Letter(s) from Richard Luciano


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Letter 1

Just 500$ Was sent over ma'am and was told the balance will be sent to us tomorrow morning.

Letter 2

Mrs Bernadette Luciano, I'm writing to you as an issue of urgency because your husband Richard is lying here within life and death. According to our finding he has been thinking a lot,depression and stress . It became worst today after he sent you an email and we don't know what you reply to him but his condition is really critical right now ma'am . He was to fly yesterday,his luagages and bags packed before he was rushed back from the airport to the clinic.
Just want you to know his condition that is why am sending you this email.

Dr Patrick.

Letter 3

Ma'am I told you he can't talk on the phone that was why he couldn't pick and his not in any condition to talk ......happy new year Mrs Luciano

Letter 4

Hi baby
How you doing my love, here is the document and please call me or text once you have this ok.

Love Richard


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