Letter(s) from Frederick Ramos


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Letter 1

Awesome-morning Dear Gwynn,

i am so glad you gave me the chance and privilege to write you here , and i must confess i really appreciate it. I really enjoyed our first conversation and i got to understand how positive you are to life and willing to make the best in it, which i admire. I'm sorry for writing late, I enjoy writing but the situation of things have been so busy on me. I'm glad i have more time to myself and back to work activities.

I believe in life bad situations are compulsory its the ability to walk pass them and never to let them hunt us in the future, i have decided to let the past remain in the past, since the future holds the very best for us, so i decided to use this medium to share about myself and my hubbies with things i like doing.

I'm Frederick Ramos as you may have already guessed. I'm a 59 years of age. Proudly born on the 8 of July 1958. I'm a Draughtsman by profession, architectural has always been my passion from my teen age, I love my dream job and I can confidently say it has been successful so far. I lived in New Zealand while growing (Shuttled between there and the Tasmanian Islands actually but it is almost basically the same place) till I moved to California about 33 years ago with my late wife. She was American. I have been through some loss in my life and I thought I'd let you know from my start. I loss my wife 3 years ago to Uterus Cancer. It was at its stage 4. After the supposedly successful surgery. It came back 2 years after. I have two grown boys, they are very close to me, they helped me through those times. My parents have passed on, My mum died when I was in University ( unsuccessfully kidney transplant). My Dad remarried and he had a poor relationship. He was a successful Jeweler in New-Zealand and set me up in life.

Why do I let you into my pain and my world? Because it'd be unfair to allow us go further without you having the full pieces of the puzzle. Family is important to me. I know first hand the pain of regret knowing you could have loved someone better. I choose to love and fly high. I choose to wrap my love around me like a duvet and let it comfort me. I want to be young and in love again. I am not looking for a reflection of my late wife in a new person. No, My grief is resolved and I have moved on. I have not been in a relationship since the loss but now I know I am emotionally stable enough to offer the best of myself to anyone who comes my way. I do not believe in entering ventures I know deep down I am not stable or capable enough to handle.

I am actually rounding up the sale of my house in California, Huntington Beach. I love this house as it was built by me and my late wife. I can't run too big houses all by myself. My plans here is to start up my company and consider relaxing from field work. The body might look young but we need to consider our age to take out time to rest.

Growing up was a real treat and I am sure people here would trade anything to live in New Zealand. There were little mountains to hike, seas to swim, creeks to play in. I think we had the best (and worst too) of nature and it was just right on our doorstep. I was having a conversation just this past weekend in my country club here .In a group of seven people, only two had seen an Eagle and neither was more than twice! You know I actually thought I was being toyed with. I have seen hundreds of eagles hundreds of times. I have had an injured eagle land on our roof and we nursed it back to health. It was like we lived in a park! Gosh, beauty. But I have had to move on. It was needed. I needed a change of environment and New Zealand is so far that any holiday or work trip is a journey. Most of my work is centered in the pacific rim so a move seemed like the best bet and it's paid off for me. I'm nicely settled here.

I am a fairly private person in the sense that my life basically revolves around me and the people I care about. I don't keep meaningless friendships and I'd rather stay at home and watch a movie than go out for a drink with the 'boys'. That being said I'm not a recluse. No way! I am too lively for that. I have just seen enough of the world to understand that too many people around you is just a recipe for disaster, Really. I have a small circle of friends and I think it is fair to say I'd do anything for them as I am sure they will me. Good solid relationships are key for me. I'm a sport enthuthiast and I love swimming and golf so much. I still play every once in a while. I love football also but rugby more. I am a big Kansas Jawhawks fan and I used to fly over to Kansas with a friend of mine to watch the games until we fell out because of some bad loan ( story for later) .

Hubbies ;
I love to swim. It is so relaxing! Thanks to whoever invented water! Plus it is good cardio. Did you know swimming burns more calories than 'treadmilling'. Great for the heart and great for the mind! What more could be better? I could tell you what, Reading! I love to read. I have read quite some books in my life and I am a heavy critic. I still know how to enjoy a good read though regardless of quality. My mum always say i have the most vivid imagination she has ever come across. She actually says that to admonish me because she thought I concocted the most unimaginable stories when I was younger! Lol. Anyway my imagination helps me translate my person into the book and I live the character even if only for a short while. I'm currently reading the second in the 'Shades of Grey' series. Not a fantastically good book and I think E. L. James has taken all of our money. Regardless though, it is a nice read. I do wonder something if she (James) has been involved in any of the scenes she so aptly describes but then again, another read and I will be inclined to say no! Half of what is in that book borders on impossible. Oh well, It's just a book.

I have a slight thing for art and history. Greek and Roman history/mythology I am well versed in and I have been trying to school myself in learning Latin. Not for any reason really than just to know it. The human brain is capable of so much if only we can just task it a teeny weeny bit. As a result of my interest in greek and roman history (which is closely linked) I have learnt how to play the guitar. The guitar, the harp and the violin are powerful tools of ancient myth and I just had to learn how to play one! I chose the guitar as it is the easiest. Took me eight months to learn in university and I am pretty proficient now.

I love to help people. It is so refreshing. I have been reading on Immanuel Kant. He is a notable psychologist who speaks about morals and ethics. Anyway to cut a long story short, reading his works made me challenge myself as to why I actually help. And I came to the answer that it makes me feel good. The realization that I can impart in another's life is really refreshing. I am human though and sometimes there is the element of 'I helped you so you owe me'. But a larger percentage of the time I just want to bring a smile to someone's face. Kids, old people and the ill of health are my focus. Not that the middle aged do not deserve help. They do. But kids, old people and the sickly have a much harder time.

And finally I loooove to cook. Play me some Nat King Cole or Lionel Riche on the background. Give me my space and I promise you in one hour I can take your taste buds to cloud nine!

So there you have it. Frederick and the things that tickle his fancy.

Our first conversation really gave me a clear understanding about you and how committed you are ready to get, and i am really willing an open for a long term.. i know you want your happiness so do i. I hope you are having a good time in Costa Rica.?

In my quest to keep getting to know you better I came up with some questions below:

1. What is your best dish?

2. What is your best color?

3.Have you learned something about yourself from every past relationship/marriage?

4.Do you talk about your feelings with someone else?

5.Would the girl you were be happy about the woman that you have become?

6.What do you consider your greatest achievement?

7.If your were to come to life as an animal, which would it be?

(Weird question but I find people usually embody the characteristics of their favorite animals, think of the animal you love best and you'll find you're personified in some it's striking characteristics)

Feel free to always call or text me. I sent some recent pictures of myself and my lovely boys, Albert and Wilson.

Have a Cheerful Day Gwynn!

Kisses & Hug

Frederick; Loves.


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