Letter(s) from John Kovalski


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Letter 1

My birth name is John S Kovalski. I am 64 years old and am originally from poland while my mother is from The United States she is actually from Heinsville, Illinois but lived and worked in poland all her life with my father. I was born in sopot,poland and spent part of my life there until high school. I went to high school and college in Illinois on a scholarship which my mum insisted, but my dad didn't really pay mind to it. My mum really cared about my well being and up bringing. After my college, I stayed in the United States.

I recently move over here for work and change of environment and start a new life. I am the Owner of Linkedserve International Company. My website is not up and running yet but i have been able to set up the basics and will lunch it as soon as i am back home. I manage a Supply Chain of Security Equipment and Installations and also IT gadget to top companies in the world. I deal on Supply and Installation based on Contract Agreement. I Studied Civil Engineering in the Chicago State University, Illinois in 1980 and i did my Master's Degree program in 1985. I am an Engineer by profession and i have worked with so many good companies and Today i am a happy man and also a successful Freelancer.

The weigh of the goods is more than what they seeing in the document

Now they are charging me so much to clear the goods and I don't have that much on me I already planned everything now this is happening and if I don't clear the goods I can't supply the company am working for and they can't pay me my money so right now am really confuse honestly I don't even have someone to talk to right now except you and once I finish this I can come back this weekend or next week to see you
I said. Oh do you not have a credit card. I don't use such

Because I lost a lot of money sometime I said Oh not even for business
Right now honey am confuse and scared

If I can get help I will return the money monday. Morning
With interest. 100 percent sure. I need just 9000 dollars to complete this I will pay back 15 grand if I get help. I swear on everything I have. Am so sad right now and I wanna end this and come back home and rest Have been working so hard for this for a long time I said. I thought it was rand in South Africa when we deal with companies the they pay us in South Africa rand.
Honey but I deal with dollars has an international business man

If you can help me I will pay back I promise I will go crazy right now. Honey you are all I have right now. I think 150k rands I suggested he go to the company who were looking the work done I knew what he was going to say he couldn't do this he suggested he would get the agent for customs to ring me I told him know I knew it would be another scammer I insisted he sent me documentation from customs before I would part with money he became annoyed about that so I suggested he didn't push me lol

And the bank details
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 020909
Account Number: 070363773
Account Name: IMB
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
Reference: ?640170021?
Address: 9th Floor, Standard Bank Centre,5 Simmonds Street, Johannesburg 2001, PO Box 7725, Johannesburg 2000


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