Letter(s) from James Smith


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Letter 1

how are you? What are you looking for here? I am here looking for a real life partner, I would like to meet a woman here who is very willing and ready to have a very serious and long-term relationship with me that could possibly lead to marriage, my dear, if it is Yours also looking for, welcome to your message. Hope to hear from you okay

Letter 2

I would like us to be meeting on this website and have chats but because of my duty and work. time will not permit me to be on this site all the time. so i will be grateful if you will send me your e-mail address,so we can correspond on there. Please i hope you will understand. waiting to hear from you soon, I want to know more of you and some pictures of you and messages you about your life as well, i will tell you much of me once i have your email address . Thanks


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