letter 1

Hello how are you, i'm writing to know if this is your email address. It's really a pleasure knowing you and I do hope that each and every step we make will be a blessing for us and our families. I am glad for you and will always try my best to be whatever you want me to be for you in this relationship. It's a pleasure to write you this message,and i hope this is a good start for a serious and positive communication. My heart is full of joy knowing you and i pray that almighty God who has brought us together through this way will guide and lead us to the right way....


Letter 2

Hi dear i'm so sorry for the late reply... It's already morning here. Good night to you my babe

Letter 3

Hello good morning my darling how are you today??.. Really missed you so much dear....I'm a General in the United States Army currently in Syria.... Yes i have a son he is 14 years old.. Have nice day babe..

Letter 4

Hi good morning how are you today?... My son is schooling in Brooklyn New York... Syria is the scene of one of the most serious and pressing humanitarian crises of the present. ....The humanitarian situation is critical, especially in northern Syria where fighting is ongoing between government forces, opposition forces and extremist groups.. Given the scale and protracted nature of the Syrian crisis, more and more we are concentrating on longer-term and more comprehensive programmes intended to help local communities better endure the ever-deepening crisis and build their resilience for the future.....

Letter 5

I have you in my prayers dear.. Yeah i know my son misses me a lot and same with me too.. I lost my wife four years ago, he lives alone but the school authority looks after him.... And thanks for caring about my son, really happy to know that you care about him..

Letter 6

Hi good morning... About Ace, he is here with me.. Sorry i don't have favorite book ok... Have a nice day my dear lovely queen..

Letter 7

Hi... I wanted to know if you love reading ok...

Letter 8

Hi good morning how are you today?


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