Letter(s) from Jack Wilson


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Letter 1

Yes I go by jack and your Lori right , I'll love to know everything about you since we are both looking for a forever relationship

Oh I'm so sorry how long have you been a widow? And I lost my wife also few years back after she died in a car accident , I'm on match with the hope of finding love again

Well I'm not supposed to say this but I don't wanna start a relationship based on lies I work for the FBI and a special detective

I just hope I didn't scare of off I'm looking for a serious relationship that's all

I'm happy your not scared off lol most woman are scared of FBI detective don't know why and yes I'm aware I'm younger than you but age is just a number and love doesn't care about the age what what is a good heart melt together to produce something good

Lol thank you so can you give me your number now it's easier text you know , I'm a good man so you don't have to worry ok

Did you eat at all today or you just gonna make what to eat I'm a good cook I can always cook for you lol

You know it's not appropriate for an FBI to look for love online so I wouldn't want anyone to find out

As an FBI there are lot of things you can do that everyone can't do

I was just checking profiles so I got to see your profile and I couldn't take my eyes of you so I had to just message you

You won't just believe I deactivated my profile already because of how I feel about you I got love at first site for you

What has men online done to you lol you seems really hard to convince but I want you to know all men are not the same if you close your eye for all the bad men to pass by when the good one will pass you won't just know

That's how it is I have been working for the FBI for about 5 years hon

Well I'm single man , I have lost my dad about 7years ago he died of heart attack , I still have my mom she's from the British, my wife died in a car accident like I told you that's about 3 years ago

Well blue is my favorite color I just got to Denver about a week now I'm originally from Baltimore Maryland

I have a 13 years old daughter who stays with my mom in Ohio

Her name is Cameron

Yes but Cameron has been with my mom since her mine died so I'll be getting back back when I have a good woman in my life

It's been so busy here since I have been around

I'm loving and caring man you will really enjoy being on a relationship with me

Can I have your number so we can text now please

You know I just got here I still don't have a permanent schedule yet

Well I have always dream about being an FBI detective from kid how about you tell me more about your work

Oh my boss is here is about to get really busy it's just so slow texting in email kindly drop your number for me to text you please


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