Letter(s) from Martins Edzard Audo


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Letter 1

My Dear Jane,
Thanks for your email, I feel honored to receive a message from you.I saw your profile through my cousin account while she was introducing me to this site, I'm interested in getting to know more about you. Thanks once again for finding time to email me, I greatly appreciate that. Early this morning, I left for work, there is a home building job that I am currently supervising that requires urgent completion, so I have been making sure my team works round the clock to have the house completed, because the owner wants to move in on or before Sunday, the job is 95% complete though, so that's why I have been busy this period, I hope you bear with me.My cousin said we live close to each other,where do you live?

Am currently divorced, I was married to my first wife for 15 years and became a widower after losing my wife, I got married again but things didn't work out well for us. I caught my second wife with my best friend in bed, so I totally gave up in having someone in my life...I was born in Munich Germany. I am the only child of my parents, my mother was from England While My Dad is German (so I got some accent, lol).I am an engineer who is into building constructions, I build houses, hospitals, bridges roads, Oil sector..etc, I am self employed and I handle my job in contracts. My daughter is 11yrs, she lives with me, she likes, swimming, sailing with me, volleyball, soccer just like myself, kayaking and ice skating.

Eye Color-Brown
Hair Color-Black
Body type-Athletic
No I don't smoke
Age- 52
Occupation-I am an Civil Engineer (a private Contractor), I don't work for anybody, I sort for building contract jobs, then I assemble a team to get the job done.

I'm in search of someone honest, caring, understanding and, above all have a good sense of humor. I am typically shy when I first meet someone. I always try to look for the good in people and that often leads to my being taken advantage of, but I am the eternal optimist and will continue to help and support the people around me. I want Someone not to have a fling or temporary relationship with, but a forever lasting relationship.

I look forward to meeting someone and becoming friends first and then hopefully it will turn into a life long relationship. I want someone who will accept me for myself and understand that I am not perfect and am not searching for perfection as well. I want someone that I can laugh with, enjoy life's adventures and spend quality alone time with. I am as happy out with a large group or simply enjoying a quiet evening snuggling on the couch and watching a good movie.

Am a very easy going person who like to play and have fun around my partner, just need some one in my life to grow old with, that is why I really need a partner that will stay with me and live together happily. Here are some attached copies of my pictures so you can have idea on how I look, but I must tell you am not the picture type, I don't like taking pics. This will be all for now, thanks once again for writing me here and hope to reading from you soon.
Warm Hugs,

Letter 2

My Dearest Jane,
I hope you had a great night rest, mine was great and I kept dreaming of knowing you more. Thank you so much for your email,thank you for all the beautiful pictures you sent to me,you look so amazing. Thank you also for sharing much on your likes,dislikes and interest with me,it enable me to know you more..I currently lives in Brook Park,Oh with my daughter.Anyways, I just thought I’d share this with you and know what you think about relationship, partnership and commitment.

When people say they want love or romance, what they really want is a true partnership, whether they are aware of it or not. People have all sorts of skewed ideas about what love is. Many think it is an all consuming passion that’s supposed to last forever, or another person who understands you completely, or someone who takes care your every need without you having to ask, or maybe never feeling lonely again. But all of these things are more about attachment than love. Yes, ideally the person you’re with cares about your needs and understands you pretty well, and there should be passion, too. But strong, healthy romantic love for me is so much more than that. “True love” is, more than anything, about creating a true, equal, caring partnership with another person.

I believe that one must feel comfortable enough with a person to express his/her thoughts, feelings, and opinions freely. I also believe that one must be able to be yourself without censorship. Sometimes, we censor ourselves because of self-consciousness, and sometimes, we censor ourselves because of another person’s negative reaction. Neither bodes well for intimacy. Feeling safe doesn’t happen instantly, nor should it, but should build upon a number of positive experiences sharing small aspects of your inner world and allowing the other person to do the same. I believe that one should feel as though his or her partner listens to his/her thoughts and feelings and makes an effort to really understand them, and you, without judgment or agenda but because he’s interested in what you’re thinking and feeling. You should do the same for him/her.

Being more concerned with truthfulness than with not hurting each other’s feelings. I also believe that people who truly care about each other fall into the trap of not saying how they’re feeling because they don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings. This is poison for a true partnership because, no matter how well-meaning your intentions are, not talking about issues that bother you will create rifts. It can be incredibly difficult to tell someone you care about that you’re angry, disappointed, or hurt, but if you don’t, you will create areas of emotional dishonesty that inhibit closeness. And if you get into the habit of not talking about what’s bothering you, your once great love will fizzle into a distant ease with each other where neither person is getting what he or she really wants. This is incredibly common, perhaps being the most efficient way for people who love each other to grow apart. Some of those honest conversations are excruciating, but they’re excruciating for a reason: because it’s stuff that has to be talked about. Be kind, but be honest.

Respecting each other’s boundaries. Many people think true love means baring all to each other and not having any secrets. This is not intimacy, but being entangled. Everybody needs space and freedom to breathe; everybody is entitled to private thoughts they shouldn’t feel obligated to share. A true partnership is about two people who come together with common goals and mutual caring, but that doesn’t mean they own each other. Sharing every thought, as good as it sometimes feels early in a relationship, will end up feeling like being in prison. It is an impossible expectation to maintain, and trying to do so will create power struggles, resentments, and other forms of distance, which put intimacy, and thus a true partnership, out of reach.

I'm here to show you love and care, I have been heart broken before and I will promise not to break your heart, I know how it feels to be betrayed and to be heart broken. This will be all for now, please if there's anything you want to know do not hesitate to ask me.
Do have a wonderful Sunday and hope to read from you soon.
Warm Hugs

Letter 3

Good Morning My Darling Jane,
Thank you so much for your email,thank you for your kind words ,you make me feel as the happiest man in the whole world.Thank you also for all the beautiful song you sent to me and your beautiful picture.My sweet Jane,you are the best thing that can happened to a man,I am truly honor to be yours,God bless the day I found you my precious angel Jane.

The time here now is 10:12 AM , I woke up from a tiresome sleep as I went to bed very late last night because I had a meeting with my project supervisor and the site engineer, we discussed at length about recruiting the working crew and also negotiating their wages which we will finalize later tonight.I am preparing to go see the site right now and I promise to take pictures of it once I recover my camera.

Gosh I am so tired this morning..haven't felt like this in a long time..well let work take the blame...

Honey, sorry I did not tell you that Ree is very happy about us. Baby, I am really not finding the hand luggage issue funny honey because the stuff inside are too important and expensive, That bag contains most things that are very dear to my heart, my phone,laptop, her toys, her iPod, credit card, iPad and her play station games especially all the nice pictures I took in The State, the beautiful post-cards with Beach on them. It is really beginning to drive me mad now....I am going back to the airport later to see if they have found the hand luggage and I hope they do because Ree's nagging about her stuff is becoming boring, lol.

Baby, I know we're far apart you're In another side in the world, and I'm in South Africa-- but hey, like I said, distance means so little when you love someone so much. I was just talking to Ree about you and explaining how you are on my mind 24/7. I can't eat, sleep, walk, or even work without thinking about you. You are in my thoughts all the time. I'd tell you you're in my heart, but I don't feel like that would be right, because my heart is not mine anymore -- it belongs to you. You are sweet, loving, caring, beautiful, and you make me feel like one of the luckiest guys in the world. I need you to know I am with you through everything, the bad and the good. I've given you my heart and I hope that you won't break it. Keep it and give it some loving from time to time. Baby, I want you to bear in mind that I'd never let you down, that i'd never treat you bad, that I would share your joy and pain? I will promise all those things over and over again.

I miss you so much honey and I love you too.

Your Love.

Letter 4

My Darling Jane,
It is nice to see your mail .
It was nice to come back home to a mail from you after a hard days job.
I am so sorry to hear about the Hurricane and all the damages it has curse.

How are you doing my angel ?
I hope you are doing good.
I am doing great but thinking a whole lot about you.
The weather was so nice, very hot and bright until 7pm which made work so easy.
The work at the site has started.
Some of the equipment have been supplied this morning to the site.
I have a site engineer, a supervisor and 27 local workers reported this morning to commence the work.
The foundation has been laid and the workers began work this morning.
They are all local black workers. They are very strong though.
The workers asked to be paid on a daily basis.
They demanded to be paid after every days job. I accepted their offer..
I paid some money to have my working permit, Baby everything here is so expensive,
I am spending more than I expected but its for the success of the project.
I normally resume the site location by 9am and then I have 1hr:30mins break,
I take my first break by 1pm which is for lunch and the I take 10mins every hour until am done for the day..
I get my workers to go on break as well but only on shifts so that work can commence even when quarter of the team is on lunch.
It's a beautiful experience honey and am loving it here(wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life here though...lol)

My body aches when you're not here
My eyes close to hold back a tear
My hands are empty they need your embrace
To feel your warmth next to my face
I'm lost without you, can't you see
Just what your love is doing to me
My soul is lonely, it misses you so much
Longing for you and you're not there to touch
These feelings I have are so deep and strong
Together with you is where I belong
My heart is full of this love for you
Your heart responds with a love so true.

Sometimes in life, you find a special friend. Someone who changes your life just by being part of it.
Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop. Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world.
Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it.

Honey, I just had my shower before coming here to email you cuz my mind keeps running to you, I'm using the guest house computer, I can't go to the internet cafe at this time cuz it's late now, I can't go a whole day without sending you an email. I had dinner and it was so nice, I ate in a sea food restaurant, had shrimps, Calamari and lovely snails. Honey I haven't eaten snail for a very long time and it was so nice, I was just looking at the street and it reminds me of Florida, beautiful beach front, people jogging, cycling, skateboarding, surfing and chilling at the beach. The beautiful sunset..

I have not heard any positive news about my luggage, I went to the airport and they asked me to fill and sign some forms which I did.. It is getting me upset as I need everything in that luggage for a successful job here. This is the first time that I will be doing a huge job like this overseas and it is good that I do a nice job out here. I do not want any mistake here as I have invested so much already.
I called my credit card company and cancelled my credit card because of the credit card fraud all over the world.
I am still going to call the authorities tomorrow morning and probably got there..
I am always thinking of our first night together...It will be a night to remember...I will make love to you like no one has ever done to you. I promised keeping in touch with you and I am doing that so far, I want us to keep this flame of love burning like I said before and not allow distance to be a barrier to this love and relationship, thank you so much for keeping in touch with me so far cuz it means a whole lot to me.
Love you loads,

Letter 5

My Darling Jane,
It is an another day and my mind has been thinking of you all these while.
You are in my mind all the time.You have a special place in my heart.
You are my source of joy. You are God's greatest gift to me.
I am always smiling because I have you in my life.
I am a fulfilled man because you are in my life.....

You are more than a friend. You are my best friend. You are my heart desire...
The work at the job site is moving on smoothly. The workers are doing very well.
I am doing everything to come back to your loving arms.Your arms is where I want to be.
Your arms is where I want to sleep.You have taken over my existence....
My heart is yours and yours alone.
I am happy that you are in my life. I am so blessed that you are a part of my life.
My heart is closed
you opened it
suddenly my priority is you
I don't care what other says
just to be with you
It makes me happy
trying hard to be fine
pretending to be okay
but I'm not
because the more
I get to know you
the more i love you
You spoke to me about your life
it's the way you make me feel
something true but something crazy
because my heart stuck on you............
If loving you was wrong,
then i won't wanna be right.
My love for you is strong
and brighter than any light.
The way we must go is still long,
but we must win every fight
I wish you will open my heart and see that your name is written in letters of gold across my heart.
I wish you will open my heart and see that my heart beats for you and you alone..
You have changed my life. I am very grateful for your love.
I am very grateful for all that you have shown me.
You make my heart beat faster.You make me smile all the time.
The simple thought of you brings smiles to my face.
You are a life changer.
You are my guardian angel.You are Gods special gift to me.
You are all that I have ever wanted in a woman.....

I am not so happy here as I just came from the airport, they called me that they've found
my luggage. On getting there the luggage has been vandalized, it was just few of Ree's toys
That was left, they asked me to fill another forms, I didn't want to make noise about it cause
I'm a foreigner here.

Honey these are the things that I need:-
1; iPhone7 plus unlocked
2: Macbook Pro 15''

I have never had to ask anyone of any financial assistance all my life but my hands are tied here.
I have no alternative than to ask you to do this for me.
You will have to keep the receipt of purchase I am going to pay you back as soon as I come to you
Please do not take this the wrong way..

I am at the job site and the workers are sweating it out
I am happy with their dedication to the work.
It brings me more closer coming back home to you.
Ree sends her love and regards...
I love you with all my heart and soul.
I love you endlessly...
Love is in the air...breath it....inhale it deeply...
Hugs and kisses to you.

Letter 6

My Darling Jane,
It's always nice to get on here to read from you,
Before I go to bed and when I woke up all I want is to listen to your voice
Thank you so much for being you, thank you so much
for keeping in touch with me, indeed you're one in a
million, you're my best friend, my lover, my confidant
and my companion.

I'm so sorry I got your mind running .
I can't wait to come back home, I will make sweet love to you
I have missed the warmth of a woman, I want to feel your body, your warmth
I want to kiss you, I want to stare into your eyes, I want to make sweet love to you

Honey here's the details for you to send the devices
Name:Anelisa Dyantyi
Address: 113,Athens Wek Road,table view,
Cape Town,7441,South Africa
Send it through Fedex
You're sending it to the name above, she's Ree's nanny and she will be home all the time
I'm always at the site location and I don't want the item to be stolen at the door step once it
gets delivered. I love you so much honey, I can't wait to talk to you
Please call me as soon as you receive my email
Do have a lovely day
Love you,


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