Letter(s) from Patrice Durand


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Letter 1


I am Patrice from France. How are you?

I born and live in Paris so I hope our distance won't bother you. Have you ever been here?

I am 32 years old. I work as a finance manager so I have a good financal status. I will never ask anything from you.

My last relationship was 2 years ago.I think it is time for me to meet with someone. I am tired of being alone. I want to meet with a woman who will bring some meaning and color to my life.

I like doing many stuff. I like cooking and going to gym, working out, doing some exercises. I also like travelling and had the chance to visit many countries.

I want to meet with someone from a different culture and background so we can both learn from each other and make each others life more interesting.

I hope you will be interested.

Letter 2

Hello Marnie,

Nice to meet you.

Yes I am aware of your age but I think as long as two people gets along well and they have a connection, age is just a number. Most people in Europe don't really worry about age differences anyway. I liked your ad and I also love animals a lot especially cats and dogs :)

I would love to know you better and have a connection with you. I think we both want similiar things from life and we can get along well together!

Letter 3

You are so kind thank you and I am flattered that you gave me a chance :)

I don't have any brothers or sisters, my family is a bit small. So you know it is rather lonely for me. I live alone, just like you I am not a huge fan of bars or clubs and nightlife. I think we are both looking for similiar things in life.

I am sorry to hear about your parents. I hope I can be that person to share things with you and enjoy romance together and being happy.

How is life in Manila? Do you like living there?

I am curios about you, do you have a picture? Only if you like to share of course.

Looking forward to know you more.

Letter 4

Hello again,

I think you look very attactive and cute. Thank you for sharing that lovely picture with me. I think you should be more confident. No one has the perfect look. I am not a model myself. What matters is our inside beauty :)

And thank you for your nice words Marnie. I just try be a nice and good person you know. Being happy and seeing people happy. That is my focus in life. And you sound like a very well mannered and sweet lady also.

I am sorry to hear about the difficulties in your country. And of course I don't think you are crazy for staying with your family. I am glad you value your family and trying to have close ties with them. And each nation have a different culture. European people are a bit different, Asian people are different and Latinos are different too. I respect all the cultures. So no I don't feel anything bad about it. In fact I respect you for spending time with your family..

I think we are both looking for similiar things in life and I believe we can get along well together. I am really serious about this Marnie and I would like to come visit you in your country and meet you in person one day. And you can visit me in France too. I would love to show you around and you can meet with my parents if you like :)

Letter 5

Hello Marnie,

Thank you for your kind words, you are so nice and sweet to me.

And of course you can ask me anything and call me anything feel free with me..

Why is your family not supportive of you?

I can't say I am a too religious person I visit church on special times like Christmas. But I try to be a good person you know help people who are in need, make donations to my local church and all.

In 5-10 I want to leave the city life. Paris is too crowded, lots of people around. I want to have a nice quiet life. Having a nice villa by the beach. Having a loving wife. And enjoying life together.

I am personally only interested with the woman I am in love never wanted to have threesomes with other girls and things like those. But if my partner wants to have a threesome with 2 guys for example, I would think that she trust me enough to share it with me and I am being a part of her fantasies and there are no secrets between us.

I am not really a pushing or controlling person. For example if my wife wants to be topless on beach that is okay with me. I want people to be free and happy. I want to enjoy simple stuff and sharing things with my partner.

I don't think distances matter because as long as two people gets along everything can be solved, what matters is having a connection.

What about you, how do you answer those questions?

Letter 6

Hey Marnie,

Thank you for sharing those things with me and being honest. But I don't think I fully understand those issues. You look like an attractive lady with no issues. Can you explain me more please why it makes you feel bad in public?

I don't see anthing unusual from your pictures :)

I don't see any change in skin color and since the problem is in uterus then you don't have to worry about baby no one can see it. No need to be away from public. We can talk about surgery when we meet in person there are good hospitals in France.


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