Letter(s) from Clement Massimilano Alfonso


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Letter 1

Good Day,
This is the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Nana Kwame, from the greater Accra Police Headquarters.
Our attention has been drawn that Mr. Clement Alfonso who is currently in our custody for illegal possession of Drugs is your Fiance, according to his statement on the day of his arrest.
Briefly today he told us you have requested our official document for his arrest to prove to you that indeed he is in our custody.
Madam, we don't much time to waste, either much time to talk about with this drug case. If really you want to know much about his arrest kindly fly over down to Accra-Ghana for more explanation, OR you can the full text of the Ghana police Handbook to find out my he was arrested. Before we can go on with further explanation with you, Mr. Clement would need a lawyer.
Attached is document to signed by me to show his arrest on the specified date.

Thank You.
Nana Kwame
ASP, Ghana Police Service.
Greater Accra Headquarters

Letter 2

Hello baby how are you doing? How is your mother and brother? Hope everything is Okay?
Baby i just wanna tell you that i have received the money, i sent you Email this morning but you didn't reply
Ive meet with the lawyer and the Judge and i have given them the money, they have arranged everything for my trip back UK. Im very happy baby and im glad that you make this through for me baby
Baby i went to the Airport to checked and reschedule the flight i booked the other time you remember?
Ive meet with the Airport people and they rechecked again my flight details and they said its been almost a check now since i booked the ticket and its expired unless if i will book another ticket but i cannot do that baby i still have my ticket and details with me to now
I tried to explained to the Agency there in the Airport they said there will be chance that they can reschedule my ticket but i will pay $ 700USD for that, instead of me booking another ticket with $2200USD i should pay for the re-booking again so i will get back my ticket available in a flight, same seat and my ticket number will be the same
This make me little bit stressed baby i don't know how to say, i know Ive stressed you a lot and we have been through this together , if i can get the 700USD now by Sunday Monday i will be in UK baby, please i don't know, i know really you don't have more option you told me before but tell me what can i do you are my only strength and option that i have!!! Please baby i don't know if you can help me with that 700usd so i can go rebook my ticket please baby please dont get angry with me, i have no problem with the lawyer anymore!!! Ive settled my issue with them!!! i told them before 90 days i will be back in Ghana to settle them and beside have money in their bank!!!
So please baby try what you can for me even if it will take you to borrow from someone please just try i know its hard but please baby i beg you please baby!! Ive promise all money you have sent to me will be paid back, and am still assuring that its pure and true please trust me, try borrow from someone even if the person wanna take interest of %40 Please do it so i can finally leave here and back to UK and settle every issue and io still have to meet you in Mexico baby.. Please

You are my strength and my wish to succeed. Your love and support are my most prized possession. My appreciation for you knows no bounds

Whenever I feel low and hopeless, I remind myself of your struggle and the efforts that you put to attain anything in your life. That is when I realize how praiseworthy you are and how much I love you.

I can think of a million reasons to shower praise on you but none would be enough for a fantastic wife like you. You are my inspiration and will to carry on in the face of the most difficult time. I appreciate you wholeheartedly.
Please baby try for me i will stop here now and tell me if you get these messages.. Okay?

Letter 3

Hello baby how are you? I just wake up and now i read all your messages you sent me..
But i wanna tell you that you got and have the all the wrong thought about me, despite all what you have done for me to make sure that i get out from here i truly deeply appreciate, but still i sad cps you having the wrong thoughts about me this make me feel hurt
You have done a lot for me that even words cannot show the appreciation to you and i know that the only thing from me now is action not words, and i am telling you, even without me telling you, you know this is the last step, how wish i knew i will have this problem with the flight ticket Ive booked before o wouldn't have given all the money to the lawyer and the Judge, even they query me that they wont collect the money cos they demanded for $3000USD and what am giving them is not even up to 2000, i tried all the best i can to talk to them still but they refuse until they finally accept
I don't belong here you know the situation with me here baby why are you saying that belong here, i have conscience human feelings, how and why will o used you as you said, instead are you the one that is using me, if im using you why will be communicating with you, even Ive been hurt so much, gone through a lot of situations and temptation cos of our love and care we have for each other, i know you are the only one who always show care in the relationship, truly i appreciate that, i don't doubt that, even the little you can do for me i still and i always appreciate it baby
I don't wanna say much cos really you understand all the situation, there's nothing im gonna say that you don't understand
All i wanna say is this!!!
Please baby try if you can help me with the money for re-booking of my ticket, if i will book another ticket you know it will be very expensive and we don't have that money that why i tried to the the Agency people if there will be any option and they tell me this
Baby can you please try this the last step for helping me to get the $700USD so i can get back in UK please baby without the ticket i cant do that you know baby, this is my only problem now, now Ive gain freedom please baby with all the trust and care you have for me
I am making my last promise to you!!! If i ever disappoint you in this please dont listen to me... i promise if i ever disappoint you
Please baby forgive me don't forsake me please baby
Try help me with this will ever be the last and i promise everything gonna be OK ... Trust me baby, i will get back to UK and i will get everything fix and i will pay you every cent you sent me please baby .. I know you are hurt but please baby try what you can please


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