Letter(s) from Stephen Deeke Roberts


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Letter 1

My Arms got shot and i have to be flied back to the state

Letter 2

But i am been ask for some ransomed because Donald Trump never said anything about helping any soldiers who was been shot

Letter 3

They said for Abhorring me and also cared for me not to leave from dying that i have to call home for them to send me money so i can settle them hence i will be killed

Letter 4

Mary i just can't say now my head aches

Letter 5

I'm just scared i don't wanna die my dear

Letter 6

Oh right now i ma at my own risk
i tried writing my Generals but no one is writing back

Letter 7

I too don't know all i knw is that they said i will have ti send he details where he money will have to be paid to that's all they gave me now

Letter 8

Hello Mary please they asked me to forward 500USD to details and show them prove of payment within the next 7hrs else i am dead please i don't wanna die please

who ever you're just held to Walmart or Bank and ask for Western Union stand and make the payment to this details below Receiver Name : OGHINAOGHIE SOLOMON ISA City : ACCRA Country : GHANA


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