Letter(s) from Alan Solomon


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Letter 1

I am great now that SO heard from you!

Letter 2

I may not have been an active member then but I am now and also a former PA resident of New Hope, Newtown and Holicong PA. Feel free to ask me anything that you like or else I can begin by enlightening you a bit more about me.

Letter 3

OK I will tell you a bit more about myself and inject some humor as well.

Letter 4

OK give me a few minutes to type but not to long as I type fairly quickly for a 2 fingered typist that is a dude lol.

Letter 5

Ready, How about I start - A Little More About Me

I am Alan, in pretty good shape, stand fairly tall at 3 ft 7 inches in heels and weigh a svelte 522 lbs, down 39 lbs for the year on my way to my target goal of 320 lbs. Biggest Loser watch out I am taking home the prize! I know what you're thinking, he looks so much taller and thinner in his profile. Amazing what you can do with photo shop these days isn't it? Ok, so I am really 6 ft and 187 lbs, disappointed? Jog pretty regularly and do the gym thing 2-3 x's a week so that hopefully I look equally as good in a 2 piece suit or bathing suit and that hotties like you would like to know more. Avid music lover, hobby. Everything from jazz, blues, rock to r & b, disco, techno, reggae, hip-hop, Latin, striptease (striptease? lol) etc. Can bust a move too. For a white boy that is. A white boy with a cutie petutie. Derriere to those not familiar with the term. Oh not my words but I did overhear 2 pretty ladies chatting. Sista's actually and who better then them to know!

Letter 6

I am into antiques and decorating and NO I am NOT GAY!! But I do have a pretty good eye. Just not sure if it is my left one or right one lol. Used them both on you and so far, I likey!! Sort of a neat freak but not obsessed. But can you please take off your shoes!! Geez, I just washed the floor! lolInto most sports especially football, baseball, basketball and most women's favorite sport, NAGGING!! Oops, I mean SHOPPING (smiling). Yes I know bags and shoes too! Matter of fact I have contributed quite generously to the Prada, Gucci, LV, Chanel and Fendi charities. Often unwillingly and unknowingly. Ya see my ex had good taste. The problem was i didn't realize how good until the charges came in (crying!!).

Letter 7

I am looking for someone that I am attracted to that has some similar interests for compatibility but not a clone so that we can learn more about one another while having fun and good times together. If we click, then an exclusive relationship and if we really click and both so desire one, a permanent one, but it should flow smoothly without any pressure for the best results. Also I am very sensual, affectionate and totally uninhibited with the right partner and don't mind spoiling her a bit either, as long as she is appreciative. Ready for more about me now?

Letter 8

I have been told that I am a pretty good dresser with a descent sense of style. Why, take me with you in the dressing room and I will tell you what looks hot. I hope that it is VS, lingerie or thongs. Before you label me a perv, I am somewhat qualified. My first job out of school I was an assistant buyer for lingerie. My friends say I just took the job to get into women's panties. Not true!! Well, perhaps a little true lol.I also love to travel locally or long distance. Always something new and exciting to see and discover. When I do I like both 5 star hotels and quaint bed and breakfasts or is it breakfast in bed, or perhaps both.I enjoy dining out in fine restaurants or a nice romantic evening at home. After all to me it's more who you are with than the food and the food seems to taste soo much better when you are enjoying the company. Don't you think?I love live music and concerts, esp during the warmer months outdoors. Comedy clubs. Most fun outdoor things. I love the beach but try to limit my exposure to the sun to keep my skin baby soft. But when I do go sexy one piece and bikinis are allowed on hotties like you but absolutely forbidden on any Dudes Period, Nada! Yes that includes Denzel, Brad, Ryan Reynolds, LL Cool J, Hugh or is it HUGE Jackman, Mathew McConaughey, Enriques, Beckham and my fav if I were gay Dwayne The Rock Johnson & Chris Hemsworth, but none of them either, sorry

Letter 9

Well we keep learning more about one another and if we click then perhaps we meet.

Letter 10

I can cook a little no gourmet, but I won't poison you ether, unless you win the Mega Lotto and name me sole beneficiary. But not to worry, i have your family and friends back. I couldn't let them think that you went out a cheapo now could I? lol When it is colder outside more indoor stuff. Well of course that too silly, but what were you thinking? I meant an occassional; trip to the museum, need a little culture now don't you? Reading a good detective mystery novel for a diversion, seeing a good flick when I can find one among the many bad clones out there. I love to cuddle to, not sure if that is considered a leisurely activity but who cares I like it do you? I am also creative and invent things to do such as mud wrestling with my favorite lady, but instead of mud we use low fat chocolate icing or whipped cream. Loser eats all! Why, I may lose on purpose lol. I also have some special talents. No, not taking out the garbage or changing a light bulb, very funny. A while back when in school, I came in 2nd place in the NY State kissing contest. Friends say that I wuz robbed! I haven't been practicing as much lately but the good news is I feel i haven't lost anything lol. So in summation you get a gentleman who is considerate, respectful, who has fun and enjoys life and likes other's around him to as well, who is affectionate, sensual and likes to spoil his partner a little unconditional, if appreciated of course lol. Well that is a little bit about me. Feel free to ask me what I didn't cover.

Letter 11

I also have a real cute French Bulldog so let me know if you want to see some pics of him.

Letter 12

Why I prefer Black Women?

I have dated primarily black women after my divorced 12 years ago. Here are some of my reasons for my preference although I also like Latina and Italian Women too!

First let me say that this is my opinion and mine only and it is based on my experiences and observations and is a generalization as it would be incorrect and inaccurate to group or stereotype any in a specific category as that is why we are called individuals. With that here goes:

I will tell you some psychological and then physical reasons.

Psychological reasons:

Black women are more upfront and open about their feelings, opinions and emotions. I like to know where I stand good or bad. You also know how to have a good time whether doing up the town or spending a nice quiet evening at home with your man. While, you like the finer things in life as much as other's, it isn't your only reason for being in a relationship, you need more!

Such as mutual interests, respect, caring, attraction, etc. thus making for a better chance for a successful relationship. You also seem to appreciate some of the simple things in life that many people overlook and take for granted. When you are comfortable in a relationship you are more secure, less demanding, more trusting, loyal, willing to reciprocate, less clingy again making for a much better chance for success as people are still going to do what they want to and so there is no reason to sneak, cheat etc as who would want to lose such a special lady. A lot of your personality was developed early on as you were taught not go let people take advantage of you and stand up for your beliefs thus making you determined and stronger. Traits that you took with you into adulthood and your relationships.

You are also less influenced by friends, family and peers as you know what you want!

Ready for the physical reasons?

Letter 13

Well I always liked a woman with a nice tan and then I thought, duh ya don't have to wait for Spring and Summer for that dummy, not if you meet an attractive and compatible black woman you can have that year round!!

More seriously I like your shapes and curves and yes that includes the b and b, breasts and booty, your full and sensuous lips soo soo kissable, your large expressive eyes showing your emotions, your physical strength and passion especially during intimacy, your willingness to try different things and reciprocate, your enjoyment of foreplay and oral sex, your soft and silky chocolate, mocha or caramel skin and your womanly scent especially when you are aroused and excited, YOUR TASTE, and there is something that really excites me, I can't really describe it but it is so hot when black and white arethisclosetogether, the contrast is so hot!! Well that is some of the reasons. How did I do?

Letter 14

50 Shades of Alan - Ummm let me tell you how it can start...

It is a Friday and I invite you to New York City (Manhattan). I have a limo driver pick you up at the airport and take you into Manhattan. I am still at work. You arrive at your hotel, a 5 star one naturally and awaiting you is an exotic crystal vase of fresh flowers, 2 cd's that I personalized and burned for you, one with some light jazz and dance tunes and the other some romantic tunes and ballads. No matter what happens after this evening, every time you play them you will always remember this special evening. Also there is a shopping bag with a sexy see thru negligee that hopefully I get to see you in but if so, probably not for too long.

You are wearing a black skirt and fushia blouse open slightly revealing just a hint of cleavage, black pumps, a black designer back and matching black lace bra and panties or thongs, whichever you prefer. I am wearing black trousers, and a silver/grey dress shirt, a charcoal grey sports jacket, black socks with a grey trim, and black tee shirt and briefs and a designer watch beginning with an R and black slip on dress shoes.

I call you and tell you to pour us each a glass of champagne, and put on the romantic cd and I will be there soon. Oh I have an idea, for the first hour there will be no talking. You can make sounds and gestures but no verbiage. The reason to further enhance our sensuality.

I arrive and both of our eyes light up as we both apparently are very satisfied with our choice. We reach for the champagne glasses and interlock arms and sip from each other's glasses refill and then sip some more and then:

I began writing it as I thought the begiining would be safe but now it is going to get hot. More? Can you handle it?

it is going to get hot. More? Can you handle it? Let me know.

Letter 15

50 Shades of Alan Continued - Our Erotic Tale Continued

Just the way you really want it to...I know that you want me to walk into the room and you watch you take your clothes off while I stand close enough to touch your breast when they have been exposed. And the removal of your panties will be done with your back to me so I can get a good look at your ass. Once the panties are off, you will turn to face me and then yes, drop to your knees and forget about caressing my stiffening muscle, it goes straight in your mouth as you gently touch my balls. I let out a sign of unexplainable pleasure because I know that I have not been sucked like that in a long time. Plus I close my eyes briefly until I catch myself and realize I want to watch you work. I place my hand lightly on the top of your head and watch your lips wrap around my cock as you pull back off it with a slight suction grip and glide back towards my shaft, just enough for me to cause you to gag..I like the way you control my, no your stiff love stick with your mouth. The way you lick and suck my meat make the semen begin to manifest in my member . The fact that I know I am causing you to gag and the thoughts of me fucking you.....makes me want to cum, but I not ready...no not that way. I want to taste you before I cum, because I like pleasing you first. I want to bury my mouth in your pussy so bad that I am licking and biting my lips. I like to hear you call out my name in pleasure.

More? Even hotter!

Letter 16

Damn the things you do to me..I want taste all of you. -----------I pull you up and lay you back on he bed. I raise your legs to pull your ass to the end of the bed. I then get on my knees and lift your legs straight up, to lick and kiss your ass before, spreading your legs open to engulf my tongue deep into your pussy. I try to fill my mouth with your entire pussy like a suction cup still with my tongue deep inside you. I don't rush, but I take my time licking and sucking on this pussy. I know in my mind that when you cum, I get my treat.. I long to hear you say, fuck me...while your pussy is still throbbing from cumming so hard. I have one hand on a breast, my mouth in your pussy and my other hand stroking my rod. You're calling my name, arching your back, moaning and moaning...while I work my magic with my mouth...the moment arises and you tell me I'm cumming.., I'm cumming, I'm cumming...............and wait as you get off. Wait to hear those magic word as you turn over prompting your ass in my face now...FUCK ME. I take my tongue and run it up and down your ass, making sure that it's going to be a easy entrance and less pain for me as I insert my middle finger slowly and then deeply inside. Once you feel like its time for me to feel that stiff cock, I stand up and rub the head of my pole right into you still wet hot pussy. I get started good and then I pull out to slide deep inside your wet hole again. Ahh that's the moment I have been waiting for. I watch as I finger your asshole during my entrance into your honeypot. I go slow, yet fast enough for you to enjoy it. I go in and out a few times and make sure that you're comfortable.....I begin to work up my pump pace.. Yes that's it, if feels so good to you. You grab my hips to dig as deep as you can go. Once your ready to cum, that's when I grab your shoulders from behind and grind up inside you. I'm in another world. The feeling is so intense, and I love seeing my cock fuck that pussy while seeing that sexy black ass. Ummm its so good, and it's cumming. Your ready, your fucking me now, fucking my load out..here it cums baby, ahhh baby its cumming, ah, ah, ah oh fuck!! I came ..Then you! Your shaking, but you can't help it. My knees are weak, ....I fall on to the bed..right beside you............

So tell me how you are right now? Moist? Wet? Or?


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