Letter(s) from Mark Edward Sullivan


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Letter 1

Yes baby! Remember I fell sick... Oh The contract is a huge one that i have been hoping and i don't just pray to loose it baby. I have told them i will be purchasing the machines as will get them ship down to know how serious i'm but right now i'm just in a tight situation..

Letter 2

Baby My biggest fear is losing what i have already invested with the contract baby . The machines initially cost 73,800 Dollars and have deposited some amount to purchase the machines before i leave for Carrollton Texas Cariad leaving with a balance of abount 23,000 dollars. I checked everything i can afford here presently baby and as i recently contacted my friend too in Edinburgh which is willing to help me with what we can afford, i can able to come up with about 13,000 dollars baby needing me in need of the remaining 10,000 dollars to complete the balance Baby my only problem now is getting the remaining 10,000 to balance up for the machines on time darling, it's really giving me headache baby. I don't just know if i can please have your shoulder to lean on this baby? It started making me sick and worried all day Cariad!......


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