Letter(s) from Francesco Lloyds


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Letter 1

Hello Beautiful, I just went through your profile and love what i saw there.We seems to have a few little interest that could be developed and can lead to something soonest.I am new to this site and Hope we can be friends

Letter 2

My dear, how are you doing? i know that you are doing good, i will like to introduce myself to you formally and i believe you will do the same, Furthermore,my name is .Francesco Lloyds, From Poland but i live in the Scotland, A widower and i have 2 kids a boy and a daughter . My father died last 3 years ago, but my mother is still alive, but old now. please i will like to know little about you

Letter 3

Good Evening darling, Hope you doing great and everything is alright with you today? I trust you had a wonderful weekend my love..? I can't believe it started from one little messages, who would've ever thought I would've met my soul mate over - definitely not me! I am so lucky to have you to love and I am so lucky to have you loving me


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