Letter(s) from Christophe Marron


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Letter 1

Christophe is the man you met at Tagged and know that I was hoping better and talking with you to get to know you. And make sure to accept my invitation about hangout. You are really a beautiful woman.

Letter 2

Hello Thank you for answering my beautiful and I am also sorry that you use has not tagged, and know that I would like better and more you know because I find you nice and beautiful.
I am merely a true, real man, and myself as a conscious and imperfect person, with respect for differences and a lot of moral and social principles. I do not trust appearances, they are often misleading. Do not interest me in wealth, for it will disappear. I'm looking for someone who gives me laughter because a smile is enough to make the saddest day become better. I am looking for someone who will make my heart laugh and dance. Being beautiful and loved, it is only being a Man ...... To be ugly and know to be loved, is to be a .... Prince !!!

What do you think of the Internet? You think it's a good way to find a soul mate?

Letter 3

Thank you for your reply and know that I am really delighted to read you.
I speak mainly French but I have some English knowledge which allows me to discuss with you
And know that I am looking everywhere to find the woman of my life and know that the age has no importance to make acquaintance and in a relation all that I want is to know you because I find you really nice and beautiful.
I will say finally that all sufferings can forget if the pain is shared by friends and friendship consoles it. The inclination of instinct is indeterminate. Choice, preferences, and personal attachment are the work of enlightenment, prejudice, and habit; It takes time and knowledge to make us capable of love, we love only after we have judged, we prefer only after comparing. These judgments are made without being noticed, but they are no less real. This choice, it is often put in opposition to reason

Letter 4

Hello, Yes I understand you but know that I understand English
And on top of that the difference in age does not bother me, all I want is to get to know you better to know you because my heart tell me you are a pretty and kind that needs love and love, affection
Then tell me how unmarried you have been for how long?
Do you have children? what is your job ? Or what profession do you play?


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