Letter(s) from Raymond Parsons


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Letter 1

My darling, i was just released from jail today and i feel i need to let you know that i have just sorted myself out and will be flying to the United Kingdom to have my funds processed and you will be receiving your funds as soon as i'm paid.

I felt very hurt with your last email to me for you to think i took advantage of you is really sickening but that doesn't change how i feel about you.

Let me know where you will like your funds to be sent and i will do so as soon as i have the funds, for you to bring money up as a deciding factor in our relationship is not fair at all but i know My God will fight for me and you will soon see i meant you nothing but love and affection.

Loving you is that which keeps me going

Love Always


Letter 2

My darling i am still in the United Kingdom and i have not had access to telephone or internet for the past 5 days as i have been held in detention and was branded a terrorist as i did not have an anti terrorist certificate to show my funds have been cleared and my funds have nothing to do with terrorist activities... I was released on bail and i will be going to court tomorrow, i cant even afford a good lawyer, my chances are very low but i have faith...

Living my life without you for the past weeks have brought back all my pains of the past as i felt i was cursed never to find love again, i told myself that if i fail to find love this time what is the point of living? I have had different thoughts about just ending my life and finally have rest but your love keeps me going.. what will i do or what will i be without you?

You have my heart and you can do whatever you want with it but please be gentle with it!!

Till i hear from you again,

Your Ray Of Sunshine

Letter 3

I love you


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