Letter(s) from Jack Swart


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Letter 1

How are you today? Your profile was interesting. You sound very sincere and special If possible I would love to get to know you I decided to join this site ad post because of the lonely times I experienced last year until now I pray things work out would like to have your reply...jackieswart115@gmail.com Jackie Swart.
am doing good and i will be happy to know more about you
Honey all about you
send me your email

Letter 2

Dear Love,

Thanks for the mail ,to tell you about myself, I have a kind heart i do love to help when i am in the right position. I was once married to a loving,caring,honest,passionate,loyal,humble,open minded and sincere woman for 19 years until death came and strike her away from me so I've been widowed since 4yrs. I am 52 years. We both met each other in Florida I lost her 4 years ago and Since then i have been alone But i Live in Las Vegas distance But I'm presently in East London South Africa now shouldn't be a problem if we are connected, I'm new at this internet dating stuff, it's hard to be alone I believe is one of my past and since then have been searching for a loving,caring,honest,sincere,passionate and affectionate woman who love God and wouldn't hurt my feelings and emotion which i have for her.
Most people doesn't know what it take to hurt another once feelings and emotion, I am looking for a woman to spend the rest of my life with, a woman of dream and long term relationship that will turn into marriage, I am not looking for a "one night stand" or to develop a "harem". I am an honest, faithful and loving person who is not looking to take advantage of you. About my Daughter Kayla it's been so hard for me to raise a child alone,Kayla is also a loving,caring,understanding,affectionate simple young woman, she loves reading My Daughter is 17 years old and she his in College its Her first year, I am very much committed to helping her get through school, I'm so proud of her.
My family is important to me and I want to find a soul mate, I feel I am a good mate I like to do special things for that person.cook a special meal you like,call you at work and let you know how much i do love and care for you lol. Here are some questions for you. Are you looking forward to Re-Married if you have ever been married before? Have you ever been hurt ?. I am new to this online stuff like i said earlier. What faith are you?I am a Catholic and was born a Catholic,I don't think distance should be an Obstacles in a Relationship when both sides have the faith and trust that it will happen and i want you to know that Love knows no distance and also Love is strong!..What else will you like to know about me ask me and i will sincerely tell you.. I believe with the little which i have said about myself can give you knowledge about whom you are writing to. I will have to go now I believe that it has been ordinance by God for us to meet on here. Looking forward to hear from you soon and to know more about you too as well. Remain Blessed. Have a Wonderful Day.
Jackie S.


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