Letter(s) from Daire Aethelred Hadwin


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Letter 1

Good morning my sunshine, honey am having issues here in the rig, we haven't being able to work for days now, i mistakenly fell a spanner into the drilling machine so the machine box burnt, i talk to the company that normally supplies machine parts for my company if they can help me out and i will pay them back once i get pay they refused, i don't know what to do anymore, i just have one week to get done with this contract and come home to you, i spend all the money i have already, please honey i really need your help on this, the boxes cost 5000 euros, honey can you help me out, you're my last hope

Letter 2

thank you so much for the song i love it, i can;t stop thinking about you, i love you till the end and till death do us part


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