Letter(s) from Stephen Murro


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Letter 1

Hello dear, Is my pleasure to meet you here as a friend do hope we both will make a good friends. Thanks you so much for your beautiful message, also and i wish you could communicate with me true email and if possible i will like to have your email address to write and tell you more about myself please accept my offer

Letter 2

Thanks for the email, i will send you a brief note about me in your email! hope you will find the best time to keep in touch to have a good friendship with me.

Letter 3

Greetings to you dear, how are you and I hope everything is moving as expected. Thank you for giving me your email. I'm very Grateful

In the meantime, I'd like to start by introducing you. As you know my name, I am Engr. Stephen Murro, but my friends call me S.K, I am an American Hispanic from New York, United States, but I live and work here in London, UK.

I was born in Manchester in the United Kingdom. March 5, 1962
My father was an American immigrant and my mother was the daughter of a city administrator in Leeds. My father had come to Manchester University to get a degree and he found my mother there. Both were students of the University of Manchester. They got married later and they had me as their son.

I was 1 year and 4 months old when my father returned to New York, America. In 1972, my family returned back to the UK and my father took UK citizenship and worked with commercial building contractors as an engineer because my mother was a high school lecturer. Since then, he did not visit America which was the land of my father and place of birth.

At the age of 17, he gained admission to Teeside University in Middlesbrough for a degree in civil engineering, then went to the University of Leeds to obtain a degree in civil engineering law and contract management. I am a 55-year-old widower and I have two daughters called Christie. Sonia, the married state for the past 26 years, but my lovely wife died of cancer, it was terrible, but I do not want to talk about it much, although every time I remember her really annoying death ... She died when Christie was 19 Years, and 16 years old Oh, my God, Christie is 22 now, why she's 19 Whenever I look at her, she reminds me of her mom, she really looks like her mom and she's got a high Sense and she thinks As an adult

I am a civil engineer by profession and I am under construction, due to the nature of my work, he traveled to so many places to do my contract work, he was in many places in Europe, Australia, the Middle East. I'm the only son of my parents, Oh my God, I think I'm alone, but thank God that my only sister is still alive, She's there for me and I always support myself when I'm down and she encourages me when I'm angry, Is married to 2 children, she lives with her lovely husband in the Polish state of Cracow, she is happily married and always happy with her family and she is also there for me whenever I need her help. My father died of a heart attack due to complications of
Smoking, my mother died in 2007

I am a family oriented person. I am very interesting to be with. It's a very nice feeling. My workmen call me gentleman knight. I am also very cultured. I love good food and travel. I am very well read and widely knowledgeable in all things. I am very generous and kind almost a fault. I am a very good cook, the king of the roasts and the curries. I love traveling with my family especially a place I have not been to before and he traveled a lot of places. I love nature as the ocean and mountains. I go to the gym two times a week, my free time loves to spend time with my family together and make time and teach and play with my family too. I have a very good sense of humor, I am a very simple man and I believe in a word of simplicity because this is where I support and I love being simple and alone, just me.
I am always a boy of my main priority, I love to make her happy and to see her to be happy all the time for her happiness is my joy, I always like to see my woman beaming with smiles .... My activities are, Swimming, baseball, Tennis Long, I like to watch football, I love comedy movies and listen to music, go bowling.

I am so alone that I do not have someone to call my wife again, although I know very well that it is not easy to find someone with whom I can spend the rest of my life, but I believed the adage that "a good friendship / La Relationship begins with an introduction "... My dear, I hope we can do it and become very good friends and then wait and see what the future holds for us.


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