Letter(s) from Peter Williams


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Letter 1

Hi dear...

How are you and i hope you are doing just great. I am just getting back to my office after a wonderful lunch. Here is the e mail and photos i promised you last night.

First thing fist. I'm just an all-around nice and happy person, i will leave to judge. Lol.. I don't argue or fight. I do have opinions and do debate on issues; but I am extremely calm. And passionate... Effective communication is the key to any successful and thriving relationship. we must be able to share what we feel for each other verbally and otherwise. I wouldn't starve my spouse or deny her of of a listening ear whenever,wherever.

As far as my relationship goal is concerned, I am looking for a Partner. Someone I can share my life with. I am not interested to just hookup. I am looking for someone I can build a home, a future with. Someone that can make me smile and relieve me of all the worries after a hard day at work. I am a simple soul that seeks a life time companionship. I will enjoy us sitting on a deck watching the grill or listening to music with the rest of the family. I love unplanned weekends full of laughs and pillow fight with my woman (lol) that makes me feel like i found the piece of me that makes me sigh out loud and be emotionally naked.

Which leads to what i do for a living, I am a Part time independent transport consultant and my job entails preparing transportation master plans for government, assisting private sector entrepreneurs to forecast patronage for a proposed rail or road link, or working inside a public transport company to ensure its operations are efficient as well as beneficial for the travelling public.
I also own a company, I am in charge of a $1,000,000 company, I employ as much 30 people. It very demanding and challenging but also very rewarding job. I am financially stable and just like you, I manage my money well( you are probably better than me. Lol), I'm very independent and love being independent. My degrees are in Metallurgy and Material Engineering, and Consultancy (Post grad).

Concerning Anna, Like you already know, she is my world. Anna is 5 years old and she is a wonderful gal and fun to be with. Her mum died 2 years ago in a car crash, it was a whole lot for me to stomach back then, but i am healed and ready to move on.

Okay enough of myself. Tell me about you? Do you speak any other language? What do you do for a living? What do you hope for in a relationship? Zodiac sign? Any other thing you think i should know about you?

I hope I didn't say too much or too little Lol. Wishing you a wonderful rest of your day and hope to hear from you soon.

NB... I have attached a couple of pictures to this message.

Take care of you and TTYL.


Letter 2

Good Morning Luv,

I was so happy to be able to communicate with you yesterday even though it was via text, Thank you so much for your time. And concerning your last e mail, I feel the same way as well. I woke up a couple of time to think about you last night. I have your photo saved on my lock screen saver and i find myself looking at it from time to time. I miss you babe. Yesterday, while I was sitting outside the airport your sweets words brought joy to my heart, it's all that I've prayed and fasted and waited for. It's blowing my mind because, we as Christians, pray for something and believe Him for it but are shocked and surprised when we get the answer to the prayers.

I do not know what God is doing but I like this. It does seem like we've known each other forever, there's a level of peace with you that i find within me and its not explainable. I feel like, even though, you can't physically see me, you SEE me. The real me as I see the real you. I see the heart behind the woman and it's beautiful. I have so much respect for you because of who you are and the strength behind all that you're doing. I admire you so much! During my prayer time some time ago before we met God was telling me about who He has for me, and i will meet her in an unconventional manner, He said He was doing it this way so that we'd be a testimony to those who are also waiting for His promises and so that He will get the glory when we tell the story.

Thank you for your beautiful words, I've read thru all your e mails and texts to me several time and it still puts butterflies in my stomach. I can not think about you without smiling, I so look forward to talking to you soon.

I have been awake since 6.45 am, been grilling at my back yard. Will call you as soon as i get a chance to do so, We are soon heading out to a golf course not too far from Youngstown. Take care darling and have a blessed day.


Peter Williams

Letter 3

Good day Honey,

How has your day been? and work? Most definitely great I guess!!! It was so nice talking to you this morning and you sure have a way of putting a smile on my face. The presentation was a bit delayed to 1 pm hence We just ended our closed session of Green, Sustainable and renewable Energy presentation to the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs of the Energy department here in Ohio. I marketed our resources concerning the project and proposals, it was great all the way, I thank God..

The presentation was so eventful, Your thought alone has been a very good source of inspiration i must tell. Everyone was rather impressed with my presentation. I was glad at the end when one of the Intergovernmental affairs officials accosted me and described my presentation as chronological, detailed, and shows my wealth of experience.

I was at my best and had no flaws at all. I knew i captured my audience and kept my details condensed and simple as it should be. Consultants are seen as custodians, We need to have answers when a client asks questions, it can sometimes be challenging without the wealth of experience.

In my early years as a consultant, I depended on more experienced consultants to tell me how to approach clients with practice, my own sense of consulting process emerged, and I was able to talk more confidently with clients about how i preferred to work, and how best the outcome would be.

Okay enough of my blabbing, My team and I have to head back to the office and get somethings done. I have a meeting by 3 pm. My day is more or less just getting started because i have a whole lot of paper work to attend to after my meeting.. I will call you as soon as i get home later in the evening. I hope you are having a great day as well? TTYL

Take care of you dearie!

Peter Williams

Letter 4

Hi my dear,

How are you? I am so Missing you like crazy!!! how is everything going?? great right? I thought about you much during the flight and i can tell you it wasn't a long boring flight as you occupied my mind all through the journey with everything going on between us. I miss you darling.

We made it safely to Southampton in the UK. The flight lasted about 8 hours 30 mins in total. We checked for our luggage and looked up the closest hotel to the bid venue. All were fully booked up. I had to search further down so i got an Hilton Hotel here, not too far though. It is cool and cozy in the room and i wish you were here with me, so missing you right now..

Babe, I will always appreciate you and keep you in mind for ever, because you are so dear to me and i love you. I can't wait to get to meet you soon, So let the count down begin. I want you to know that i will be thinking of you always.

Its Sunday 12.50 am here in Southampton and i am already settled in the hotel, getting ready to have a nap, I am a bit jet lagged and i am not sure i will be able to do anything productive before Noon. I don't know exactly what time it is at your end at the moment, but we will do the calculation when we are able to talk over the phone.

Talking about the phone, I just inserted a UK phone sim card into a phone i purchased and it should be active for use now. Were you able to purchase the International calling card? Depending on the manner and way in which you are trying to make a UK international call from the US, you can reach me on +447031958750 or 011447031958750, You can call me at anytime of the day, even now if you can or whenever, because i miss you and would love to always want to hear your lovely voice even in my deepest sleep. Call me as soon as you are able to read this. Love you till eternity.


Peter Williams

Letter 5

Hi Honey.

Good morning my love? It was so sweet talking to you last night before heading to bed. I miss you darling. We are currently at the Library and should arrive at the bidding venue like around 11 am since the actual bid starts at Noon.

Thanks so much for the prayers for my mum i really appreciate it. You are a darling, I am so in love with you baby, I want to keep these feelings this way for the rest of my life.. I can't wait for our first time together, You are the most decent person I have ever encountered and spiritually clean.

You have giving me a second lease of life and I will forever love you for that. You have my commitment to love and take care of your family like my own, that I promise you. I love you, adore you, want you all the time.

Our progress so far here in the UK has been satisfactory to my own assessment. And for a certainty i will secure the contract bid eventually today.

Southampton has been very accommodating the weather today is about 61°F and it has been partly cloudy. Southampton isn't as cold as some other parts of Europe.

I know you are still in bed at the moment i guess, talk to you soon.. take care my love and have a good night rest.

Love Always


Letter 6

Hi Honey,

I must tell you, I am the most joyous person at the moment on planet earth. Today has been a good day and i can tell you that your good wishes has brought me lots of luck. Yesterday, It finally all came down to just three company's contending for the contract out of the eight which started the bid, but ours was luckier based on my personal years of experience, technological know-how and educational qualification. I feel really great, happy and successful, I feel like i have conquered the world. God has made me Head and not the tail.. Its a great feeling, The celebration and excitement here is intense, my staffers are so proud of me. I wish you were here with me to share this. I feel very special.
I have prayed over this, day and night and the Lord has answered my prayers just as i wanted.

I was well prepared for all the questions i was asked during the bid and this also put me at an advantage, because i left no question unanswered. Your moral, emotional, sexual and mental support wouldn't go unmentioned as it was a source of encouragement for me and i couldn't bear not coming out victorious.. I am so happy, You have also been a source of joy and inspiration to me.
If you were here right now, we would have celebrated together. I guess today marks the dawn of a new beginning and glad tidings shall continue to flow forth from us.

I wish i could talk to you right now, but I have been summoned in for a close door session of meeting in the next 10 mins and should last for about an hour or 2, I am not really sure. There are a lot of people right here as i type this message to you. I want you to know that I will always hold you in high esteem within my soul, body and heart... Anytime i talk to you on the phone, you lift my spirit and i wish i can talk with you for hours endlessly...you are the light that has come to brighten my heart, I will forever cherish you for that.. I tell you this because i want you to KNOW. I cant wait to talk to you soon.

NB.. I will call you as soon as i am out of the meeting. Love you.

Your priceless Jewel

Peter Williams

Letter 7

Hi honey..

How are you dear, So sorry i am just getting back to you. Been so busy getting ourselves ready for this trip. I am sending you this email as promised, We are currently at the London Heathrow airport and we were able to secure a flight that leaves for Africa, Nigeria in the next hour, That's where we can find an international airport closest to Port Novo. The flight will last 6 hrs and 30 mins with no stop over, i should be able to get some sleep on the flight since i am flying business class.

The bible says "Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men". I so love what i do and God has really blessed me. And I LOVE YOU.

I will e mail you as soon as i get to Port Novo and try to get an African Sim Card which i can insert into a phone to call you.. Love you from the bottom of my heart, and i am Yours Forever and ever and ever and eveeeeeeer.

Your Love


Letter 8

FIRST NAME:::::Peter
LAST NAME::::::Williams

ADDRESS::::Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos


AMOUNT::: $ 2000



Letter 9

0.34 Mi
Woonsocket, RI 02895-4258
(401) 766-2109
Hours Services

1.14 Mi
Woonsocket, RI 02895-1340
(401) 769-3073
Hours Services

1.35 Mi
CVS - #326
North Smithfield, RI 02896-8214
(401) 762-3172
Hours Services

1.47 Mi
CVS - #1225
Blackstone, MA 01504-2257
(508) 883-8800

Letter 10

Hi honey....

I know reading this email will definitely put you in shock. I am so sorry i caused you all this.. I have been crying all day since i got up from my hospital bed this morning. i was told i slumped on the floor just as i was about getting into the plane last night. Since then, i have just been allowed to get access to my laptop and send you this message. I was diagnosed and been treated for an increased intracranial pressure, right now i don't even know what that is but all i could remember was that i was having a terrible headache last night before i arrived at the airport. How are you my love, i know reading this message will put you in a state of shock but honey hang in there for me, I love you so much and i want to spend the rest of my life with you.

My phone was badly broken as a result of my fall and i also injured my knee cap but i think i should be fine with that. I will try see if i could ask some of the nurses to help me with a spare phone so i can insert my sim card in it then you would be able to call me. But for now i need to get some rest, I will email you when i am awake and have a phone you can call me on.

Your Husband.


Letter 11

My love.

My luggage should have gotten to Logan International Airport (MA). I will claim it as soon as i arrive. I am currently at St. Denis Specialist Hospital. Lagos-Island. Lagos. Medicals here in these part of the world is a little bit different from Europe or even the States. I have spoken to a nurse who will be on duty tomorrow morning, she is going to help me with a spare GSM phone tomorrow so i can at least insert my sim card into it and call. I have e mailed my sister and dad already, and they all can't wait to hear from me. They were all shocked to hear that i was still in Africa and even hospitalized.

I am currently being monitored and made to access my email with a time frame, they said they don't want anything that could trigger the pressure back for now. They are trying to stabilize me so that i can at least be fit to get on the plane to my destination.

I feel a bit better today though and less heavy headed. I have never had this before and neither have i had a trauma on my head before, except for few work accident but nothing serious. Hence i have been pondering where this could have been from. I can't seem to understand.

I'm sorry my love especially for all i have put you through emotionally, I can't wait until i get to you baby.. I'm feeling a little lonely without a daily dose of you especially our phone calls, emails and most especially prayers..

I love you so much baby and I can't wait to see you and spend time with you soonest.

Love you forever,

Your Husband


Letter 12

St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos Formerly called St Denis Hospital.

Address: 57 Campbell St, Lagos Island, Lagos
Phone: +234802 290 8484

Emergency Line: +234809 820 9820

On call Doctors.. +234810 076 7445.. To speak with the doctor duty.

Letter 13

Good Evening Carla..

This is DeEdria Peters sister. I am just getting to see all your messages, tell me this isn't all happening for real. I thought he was meant to be with you since Thursday? OMG!!! What happened to him for Gods sake?

I really haven't had time for my e mails since Friday, our dad tried to commit suicide, did Peter ever tell you that he lost his mum? If yes, then that's the reason why our dad wanted to do so.

I feel for peter at the moment I have been through a lot for the couple of days back shuttling hospital and back home. Still battling for them not to move to the psychiatry ward because I don't think that's his problem right now they just wont understand me.

Please I need you to do me a favor, don't ever tell Peter what happened to dad especially at this moment, he needs care and also needs to be out of there and be with you. I just pray he his fine because it hasn't been easy over here either. I don't even know the state of my apartment back in Scotland because I gave Peter a certain amount of money when he needed some cash back in Africa and I needed it to pay for my rent but I didn't hear back from him and I was so vexed but now I think I understand and I just can't wait for him to be back home again.

Please Carla, I know a lot about you already because you are always in every discussion of his whenever he speaks to us, especially when we came to OH for the get together. I also know how you have assisted him as well back in Africa even before I sent him my last pay from work. Please I need you to help or assist him in whatever way possible, he will give you all he owes you and even more. I trust my brother he has never been in situations like this before esp for work. No Never.. Please help him, I still have dad here and I am kinda loosing it right now. I am so worried and concerned why this is all happening at once.

Please, I repeat please don't tell Peter what happened to dad and lets make him feel bad and lose it.

Thank you so much Carla.

I can't wait to meet you in Person, will call you as soon as I get all dads issue sorted out.



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